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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Rats

Discover the meaning of dreaming about rats

Dreaming about rats could be a sign of problems in your home.

Although dreams are a personal experience and their meaning depends on their context and of our cultural background, generally speaking, rats are considered to be disgusting creatures despised by most of the western world. This is why  dreaming about rats tends to be an expression of difficult times and introduces physical and familial issues. Pay close attention.

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream of rats?

Dreaming about rats in quite unpleasant and can leave you soaked in sweat. This nightmare could be a physiologic manifestation of anxiety, as you are going through a stage in your life where you feel insecure, stressed and out of balance. At the same time, however, these dreams can offer exciting information about your personal life and your surroundings. 

Although each dream should be ''read'' separately, dreaming about rats could have a double meaning: a negative one because rats  represent future ailments  and problems in our immediate social circle, or a positive one because they also represent personal growth. 

The first meaning, the negative one, suggests that dreaming with rats is symbolic of conjugal ruin. Depending on what the rats mean to us and what the context of the dream is, this could be an invasion of your home, or of your body in the form of an infection. 

According to some experts, humans see rats as much more than disgusting creatures, we see them as a highly adaptable species that have survived in any habitat and have escaped extinction until now. This is why dreaming of rats can represent a metaphor of overcoming your obstacles, an epic battle between good and evil. It all depends on the types of rat dreams that you have. 

Dreaming about rats: different types of rat dream

The way we view rats as animals influences the way we interpret these dreams, and above all, we need to take into account all the elements that make up the dream. Dreaming about rats could mean various things depending on the context in which we encounter the tiny rodents. Let's see! 

Dreaming about dead rats

Having a dream about killing a rat is an expression of overcoming challenges and defeating our enemies, solving personal problems and reinforcing our dreams and aspirations. If we dream about a dead rat appearing, the meaning changes: we have lost, or we run the risk of losing someone/something important in our lives. 

Dreaming about black rats

The black rat is a bad omen representing misfortune or an adverse incident, be it in our personal or professional life. This is why if you dream of this dark rodent you must be careful about upcoming situations. The black rat can also mean ailment or infection, due to its cultural stigma as carrying diseases. 

Dreaming about white rats

A lot of cultures, however, feature the rat as a symbol of wealth and abundance. In your case, if you dreamt of a white rat the meaning will be positive: you are either in possession of something extremely precious or you are close to a hidden treasure. For our subconscious, white rats symbolize good luck and prosperity. 

Dreaming about many rats

One of the most disturbing experiences is to dream about the mischief of rats surrounding you. Many times, in this dream, the rat army wants to invade your space and attack you. This is our subconscious' way of warning us about certain dangerous situations that might stump our success; as well as an invitation to think of ways to counteract these problems. 

Dreaming about big rats

Once again, our subconscious takes the lead and creates all the images we see in our sleep. The size of the rats we dream about represents the magnitude of the situation we are dealing with. If we dream of big rats, then the problem that we are facing is considerable,  and we need to proceed carefully and take drastic measures to solve it. 

Dreaming about small rats

The opposite thing can happen, and you can dream about small rats, they represent minor issues that worry you. You need to be resourceful and find good solutions for these problems because even if they are small now they can soon become more serious. Having a dream about small rats can also represent feelings of superiority that have turned into arrogance. 

Dreaming about rats inside your house 

For our subconscious, our home is the symbol of security, a safe space where nothing and no one can harm us. When this space is trespassed, in this case in our rat-filled dreams, it usually means that our marital happiness and our home balance are in danger. 

Dreaming about rats on your bed

This is a reoccurring dream for many people, and it can have two different meanings: if the rats on your bed are big and black, it's because you are worried about everyday problems that threaten your security. If you dream about small rats,  it represents your maternal or paternal instinct and your desire to add another member to the family. 

Dreaming about rats at your workplace

Dreaming about a rat invasion in your workplace can represent severe problems in the near future, including running the risk of losing your job. If the rats are numerous and they all come in at once, it means that your excellent performance will be the cause of envy and someone might want to hurt you. However, if the rats are small and white, this symbolizes abundance, a definite positive sign. 


Rats are the most adaptable creatures of all habitats, and this is why we associate them with overcoming difficulties: if we dream about rats it could mean that we need to find our fighting strength within ourselves and cope with any problems we may have. 

Generally speaking, rats evoke feelings of disgust, seeing how they are often associated with spreading diseases; large numbers of rats in cities has always been synonymous with tragic events. When we dream about rats, it's our subconscious mind's way of warning us about impending problems in our lives. 

We also need to remember that when dreaming about rats, we are entering a difficult phase in our life and we need to get ready to cope with it. Although it can symbolize personality changes or shifts in our love life, the rat usually  represents economic problems and ailments.