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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Spiders

Discover the meaning of spider dreams

Discover the interpretation of spider dreams in our dream dictionary. |

They measure less than 5 millimetres in size and are generally harmless for humans. These animals can cause anxiety, and for one in four persons, they also cause extreme panic. 

We're talking about spiders, of course, and in the following article, we'll have a look at the dream dictionary and its interpretations of the different types of arachnid dreams. Beware if you have arachnophobia!

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about spiders?

There are many animals which inspire disgust and fear, but spiders and snakes are the top contenders. Therefore, if you dream about a spider waiting in the darkness, ready to wrap its prey in meters of sticky webbing, it could mean that someone/something around is suffocating you. 

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed by work, or an upcoming exam, a tyrannical manager or a demanding parent. 

If you dream about a spider carefully and masterfully weaving its web, it will be a sign of successfully overcoming your problems. It conveys intelligence and skill at using your intellect when dealing with difficulty. 

Dreaming about spiders: different types of arachnid dreams

Dreaming is a subconscious reflection of our needs, passions, fears, and insecurities and seeing a spider in our dream could mean various things. Depending on the context,  the spider could have an active role in our vision and seeing an alive or dead spider, a red or a blue one will have a different interpretation. 

Dreaming about spiders at night 

In this case, the dream dictionary foresees money and success. 

Dreaming about spiders in the morning

This dream suggests that you have an upcoming test or obstacle to pass. The respect we have for that event is reflected in the presence of the spider. 

Dreaming about eating spiders

It sounds disgusting! If we dream about swallowing a spider, it represents a financial bad omen. Pay close attention  to your finances  if you have this type of dream! 

Dreaming about squashing a spider

Although nowadays people understand and respect animals more, there are still persons who are extremely afraid of insects and arachnids. If you dream of squashing a spider, it's a sign of dissatisfaction about a service you have been provided with. It could be that you're not happy with the digits printed on your payslip, for example. 

Dreaming about a dead spider

Did you already dream about a dead spider? According to our dream dictionary, this means that you're feeling cornered by your enemies, but you will manage to free yourself  from them thanks to your wisdom and sharp instincts.

Dreaming about a coloured spider

Typically, we tend to see black spiders, and that is also reflected in our dreams (a sign of general mistrust, by the way). Spiders do come, however, in many shapes and colours. According to our dream dictionary, if you see a white spider, it means that you're about to get a pleasant surprise. If, however, you see a red one it represents danger. 

Dreaming about getting stuck in a cobweb

A spider's web (a true testament of engineering mastery, although we tend to associate it with filth) is usually meant for inconspicuous flies and other small insects..or perhaps even for us. If you dream about getting stuck in a cobweb, it could represent upcoming difficulties in your family. Generally speaking, spider webs symbolize conflict, betrayal, and disagreements. 

What about when the spider is stuck in your hair or crawling on your body? It may seem horrifying at first, but our dream dictionary assures that it's a  sign of happiness to come in your professional life; i.e., you'll finally receive a lot of money. 

The sexual interpretation of spider dreams 

Many dream experts interpret the spider as a femme fatale who emasculates those that come near her and ends up killing her partner. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, claimed that the eight-legged insect represents the eight limbs of two people having sex  and therefore, spiders symbolize the sexual union between man and woman, in this case, the parents of the very person dreaming it. Sounds a bit disturbing, don't you think?  


As we've seen so far, dreaming about spiders could have an ambiguous meaning. It represents something repulsive and dirty, a signal of the issues troubling us. It could also symbolize a specific person that is going through a delicate situation or maybe someone who is trying to discourage you. 

On the other hand, spiders could represent sneaky behaviour, reflected in the way they stalk and catch their prey, so we must be wary of the people in our inner circle and avoid getting stabbed in the back when we least expect it. 

Moreover, if we dream about a black spider we have to admit to ourselves that we also have a darker side, hidden ideas that keep us safe from betrayals and deceptions. Be careful, though, as you may fall into the trap of arrogance while doing so. Remember that good luck in life is as fragile as the web the spiders weave.