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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About the Sea

Discover the significance of the sea as good fortune and success

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about the sea?

Dreaming about the sea is just as hazardous and unpredictable as the sea itself: the meaning of such dreams depends on how we see the waves. A rough ocean or sea sends a much different message than calmer waters do, but ironically  it represents good fortune, success, and abundance. Discover all the meanings of dreaming with the sea in our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about the sea?

Oneirology, the science that studies dreams, suggests that our cultural and personal background influence our subconscious mind and allow external elements to permeate our mind to reflect desires and necessities. 

The sea holds a double significance for humans. The positive meaning relates to relaxation and inner peace, and the darker one relays the idea of the all-powerful, supernatural and destructive elements of nature. We encounter both representations in our dreams, and  each of them could have different nuances depending on their context. 

The sea symbolizes the state of our emotions, with a direct translation: a calm ocean suggests relaxation while a rough one anxiety. Depending on where we are in our lives, the dream could go from pleasant reverie to a distressing nightmare. 

Psychoanalysis takes this notion even further: aside from being a reflection of your state of mind, dreams represent the realm of necessity and loss, desire and thoughts about the future. From this point of view, it could express the need to free your creative spirit, abundance, success and fortunes  in your personal and professional life, or the beginning of a challenging stage. 

Dreaming about the sea: different types of water dreams

Dreaming about the sea could make us  feel calm and at peace or anxious and uncomfortable. Each version of this dream lends itself to a different explanation. 

Dreaming about a calm sea

We are in a prosperous stage in our lives, and this helps us relax and work on our inner peace. The sea inspires feelings of greatness and therefore abundance: we need to be open to receive spiritual and material riches. In our personal lives, we experience a steady evolution toward finding balance. Professionally speaking, we will enjoy the same success and opportunities. 

Dreaming about a rough sea

The reoccurring dream of an angry sea with giant waves that engulf everything is a bad omen of problems to come. You will experience conflicts, complicated personal relationships but you also run the risk of getting into financial troubles and experience emotional and interior turmoil. 

Dreaming about drowning in the sea

A rough sea is an image that usually accompanies an instability in our life and dreaming about drowning in the sea is a negative consequence of our feelings of helplessness in the face of problems. This dream indicates our frustration, or perhaps the failure in one of our emotional or professional endeavours. 

Dreaming about swimming in the sea

Sometimes we dream about swimming in the sea, in a pleasant and relaxing way. This dream suggests the achievement of our goals and aspirations. However, we sometimes experience a less enjoyable version of this dream, and we find ourselves swimming without the ability to stop and rest:  a metaphor that we're feeling lost, lacking direction. 

Dreaming about the sea at night

When you dream about the sea at night your subconscious mind reveals the need to press pause on your life and take stock. In this case, you have a clear contrast between the rough seas during the day, with their loud swimmers and sea traffic, and the calmness and quietness of the night. The sea's protective powers, its spiritual abundance, and peace call for a rest. 

Dreaming about going on a cruise

It's quite a frequent dream for most people: a great, big ship ploughing through the calm waves of an immense, blue sea. According to the dream dictionary, having this dream about a cruise ship is an invitation to break the cycle, and take on new challenges that relate to travel. You have a new surge of power  inside of you that only needs new hope to ignite it. 

Dreaming about a tsunami 

The devastating force of a tsunami is a bad omen, in the same way, that a rough sea expresses anxiety and the onset of economic problems and family issues. This type of dream projects the ability for self-destruction that we all carry within. This dream comes as a warning sign that you need to manage your problems more effectively  and work on your destructive tendencies. 

Dreaming about jumping in the sea

This is a very specific dream: you find yourself on a cliff and you jump into an immense sea of blue waters. The jump and freefall cause tension and adrenaline, but they have a liberating role. You let go of the earth beneath your feet to experience new and exciting adventures, something that involves danger but makes you feel alive and free. It's an invitation to free your creative personality. 

Dreaming about sunset by the sea

The image of a blood-red sun hiding behind the sea, blending the bright, blue shimmers of the sea with the darkness of dusk suggests the idea of ending and rebirth, a transition stage. From this perspective,  death is an element of renewal that inspires new life. Analyzing your desires and necessities will help you find your way closer to the symbolism of these dreams. 

Dreaming about a great wave 

This is a clear metaphor for new opportunities. If you're going through a rough time and you dream about a huge wave, your subconscious is foretelling new chances and opportunities that you need to seize. In love, for example, having this dream represents the beginning of a happier stage. The image of waves represented in our sleep carry positive messages that we must receive with optimism. 


Romance artists considered the sea a representation of the human spirit, sometimes charged with the calming energy of a vast, blue ocean that brought inner peace. Other times, stirred with anxiety and instability  brought on by feelings of anger, jealousy and conflict. Having dreams about the sea also reflects our state of mind. 

The sea also symbolizes our creative genius, the freedom that resides within us and by dreaming we allow it to come to life. It is also indicative of a mystery due to its  unexplored vastness which both fascinates and unsettles us. In dream form, the sea suggests vulnerability, danger, and adventure. 

As we have seen, each version of a sea dream has a different meaning but, generally speaking, the sea suggests  new beginnings and constant renewal. Whenever you dream about the sea try to analyze its context to identify what needs and shortages you have so that you can prepare for the arrival of something good or defend against danger.