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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Insects

Find out the meaning of dreaming about bugs as a premonitory dream

Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Insects.

Dreaming about insects is very common and it may lead to nightmares. This is not a pleasant dream since bugs make many people feel insecure and terrified. So, the dreams about bugs create a situation of fear and anxiety.  However, they can provide very important information for you to deal with your problems in life. What does it mean to dream about insects? Find it out in our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Insects?

Considering all the variations this dream can have, dreaming about bugs is related to some sort of concern, but it also has a premonitory meaning. If you dream about them and you wonder about their meaning, you should think about your problems.

In the past, the presence of insects in dreams was considered to be a bad omen. Due to biblical influences, insects are related to plagues that foretell disasters. As a sign of the imminent arrival of something bad, we have created in our mind the image of insects as something dangerous for us.

In this sense, insect symbolism can be deeper and more specific. For this reason, it becomes a useful tool for analysing our present situation and the way we can face the near future. Above all, dreaming about insects suggests the presence of small problems that you have to solve in order to move forward  in your life.

The different variations of this type of bugs dream and its details will help you determine the importance of the problem and its character so that, through the psychoanalysis of dreams, you will be able to draw conclusions that may help you in your daily life.

Dreaming about Insects: Different Types of This Dream

Dreaming about bugs can be a premonitory sign of the arrival of problems,  infections and illnesses, but also the representation of feeling worried about setbacks. According to the many variations of this type of dream, you will be able to draw very useful conclusions.

Dreaming about Flying Insects

Dreaming about flying bugs is one of the most common dreams. This is the dream representation of the arrival of small problems that all together can create setbacks for the development of your projects, your dreams and illusions.  Examine the stability of your emotional and working life, as well as your physical health, and try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Dreaming about A Plague of Insects

This dream advises you to be cautious, and therefore, even though it is disturbing, it can help you. Dreaming about a plague of insects predicts the imminent arrival of problems in your relationship, at work, with your friends and relatives, as well as physical difficulties and economic setbacks. You have to make every effort to prevent those problems and solve them.

Dreaming about Insects on Your Body

The dreams of bugs on your body are the utmost representation of illnesses and infections. The insects are perceived by your mind as carriers of epidemics and diseases, as well as a sign of danger. Your subconscious warns you of the arrival of physical difficulties. It may also predict bad luck at an economic level, or the representation of old traumas. 

Dreaming about Dead Insects

Sometimes, insects do not represent problems, but projects, dreams and desires. In this case, the presence of dead insects in your dream is a clear sign of failure and frustration.  Your subconscious shows you that you cannot achieve what you wished for so much. In our Dream Dictionary, dreaming about dead insects is a bad omen.  

Dreaming about Giant Insects

This is a very interesting dream. Although it may seem that it suggests the great magnitude of your problems, dreaming about giant bugs means exactly the opposite. Although your problems are very small and insignificant, you give them more importance than they have. Therefore, it represents a state of anxiety, stress and pressure that make you worry more than usual.

Dreaming about Insects in Your House

Dreaming about bugs in your house may represent your concern about the violation of your safe space, for example, of your economic life or at your workplace. However, in this case, the house can also symbolise your spirit, overwhelmed by problems and troubles, and subjected to a very dangerous state of confusion. You need to clean your house, banishing your problems from it.

Dreaming about Insects in Your Food

Food is perceived by your mind as health and well-being, as a source of life. In this case, the presence of bugs, as a warning against problems, is related to the outbreak of diseases. Dreaming about insects in your food can be a bad omen, a sign of serious health problems which you will have to deal with. It also encourages you to change your eating habits.

Dreaming about Killing Insects

Dreaming about killing bugs is your subconscious’s way of showing you your struggle to end the problems that are stopping you from your personal fulfilment and happiness. You are in the process of dealing with those problems, and you are probably worn out. This is why your body is involuntarily recreating that feeling of anxiety and the desire to put an end to the threats.

Dreaming about Insects in Your Bed

The dreams of bugs in your bed represent serious problems of self-esteem, weakness and feeling threatened. The bed is your subconscious’s way of representing the idea of personal safety, so the presence of bugs suggests trouble and anxiety. You have to become mentally strong to face with confidence the issues that worry you.  

Dreaming about Insects Biting You

If dreaming about bugs suggests small but important problems that you must overcome, when you are bothered by these problems, your dream is telling you about the betrayal of someone important to you. In this case, the origin of your problems is someone who wants to harm you, either in your personal or working life. You have to find out who wants to hurt you and solve the issue.



The presence of insects in your dreams often represents the problems that threaten your physical well-being or stop you from being happy. Since insects are perceived as plagues that threaten your safety, in your dreams they are usually  the subconscious representation of a warning,  which you have to pay attention to in order to overcome your problems.

Therefore, if you dream about bugs, pay attention to the small problems  that may arise. If you dream about insects biting you, beware of the betrayals at your workplace. If you dream about insects on your body or in your food, be careful about diseases and your physical well-being. And if you dream about bugs in your house, build up your self-esteem in order to overcome your setbacks.

If you dream about killing insects, then you have started to face with confidence and determination the problems that overwhelm you. However, if you dream of giant bugs, be careful because the dream suggests that you are paying too much attention to problems that are not so serious.