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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Flying

Find out the meaning of dreaming about flying as a good omen.

A woman flying.
Dreaming about flying is a good omen: freedom and ambition.

Dreaming about flying is one of the most common dreams, and it has a positive meaning connected to freedom and personal ambitions and dreams. The subconscious reads the feeling of flying, overcoming the fear of the void, as a metaphor for overcoming  which makes us leap into flight and go chase our upcoming dreams and projects. What does it mean to dream about flying?

Dream dictionary: what does it mean to dream about flying?

Dreaming about flying is something common: the dream usually starts by making you feel that gravity doesn't exist, and after an initial exciting shock when you jump into the void, you feel the power of flying and going anywhere you want. And that's your key: experts in dream interpretation claim that dreaming about flying conveys a feeling of power, self-control and confidence.

Let's go a little beyond that. Dreaming about flying tells us about challenges, projects, goals. Therefore, we're at a time in our lives that's full of excitement and hope, and by dreaming about flying we feel absolutely confident to take risks and jump into making our goals a reality. Dreaming you can fly, then, is a good omen.

The sky, the feeling of the void and being able to fly also convey another essential idea: freedom. You're at a creative stage and you feel freer than ever to make your own choices while taking on responsibilities maturely and facing obstacles bravely.

Therefore, if you're wondering what it means to dream about flying, before anything else, you should remember this is a positive dream, a good omen connected to freedom, confidence and ambition. But at the same time, analyse every detail in your dream, because it has underlying information.


Dreaming about flying: dream variations

Dreaming about being on top of a cliff and jumping into the void is the usual start for these dreams, but there are many variations involved. Depending on what details appear in your dream, you'll find crucial conclusions that'll be useful for your everyday life.

Dreaming about flying in the air

You probably just dreamed about jumping into the void and starting to fly in the air. In the dream world, the sky represents imagination and creativity, and the feeling that there's no gravity is a sign of freedom. Thus, dreaming about flying in the air just means freedom, creativity and power, the ability to make your dreams come true, an open horizon of bliss before you.

Dreaming about flying and falling

However, other times you dream that you lose stamina during the flight and sink down. Another variation of this dream is that the plane where you're in has an incident and falls. If you dream about flying and fall down, there's failure for your current projects, but if you survive the fall, you'll overcome adversity. If you dream about your plane falling, that means you're losing your confidence.

Dreaming about flying with someone

Sometimes you dream you're not the only one who flies, and that someone else -even a group of people- flies with you. It means that you feel unable to take on challenges by yourselves and that the company of other people makes you feel safe in this risky endeavour. It might also be a representation of impressing an acquaintance, because you feel abandoned, for instance.

Dreaming about flying over the sea

It's quite recurring to see yourselves flying over a great surface of water in these sorts of dreams. Dreaming about flying over the sea is a sign of hope, and something quite common for people going through a really serious illness, or with a seriously ill relative, or going through a delicate stage in life. A calm sea predicts maturity to face this situation, and great waves represent anxiety.

Dreaming about flying on a plane

It's quite common to dream about flying on a plane, and there are two explanations for it. In the case of people who travel a lot, it's just a standard embodiment of your daily experiences, but if you're scared of flying, then the dream points to an altered mood. Another meaning for this dream is the bond between confidence and freedom.

Dreaming about flying high

Dreaming about flying really high gives valuable intel on your personality: it talks about someone that's self-confident, responsible and determined; someone who likes keeping everything under control and taking on a wider perspective towards things. In a more specific way, the subconscious might be reproducing the excitement of taking on a gigantic challenge.

Dreaming about flying low

On the other hand, dreaming about flying low means you've taken on a very important project or that a relevant change in your life is coming, and although you were courageous and determined, you don't feel confident at all and you need to dodge obstacles here and there. The dream is encouraging you to take flight and see things under a wider perspective and to give up on your fear of flying free.

Dreaming about being a bird who flies

More often than not we dream about being able to fly, but it's not us; it's a bird or some other animal. What does it mean to dream about being a bird who flies? In our dream dictionary, dreaming about being a bird who flies is a sign of reaching your ultimate abilities to get your goals done with freedom and creativity as your allies. It's a good luck omen.

Dreaming about flying with wings

Sometimes you dream about yourselves being able to fly as humans but with wings, which means you need circumstances pairing up with your desire to fly. If the wings are black, there's a bad omen: external problems will break your hopes. If the wings are white, it's a good omen: your efforts will be rewarded and you'll do anything you set your mind into.

Dreaming about flying and being chased

The recurring dream of chases usually embodies the feeling of threat or guilt. When you dream about being chased and manage to fly away, the subconscious reproduces the feeling of threat, but also power. Your dreams and projects are being threatened by certain situations or the actions of strangers, although you've got the ability to be determined enough to reach your goals.


In conclusion, as a general rule of thumb, dreaming about flying is the subconscious embodiment of the power you feel when you chase your dreams and reach your goals through determination.  There are also connections to the idea of freedom, creativity and the power of imagination.

In fact, sometimes we dream that our body wants to take flight but we're resistant to it, which is a sign that we don't like dreaming too much and that we're scared of taking certain risks. Flying high is a sign of perspective, responsibility and ambition while flying low points to fear, insecurities and obstacles threatening to make us fail.

The peak of that feeling is dreaming about flying and falling: the failure of the projects where you'd set your whole mind and hopes. However, dreaming about flying over the sea or escaping your chasers is a sign of hope, overcoming and success.