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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Lions

Learn how to interpret the meaning of dreaming about these big cats

White lion
Dreaming about white lions.

The king of the jungle, this is how the lion is known.  It is certainly a wild animal that shows a perfect balance between beauty and ferocity, between the wildest side of a predator and the gracefulness of a feline. In many cultures, the lion is related to the Sun as well as to the royalty, since it channels the energy and controls it with good sense and power, but also with affection.

The next article will analyse these great mammals, but from the point of view of dreams, as we encounter them in the land of dreams. Dreaming about lions has a strong meaning, as well as many different variations,  according to the way we interact with them.


Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Lions?

Although we have mentioned that this is an impressive animal, in most of our dreams, the lions are far away from us, and we see them walking or turning their great heads and looking at us, but without scaring us.

The lions inspire a respectful fear,  and in some way, they pass on their inner strength, the animal wealth they have within their essence. This is the king of the earth just as the eagle governs the skies.

Both men and women dream about lions, but depending on our gender, our subconscious mind sends us different messages. Therefore, traditionally, it has been said that for men, dreaming about a lion is a sign of virility,  while for women, it represents a desire for protection.

If we pay attention to the eleventh tarot card, Strength, it usually illustrates a person standing next to a lion. This card can be considered as a feminine inner essence and the portrayal of masculine nature, extrovert and perfectly channelled. Therefore, the lion suggests a balance between these two opposites, which fits everything that was mentioned before.

Dreaming about Lions: Different Types of This Dream

Masculine and feminine interpretations set aside, the Dream Dictionary emphasises that dreaming about lions symbolises dignity, strength, power, or courage,  but also other less noble feelings, such as aggression, violence, anger, pride and domination.

In order to polish the interpretations of dreaming about lions, you must try to remember the animal you have seen in your dreams. What is its attitude? Where is it? Does it show power? Does it look angry or calm?

Dreaming about Being Attacked by a Lion

This is certainly an unpleasant dream, which makes reference to your inner energy. It means that your dominant and aggressive attitude can turn against yourself.  So, the dream stands as a warning that you should change your habits and your relations with others before it is too late.

Dreaming about Only One Lion

Have you dreamt about a single lion, one which does not belong to a pride? Then, there is no unity or coherence between your actions and your inner will. Therefore, according to the Dream Dictionary, your mind is warning you that your thoughts and words do not express the same as your actions.

Dreaming about a Resting Lion Looking Away

You may dream about seeing one of these great mammals resting. So, when you wake up, you should start planning your life. You should consider your priorities and projects, as well as your expectations from your future;  assess the pros and cons of everything before taking any step or decision.

Dreaming about an Aggressive Lion

If you dream about a fierce, threatening lion, then the Dream Dictionary points out that you are overwhelmed by your inner violence, since for you, acting is the only way of channelling your strength.

In case you are starting a business project, the lion could symbolise a push for your ambition to finally head for the adventure of undertaking it, since you have the means to do it.

Dreaming about a Docile Lion

As if it were a circus animal, the lion can be docile, so your dream suggests that you feel good about yourself, because you live in harmony with the people around you. Moreover, you control your sensual side as well as your sexual drive, since this great animal, for men, symbolises virility. 

Dreaming about a White Lion

It is rather unusual to dream about white lions, but not impossible. So, if you dream about one, this is your psyche’s way of telling you that you are aware of the power within yourself,  and that your strength is what makes you different from the others.

Dreaming about a Black Lion

This is the opposite of the previous dream. You, or someone who is close to you, use strength to hurt  others, so you should change your behaviour.

Dreaming about Being a Lion

You may dream about taking the appearance of one of these fierce animals. If so, it predicts success and even the arrival of money, perhaps from an inheritance.

Dreaming about Shooting Down a Lion

Are you dreaming about chasing a lion and shooting it down? The Dream Dictionary predicts torments and troubles.  Likewise, if the lion runs away, it is a sign of success.


You have to get to know yourself better if you dream about lions when you go to sleep. Do not let yourself be ruled by strength, but learn how to control it and make great things using it.

Likewise, bring out your most feline side in order to spot the possible threats around you, so that you can take matters into your own hands and get away from them as much as possible. In this way, you will be able to be successful while you protect your interests.