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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Sex

Discover the meaning of dreaming of sex with your partner, your ex or your friend.

Two people having sex
Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about sex.

Dreaming of sex is one of the most frequent dreams that we have, and sometimes it's more pleasant than others. Dreaming about sex has a specific meaning that  doesn't necessarily relate to the sexual aspect of things. There are different types of sex dreams and depending on the context; the significance will be different. Magic Horoscope offers a brief explanation of each of these dreams. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about sex

When dreaming about sex, which is more often than we expected, we tend to take it at face value. The reality is that having dreams about sex with a colleague or a friend does not translate into an excuse to go after them the next day. The dream definition offers  a more symbolic interpretation of these types of dreams. Pay close attention.  


Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, regarded dreams as repressed desires that surface from our subconscious mind. He claimed that when dreaming about sex we are not, in fact, looking at carnal desire but more at important information about our relationship with the person we  dreamt  of. 

So in effect, if you have sex dreams, you need to pay attention to the hidden clues, the context of the vision as it can be an essential source of information about the fears and similarities that connect you to that specific person. 

Therefore, if you dream about having intimate relations with someone you know and it makes you uncomfortable, try to relax and look at the  dream as an exacerbated representation of your relationship with that person. If you dream about someone you honestly feel attracted to, then keep a level head, curb your enthusiasm and analyze the night vision carefully as it might teach you valuable lessons. 

Dreaming about sex: different types of sex dreams

The dream dictionary introduces one central notion when it comes to sex dreams and their significance:  it's not the same to dream about someone we like as it is to dream with someone we don't like, or even worse, to dream about a person who should have never appeared in the first place. 

Dreaming of having sex with someone we like is a clear expression of our desire: the subconscious mind creates the illusion that our heart garners. Obsessing over that person, constantly thinking of them results in your mind creating hallucinations. 

On the other hand, however, if we dream about having sex with someone we don't like or with someone that is just out of our reach, then the message of your dream is about affection and not carnal pleasure. In this case, it relates to loyalties, fears, mistrust, friendship or alienation. 

Dreaming about sex with a friend

Typically, when you dream about getting involved with a friend it represents the need for closeness: you're probably drifting apart, and your subconscious mind is trying to show you the way back to them. The dream might make you feel uncomfortable, but if you manage to distance yourself from the sexual aspect of it, you will see the symbols of admiration, loyalty and the need to spend more time with your friend. 

Dreaming about sex with your significant other 

Dreaming of having sex with your partner is also an expression of your needs, and in this case, it expresses a sexual frustration or emotional problems that you've yet to address. If the sexual act is romantic, then you might need to strengthen the emotional bond you and your partner share. 

Dreaming about sex with your ex

Sometimes this is a nightmare, and other times it's a pleasant surprise. Don't be alarmed: this is not your body's way of telling you to get back together. More than anything, it's just a reaction that our brain has to memories  of someone we used to be passionate about. The sex dream meaning, in this case, is that you are stuck in that relationship. 

Dreaming about sex with an unknown person

When this type of dream happens, it could be to illustrate the qualities we desire in a person. The brain processes our needs and projects them in the form of a sex dream about an unknown person. Be careful though, dreaming about a non-consensual relationship could mean that something will not turn out the way you expected it. 

Dreaming about masturbating

Sometimes, when we dream about sex, there are no other people involved. If we dream of showing our genitals, it's a sign that we need a more active life. If, however, we have a reoccurring dream about masturbating, then it might represent the need to release tension

Dreaming about watching others have sex

Whenever we dream about witnessing other people have sex, it might represent  the need to be included in projects you've been excluded from. In certain ways, it also signifies a desire to get closer to others. When we experience an unpleasant relationship in our sleep, the dream definition could suggest our rejection towards someone. 

Dreaming about oral sex

Dreaming about performing oral sex is a graphic representation of our desire to meet a goal, to finish a project  and to take control of our lives. The act of fellatio is symbolic of feasible objectives and the oral sex dream meaning here is an indicator that we need to strengthen our emotional bond with our partner. 

Dreaming about sex with a family member

Luckily, dreaming about sex is not always associated with carnal pleasure, and this is the case when we dream about sex with a family member (sex with brother, for example). It's uncommon and unpleasant, but it has an emotional significant: the dream definition in our dictionary indicates that you should reinforce your emotional bond with that person. 


Dreams are important tools that help us deal with life decisions and behaviours. The images that our subconscious creates indicates the emotions and desires that we carry within and that come to us in our sleep. 

Dreaming about sex offers many clues as to the state of our emotional relationship with our partner, circle of friends or with unknown people.  Dreaming about our boss reveals the need for power, and dreaming about someone we admire is a reflection of what we like in that person. 

When we dream about sex with our partner, it represents the need to reinforce our family core, and if we are performing oral sex on them it means you must strengthen your communication (sexual and emotional), and  if we dream about sex  outdoors, it suggests that your relationship needs more freedom. 

It's uncomfortable to dream about sex with your ex, but the message is that you might still feel trapped by that relationship: a warning sign that you must disconnect once and for all. What about sex with a friend? We might flush the next day when we see them, but in reality,  we feel the need to fortify our friendship with them