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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Our Pets

Dreaming about our pets means that you want to start a new stage and even take care of someone else.

Dreams represent quite a mysterious world. Still, you always have to take into account every element that appears and identify the signs that can relate to your daily life. One of the most curious dreams is that about pets, which can have a peculiar meaning especially if it is about your own pet.

Most people like to have animals as pets, whether to care for them, play with them or just have an extra companion at home; it represents a need to provide protection.

The same happens when dreaming about pets, as these dreams can be very much related to this feeling of protection towards a living being and the pleasure of receiving their appreciation.

What does it mean to dream about our pets?

It is one thing to dream about pets, but another to dream about your own pet since the meaning is much more personal and it is related to your own life.

If you dream about your pet, it can mean that you want to start a new stage in your life and that you can even take care of someone else, not necessarily a pet. It can also refer to a child or another responsibility of this kind.

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However, dreaming about your own pets can have different meanings, such as:

  • You are ready to take on great responsibilities: This is the main meaning of this type of dreams. Just as you have the responsibility of protecting your pet in your dream, you are also ready to face obstacles and overcome them in real life. 
  • You are quite overprotective: whether it comes to your partner, children or the people you live with. You might be exaggerating a little about how you treat them, so think about it and improve that relationship.
  • You may be exaggerating when it comes to your partner: You may even treat him or her like a pet, which can lead to arguments and troubles in your relationship. This dream warns you to open your eyes to what is happening and what you need to change or improve about yourself. 
  • You are a vulnerable person: Dreaming about pets can symbolize your need to give and receive affection from others. You may find yourself at a very vulnerable time in your life. Therefore, you need to become stronger so you do not become emotionally dependent on others. 
  • You are a nice person: Empathy is probably one of your greatest features, as you care about your loved ones and the people around you. In this case, dreaming about pets can make you see that you have this great virtue and that you like to know that your friends and family are well. 

Dreaming about our pets: Different types of this dream

If you dream about wild pets 

It means that your relationship is hurting you, especially when it comes to the other person’s character. In order to avoid problems that could get worse over time, you should talk to your partner about what bothers you. In this way, you can avoid any misunderstandings; otherwise, the relationship will become complicated and unpleasant.

If you dream about taking care of pets 

It means that someone else has control over your emotions and thoughts. Be careful! You could be manipulated without even realizing it.

If your pet is a cat 

Your dreams are telling you that some of your personal relationships are based on dishonesty and deception. On the contrary, dreaming about dogs indicates that the affective bonds are solid and very sincere.

If you dream about the mascot of a sports team

As well as a match or cheerleaders, among others, it can be related to the fact that you are dependent on other people and that you distrust your own abilities. You need to trust yourself a lot more and show off all those qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. Set aside those obstacles that prevent you from bringing out your virtues.

If you dream about your dead pet

This type of dream can be a warning, as it means that something in your life is about to end. It can be a business, a project, a friendship or a love relationship. Therefore, you should carefully analyze all the details of the dream and everything that appears, so that you find out what it is referring to. If, in your dream, your dead pet watches you, it means that what is about to end will end badly, because you did not try hard enough. So you should be persistent and act quickly. If you see your pet die in your dream, it can mean that there is something from your past that haunts you, which is reflected in your current life. It can be related whether to economic, family, work or relationship aspects.

If you dream about another animal attacking your pet

It is a sign that someone wants to take advantage of you.

If you dream about your lost pet

It is related to the present. You may be going through a bad situation when it comes to some aspects of your life and it is about to get worse. However, if you manage to find your lost pet in your dream, it means that you will find a solution to that problem. 

If you dream about your ex’s pet chasing you

It may suggest that that person still has feelings for you, especially if the pet is affectionate and playful in your dream.

If you dream about buying toys for your pet

It reflects that you want to escape from everyday conflicts and that, sometimes, you do not know how to deal with problems due to your lack of confidence. Therefore, you have to rely more on yourself in order to do it. 

If you dream about finding an abandoned pet

It shows that you need to be more responsible when making decisions and also that you need to consider things before making a decision. This dream has a message for you, which is precisely that you should think before you act in order to avoid unwanted consequences.