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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Teeth

Discover the meaning of the unsettling dreams about teeth falling out

A woman showing her teeth
Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Teeth.

Psychoanalyst theories suggest that dreams are a reflexion of our real-life desires that flourish in our brain's cortex as our subconscious activates our dream area.  There are, however, certain strange, reoccurring dreams. What does it mean to dream about teeth falling out? Why do we dream about it so often? We'll explain all of this and more in our dream dictionary. 

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about teeth?

When a dream as unusual as seeing your teeth fall out becomes a repetitive occurrence, it's only natural that you feel worried or curious. Dreams, however, are not literal translations of our real lives but warped versions of our intentions and aspirations. So then what do these dreams about teeth mean? What useful lessons could we learn from them? 

Firstly, you need to remember that dreams are useful tools that help us reinforce certain aspects of our personality with the ultimate mission of improving our lives and our relationships with others. Teeth represent our self-confidence, security, and strength


For some unknown reason, just as our subconscious processes admiration and needing another person by means of a sex dream, the metaphoric image of teeth represents our appearance.  This is why we dream about this so much, and even if the dream may be unpleasant, it offers useful information. 

Depending on the context of the dream we could discover the message that  we are feeling weak and insecure in our real lives and that we should take measures to improve our state. 

Dreaming about teeth: different types of teeth dreams

The most common tooth dream is the one where our teeth fall out: it's a troubling experience to have, unpleasant but quite frequent. What does it mean? We will have a look at this type of dream and many more to offer you all the possible interpretations. 

Dreams about teeth falling out

Teeth are the metaphoric representation of our appearance and our safety as human beings and having dreams about teeth falling out could signal our weakness in a situation that overwhelms us. 

In this context, it's very probable that we're going through a challenging stage in our lives, be it because of an exam, a job interview or a public presentation. Dreaming about losing our teeth is an acknowledgement of our fear of embarrassment and failure. This is an expression of a need that we have and it warns us about solidifying our self-esteem and self-confidence. 

However, many dream experts suggest that dreaming of falling teeth is an oracle: it foretells an imminent loss. In the worst of contexts, it could also predict the death of someone close but also the loss of a job or an opportunity. In this case, many details can help us navigate the meaning of our dreams. 

Dream of upper teeth falling out

This type of dream warns about the loss of something essential in our lives. The oracle  foretells the death of someone close to us, a role model  perhaps, which is represented by the image of our upper teeth falling out. It could also symbolize the end of an auspicious period in your life and the start of a dark period: this dream is a bad omen. 

Dream of lower teeth falling out

When you dream about losing teeth, and this time your bottom ones, it's a sign that somebody around you will die, although not someone that you know personally. This type of dream could also  warn you about a tragic event that you might bear witness to. In other cases, it foretells a complete loss of security: you are feeling extremely vulnerable. 

Dreaming about cavities 

The image of cavities represents economic instability and problems that could affect your workplace. When a cavity dream ends with the affected tooth falling out, the issue will be losing a job.  It's also an open invitation to strengthen your self-confidence so that your performance at work improves. 

Dreaming about moving teeth 

It's also quite frequent to dream about wobbly teeth that eventually fall out, one by one. Should this be the case, our dream is an indicator of severe lapses in your personality and self-esteem. We're left feeling vulnerable in front of others, and when we encounter new challenges, we go into panic mode. This is what moving teeth represent when we dream about them. 

Dreaming about teeth and blood

When you dream about falling teeth but also about a lot of blood, it tends to be a bad sign announcing a less favourable stage in your life, and it usually indicates impending failure. Blood is one of the things our brain often turn into nightmares, and it signifies the fear of not being able to control a situation that will inevitably turn sour. If you have this type of dream, make sure to improve your confidence and take control of things. 


Are you scared yet? Some of the interpretations of these dreams tend to be catastrophic.  When our dreams express a need, their meanings become more rigid and pessimistic as opposed to when they express a desire. Try not to interpret the dreams as omens: if you manage to see them as self-improvement tools then you will learn a useful lesson. 

Teeth are the most visible things when we smile, they represent the essence of our appearance in moments of happiness. Similarly to the dreams of white, healthy teeth that represent a state of ideal happiness, when we dream about falling teeth, it's because our subconscious is sending messages of weakness and vulnerability. 

In case you're going through a rough patch, it's possible that your self-esteem has suffered a blow and that you've started developing feelings of fear, insecurity, imbalance, and weakness. Dreaming about falling teeth is your warning that you must strengthen your personality so that you can cope with future challenges. 

It's important to remember that dreaming about falling teeth as a sign of losing someone doesn't have to be taken literally:  the prediction  of someone's death could  be a sign  that we need to take more care of those around us. 

To conclude, dreaming about falling teeth reflects the need for self-preservation.