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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Snakes

Discover what it means when you dream about snakes

Dreaming of snakes - discover its meaning in our dream dictionary.

We all know someone who is afraid of snakes, don't we? We could be the ones with the phobia, the ones that look away when snakes pop up on a screen or avoid certain areas of a zoo. 

The serpent is an animal that has become part of our lives due to popular culture and even because of religion (the Devil turned snake that tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden). 

The strange thing is that,  in our everyday lives, we have practically no chance of encountering a snake, let alone a venomous one. However, snakes do slither their way into our dreams, tormenting our subconscious mind as we try to rest. 

In the following article, we aim to explain the meaning of dreaming of snakes as reflected in our dream dictionary, as well as offer interesting clues about your personality or your future, depending on the context of your vision. 

Dreaming of snakes: What does it mean?

According to the dictionary, the serpent is an image of desire that, as much as we'd like to deny, resides within us. A desire that  also translates  into the sexual realm, that of our libido. It also symbolizes our joie de vivre that helps us navigate the river of life and achieve our objectives. 

As stated before, snakes usually cause fear, and perhaps this is why it unsettles us when we dream about this slithering reptile. There is also the fear of getting bitten by it, which would culminate in our symbolic death. 

In this case, death would only be a period of transit. The snake is pushing us toward a new stage of our life, urging us to keep going despite the uncharted territory around us.

Dreaming of snakes: different types of slithery dreams

When you dream about snakes, they can appear in different sizes and colors, and you can also interact with them in many ways in your sleep. In the following article, we will analyze the most common reptilian dreams.  


Dreaming of snakes and being afraid of it 

Do you make a run for it after seeing a viper or a python in your dream? Our dictionary suggests that  you may have difficulties in coping with the unknown and that you often find yourself tormented by uncertainties. 

Dreaming of friendly snakes 

If this was the image you see as you are cradled in Morpheus' arms, then your brain is offering an invitation to face your fears. If the snake is docile (it could even be your pet)  it means that the solution to your troubles is near, or a health problem that will soon be cured. Serpents also have a healing significance, and we're sure you've seen this animal on medical and farmaceutical logos. 

Dreaming of a snake shedding its skin 

Snakes shed their skin to continue growing, to heal wounds and rid themselves of pesky parasites. Many people dream about witnessing this fascinating moment in nature. If this is your case, then  our dictionary foretells significant changes in your life, and much like the reptile shedding its skin, you will also emerge as a new person shortly.  

Dreaming about killing a snake

Similarly to Perseus decapitating Medusa, who according to the Greek myth had a head full of venomous snakes, if you dream about killing a snake or beheading it, you will be successful in the near future. You will be confident in your powers to overcome the most complicated problems. 

Dreaming about snakes in your hair 

Related to the previous dream and with Medusa's character, if you dream of having snakes instead of hair you should stop paying so much attention to trivial things and start focusing on the more significant aspects of your life. 

Dreaming about being followed by a snake

We can't always beat the snake, and if you dream about being followed by this animal, it might be due to you worrying because of a problematic situation in your day to day life. The origin of this dream could also pertain to certain emotions that you don't know how to manage  and that unfortunately will not go away until you face them head-on. 

Dreaming about a snake attack 

Caution! You're about to experience difficulty in your life, and your mind is telling you to be more aware of your surroundings so that you can cope with adversity better.   If on top of the attack you get bitten in your dream, then you have to be extra careful with an unpleasant situation that you have been avoiding,  and that has you worried sick. Should the serpent also be venomous, it would represent a negative influence from someone, a toxic relationship, or rumors that could hurt your morale. 

Dreaming about being eaten by a snake

If you get eaten by a snake in your dream, it represents your personal growth. Let go of the superficial things that surround you  and have no use in your life and return to a more simple way of living. 

Dreaming of snakes attacking each other 

Are there any problems in your circle of friends? No? You better get ready then, because this dream foretells tension within your group. 


You're experiencing a new desire, whether you're aware of it or not. Your dreams are an invitation to explore yourself more, get to know who you are and be more honest with yourself to cope with new situations. You need to become the snake charmer whose skilful pungi hypnotizes the beast with its mesmerizing music. 

Get a move on things and open your eyes because you're letting amazing opportunities pass you by. Find the appropriate strategy that will enable you to resolve the situation swiftly and effectively. 

You  should also be on guard with the people around you: they're keeping things from you, but you'll soon get to the bottom of things. Find out what is happening before it has a negative impact on you. You are in a stage of your life where you need to be aware of what is happening at all times so you can act accordingly. Keep your eyes peeled!