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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Your Ex

Discover the meaning of dreaming about your former partner

Ex partners
Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about your ex?

We've probably all, at one point or another, had a dream about a former partner. Someone who was a part of our lives in the past but because of certain circumstances, they're no longer present. We may have believed that we were over that person, but it doesn't really matter because they can always revisit us in our dream. Our dream dictionary will provide all the information to help you decipher your dream. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about your ex?

Dreaming is our brain's peculiar way of reflecting our inner workings, things that sometimes we may not even want to admit to ourselves. It's a way of awakening our genuine personality and feelings, and our imagination is our only limit. 

Our dream dictionary suggests that if you've dreamt about your ex, you could be experiencing some emotional difficulties related to that break-up. Thinking about our ex could be done consciously (that person from the past that still has a special place in our hearts) or unconsciously (that person that we no longer think of but whose name keeps popping up). 

Thinking about your ex could make you feel nostalgic and believe that the past was better which could make you feel extremely sad.

There's no need to panic, dreams are just dreams. We all want to protect ourselves, so it's only natural that you fear these dreams. 

Dreaming about your ex: different versions of this dream

We can dream about our ex, but each dream will have a different meaning depending on the context. Magic Horoscope will explain the main interpretations of this dream so you can choose the best one that suits  your dream. 

Dreaming about sex with your ex

What does it mean if you dream about making love with a former partner? Does it represent you two getting back together? No at all, but you do miss the romantic love and passionate nights that you used to spend together. 

This is extremely frequent, primarily if the person in our dreams was also the person we lost our virginity to. 

If you have a partner, dreaming about sex with your ex could indicate that you're afraid to lose  their love and terminate a relationship once again. Should you be single, this type of dream could represent a sign that you want to end your celibacy and enjoy sex once again. 

Dreaming about your ex dying 

According to our dictionary, this type of dream indicates that you will soon end a love affair. In case you are happily paired up, it could mean that the past relationship is nothing more than a distant memory. Should you be unhappy in your current relationship, this dream represents your yearning for a time in the past when you were happy, but in someone else's arms. 

Dreaming about your ex getting married 

How exactly did you feel as you were having this dream? If you experienced happiness or perhaps even a little relief, then your subconscious is telling you that you're ready to start a new stage in your life and  leave the past behind. 

However, if you felt sad, it might be because you're not completely over them and you might feel like they still belong to you. 

Dreaming about your ex proposing matrimony

What about dreaming of going to the altar? What does it mean to dream about your ex proposing marriage to you? The message here is that  you've managed to overcome  personal  difficulties,  even though at first it may not seem that way. 

Dreaming about getting back with your ex 

Our dream dictionary is quite clear on this one: you miss that person and you'd be willing to give it another go at making your relationship work. Once you're awake, however, do you still think that it's a good idea to do so? It's an entirely different situation to that of your dream, and you'll need to use your best judgment before you proceed any further. 

Dreaming about your ex asking for forgiveness

You could dream about your ex offering his apologies, but if you don't accept them, it means that your love story is forever finished. This indicates that there is something from the past that you haven't forgiven yet and you want your former lover to pay for it. 

There is, however, another version of this dream: you accept your ex's apology without rekindling your relationship, and this way your brain lets you know that the affair is long finished and there's no use crying over spilt milk. 


To conclude, our dream dictionary suggests that whenever we have this type of dream, it's because we're going through a denial phase about that past love, but we shouldn't feel guilty if we're already in another relationship. 

You do need to be more proactive and make sure that old scars heal faster so that you can close the door on that past relationship forever and continue your emotional growth.