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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Rabbits

Find out the meaning of rabbit symbolism in your dreams

Dreaming about Rabbits: What does it mean?

You may have dreamt about rabbits, small mammals that have great spiritual meaning  since they are a symbol of sensitive as well as traditional, responsible and fair people.

The rabbit, as a totem, represents a good intellect to solve conflicts and problems, although, in order to do it, it can get distracted. Therefore, in the article below, Magic Horoscope will explain what it means to dream about rabbits according to the Dream Dictionary, so you can interpret your experiences from the land of dreams.

As an introduction, we highlight that the rabbit is associated with sweetness, softness, tenderness, with a fragile creature that must be protected, which is a prey, not a predator. However, they also have a sexual side, since there are well-known sayings about the reproductive skills of these animals that can grow up to 40 centimetres in length.

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about rabbits?

In your dreams, the rabbit symbolism is related to the distant and informal memories of childhood, those that emerge timidly. In a way, it becomes a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious mind, and it goes back to the comfort zone when something is perceived as dangerous.

It is related to the fleeing character of rabbits. This mammal comes from the shadows, from its den, and leaps into the light before disappearing again and hiding in its burrow.

This does not mean that dreaming about rabbits is not a representation of restlessness, fragility as well as of dissipation and distraction, even of procrastination which makes us waste time in our daily life by leaving for tomorrow those duties that we do not want to deal with at the present time.

Dreaming about rabbits: Different types of this dream

The meaning of dreaming about rabbits may vary  according to their colour, or whether they are alive or dead, the way you interact with them as well as many other variations. Naturally, you should consider your own experience with these furry creatures: if you are fond of them, or you have a rabbit as a pet, or even if you are afraid of them.

Dreaming about a black rabbit

If the rabbit you see in your dreams is black, it may show some of your innermost fears. It can also be related to business failure, frustrations, troubles and several disappointments.

Dreaming about a white rabbit

According to the Dream Dictionary, if you dream about a white rabbit, it is a symbol of your faithfulness towards your partner,  of the arrival of fulfilment, of peace in your household or even promises of love. The white rabbit you see in your dreams is also a guide that puts you on the right track.

Dreaming about wild rabbits 

Rabbits can be pets, but there are also some wild ones that we can come upon during a trip to the countryside, for example. If these are the kind of rabbits you see in your dreams, it is a way to express that your pleasures are expensive.

Dreaming about rabbits leaping around you 

In your dreams, you may see yourself surrounded by rabbits leaping happily in all directions. The Dream Dictionary indicates that happiness will arrive at your household by means of children,  either yours or those of other people.

Dreaming about a rabbit that runs away 

In this case, the Dream Dictionary warns you about a threat that is close to you, in particular, about losing valuable items in a mysterious and surprising way. But do not worry, because you will be able to get everything back.

In the same way, it may show you that you are going too fast in your life and that you should consider how to do things more slowly, so you can catch your breath.

Dreaming about raising rabbits

This is a good omen! It predicts profit and good reports for you.

Dreaming about dead rabbits 

In this case, the dreams about rabbits are a bad omen, since they predict losses or unfulfilled promises.  The meaning is the same if you kill the rabbit in your dream.

Dreaming about a rabbit's fur

The rabbit is an animal that can be a hunted, although sometimes it is difficult to catch them as they are so agile. If you dream about a rabbit’s fur, probably from a hunter, it predicts solitude, misfortune, bad news, at any rate.

Similarly, if in your dream the rabbit is caught in a trap, it suggests a risk of breakdown.


Dreaming about eating rabbit

The rabbit is an animal that can be eaten in many ways: grilled, stewed, with rice, etc. Dreaming about eating rabbit during a family reunion means that you will soon receive good news, which will be related to the celebration of a marriage, or the birth of new family members.

Dreaming about making a lucky charm from a rabbit’s foot

There are people who associate rabbits with good luck and use their feet as a lucky charm. If you dream about making an amulet from a rabbit’s foot, it indicates your innocence or your predisposition to superstition.

Dreaming about being bitten by a rabbit

If you dream about a rabbit that bites you, it means that you should pay more attention to your relationships or to your couple life.


To sum up, according to the Dream Dictionary, the dreams about rabbits warn you to pay more attention to your relationships.

Not only to your love relationships but also to those related to your family, friends and even to your business partners.