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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Mice

We uncover the meaning of mice in your dreams and whether they bring good or bad news

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Mice?

Spiders, bees or snakes are some of the animals that most people are usually scared of,  and this is partly because we are not very close to the world of arachnids, insects or reptiles.

However, there are also mammals that we are afraid of, such as mice,  small animals of commonly dark colour that we associate with dirt and poverty. And this is due to the fact that they are always prowling the streets, drains and gutters, which are places where the filth of every one of us, of the community, is thrown out.

Moreover, for some people, mice represent a danger,  because they may attack us at any moment and if we corner them, they will no doubt to defend themselves. As a point of interest, those who are afraid of mice, that is, those who suffer from musophobia, will hardly ever be afraid of other animals, such as cats or insects.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Mice?

Mice can make a hole in our dreams in the same way they dig into the walls and get to our houses. These are usually dirty animals that arouse our disgust and fear, and when we dream about them, the Dream Dictionary reveals that something is not going well, that we should be careful. Mice have negative connotations.

What kind of negative connotations? It may range from a new problem you have to face to some trouble which does not let you sleep or makes you think too much.

Dreaming about Mice: Different Types of This Dream

Despite the abovementioned negative connotation of mice, they can also bring good news, since it all depends on the type of dream you have: whether there is only one mouse or there are a lot of them, whether you see them inside or outside your house, it also depends on their colour and many more aspects that we are going to analyse below.

Dreaming about Seeing Mice in Your House

If there are mice in your house, your dreams reveal you that there is something wrong within your home. Whether you have argued with your parents or children, or you have problems with your partner, the mouse suggests restlessness. If you pay attention to the warning, then you must stop any argument as soon as possible and bring back the peace.

Dreaming about Being Attacked by a Mouse

You are worried about money.  This is what the Dream Dictionary says about being attacked by a mouse and, deep down, you will know the origin of that concern. For example, you might have stolen it or someone, who had borrowed money, has not given it back to you yet.

In any case, these are problems that have to do with money, but of known origin, which require you to act and do something so that the problems disappear. 

As the last interpretation of dreaming about being attacked by mice, the Dictionary points to a bad choice regarding your investments and business, especially if you have just set up a company. In other words, you must pull yourself together and rethink another business strategy so that you do not lose more money.


Dreaming about Chasing a Mouse

You are on the right path! This dream means just the opposite of the one mentioned above. It means that you are making the right decisions  and you will achieve your goals. Moreover, you will manage to avoid or solve your problems.

By the way, in your dreams, the bigger the mice you chase, the greater the problems you will be able to avoid, and there will be no enemies that could slow you down.

Dreaming about Mice of Different Colours

The colour of this small animal in your dreams can express different meanings. For example, white mice symbolise happiness, it means that you have something precious or very important that you are unaware of (such as your soulmate). 

The brown or yellow mice announce an unusual event that will happen in your life;  the grey ones represent an issue that worries you; and the black mice symbolise a threat from your rivals,  your enemies or the people against whom you compete.

Dreaming about Killing a Mouse

There is a mouse in your dream and you manage to catch it. What does it mean? According to the Dream Dictionary, this is a sign that you will defeat your opponents.  Catching mice is a good omen because it means that you will be successful in the job on which you are focused at this time.

Another possibility is to see the mouse already dead in your dream, that you are not the one to kill it, which advises you to end a relationship, to let go of someone or some situation that drains your energy.

Dreaming about Mice that Creep Up On You

Are you surrounded by a lot of mice that seem quite aggressive? If this is the case in your dream, then you should know that soon you will lose some money, someone will betray you or you will simply go through some hard times.

Dreaming about a Mouse Padding over Your Body

Mice have a great instinct and a good sense of smell. So, if you dream about a mouse walking over a particular part of your body, it is a warning about your health. Therefore, if it pads over your head, arm or stomach, it means that there is something wrong in those areas of your body, and if you suffer from a disease, it narrows down the area that is not well, the one that hurts.


When you look at the life of mice, it is easy to notice that they have a strong survival instinct. They sense danger and run away from it towards safer places.

Having said all of the above, by dreaming about mice,  your mind tries to make you see that you are stronger than you think,  that you can overcome the different challenges in your life and will be able to pull through every time, that you can withstand every blow of life, even those that seem deadly and impossible.