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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Excrement

Find out the meaning of dreaming about poop and excrement

Defecation and urination form part of our everyday actions,  even though we hardly ever talk about it, since it is considered something dirty and embarrassing. As this is something common in our lives, as natural as breathing, eating or blinking, and gives us a sense of well-being, since we feel relieved of what weighed us, we can dream about excrement, poop and any kind of waste  that our body gets rid of (or that of other people or animals).

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Excrement?

As we have said, in the collective imagination, excrement is something that causes shame. Therefore, dreaming about faeces in any of its forms represents something uncomfortable, as well as a certain transgression. The dreamers feel somehow dirty, and it might be a way to channel their madness or inner demons. 

The Dream Dictionary also reveals that defecation symbolises the expulsion of what we have inside, of that matter we do not usually mention out loud because it hurts (something that becomes bigger in our dreams, where defecation is difficult, as when we are constipated). Therefore, it might represent a complex, an unfair situation we have gone through,  or an economic problem.

In terms of the latter, if the excrement has economic connotations, it could also be a warning against excessive greed, a certain stubbornness.

Dreaming about Excrement: Different Types of This Dream

We may dream about poop in many ways, but we are going to analyse how we can interact with it and what is the meaning the Dream Dictionary reveals about it.

Dreaming about Being Covered in Excrement

If you dream about being covered in faeces, your psyche is warning you that you should change your attitude, especially because  you lack willpower, and you should follow your own path in life  so no one can take advantage of you and your good faith.

Dreaming about Getting Dirty with Excrement 

One thing is to be covered in excrement and another to have the feeling that you got dirty, since the latter only includes a small amount of it. Therefore, if you wake up and you still feel dirty, it is possible that you may get involved in some family arguments,  which can even become violent.

Dreaming about Someone Throwing Excrement at You

In this particular case, your mind is warning you that you should be clever when it comes to that man or woman who has sneaked into your dreams. The best thing you can do is to avoid any risky confrontation with him or her.

Dreaming about Throwing Excrement at Someone

It would certainly be a very disagreeable sight within your dreams, wouldn’t it? And its interpretation is not much more pleasing since it predicts a bad omen for that person who ends up covered in poop.  Moreover, it might not even be your fault.

Dreaming about Stepping over Dog’s Poop

Although social awareness is more and more influential, and dog owners clean up their pets’ excrement, there was a time when pavements were full of poop. More than once you ended up stepping over it, right?

So, you should know that dreaming about stepping over dogs’ droppings is usually an excellent omen. The Dream Dictionary predicts the arrival of an unexpected opportunity in your business  or your everyday events.

Dreaming about Diarrhoea

Dreaming about liquid excrement, diarrhoea, the poop not only symbolises the need to purify and update your thoughts in a quick and definitive way, but  it also warns you that you are suffering from some kind of digestive disorder.

Dreaming about Sleeping over Excrement 

Watch out, dreamer, because if this is what you have seen in your dreams, then it is a sign that you will suffer a dishonour, a disappointment, or simply a misfortune.  It can also be interpreted as the beginning of a bad streak, of a period of bad luck.

Dreaming about Defecating

The Dream Dictionary reveals that you will get rid of an uncomfortable and painful feeling. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will feel free and satisfied with your actions. It can also be interpreted as getting away from people or attitudes that bother you.

Dreaming about Your Car Being Full of Excrement

Perhaps, in your daily life, you do not feel appreciated or you have the feeling that you are not praised enough. This is what this dream suggests, and it may be because of the path you have chosen which does not allow you to progress, and that is why you feel devalued.

Dreaming about Dung

The droppings of some animals can be used as fertiliser, so that plants and trees may grow healthy-looking. In your dreams, you can see poop as manure, and you or a gardener may add it to the flowers you have in your garden, for example. 

The interpretation of this is that you will benefit from something positive, that you will have a reward or receive praise.  If you are the one to use the manure, you will have to work in order to receive your recognition. However, if the manure is used by someone else, everything will go smoothly, and you will not have to break your back for it.

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Generally speaking, excrement symbolises elements and people that make us uncomfortable in our daily life as it has been explained throughout this article. If the poop often appears in your dreams, you should take some time for yourself, to get to know yourself better and get back the self-confidence you may be losing little by little.

Therefore, dreamer, you must feel free to change what makes you uncomfortable, change your path, your position, and ultimately get rid of what weighs you.