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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Ticks

Just thinking about ticks disgusts us, what does it mean if we dream about them?

Dream Dictionary: What does it mean to dream about ticks?

Ticks are tiny parasites, which means that they live and feed on another animal. In fact, all species of tick suck blood from vertebrates,  mainly land mammals and birds. They are considered hematophagous, that is, they feed on blood, and when they are filled with this vital liquid, they can reach 30 millimetres in length, whereas their normal size is between 1 and 5 millimetres.

They belong to the class of arachnids and the subclass Acari.  Ticks are carriers of other parasites, like bacteria, metazoans or protozoans, which makes them very dangerous, since they can pass on to its host diseases caused by such parasites.

This introduction is important when talking about dreaming of ticks, because, although this is something that mostly affects dogs and other pets, many people do not know what they are and how they feed (and so, why they are so annoying).


Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Ticks?

Have you dreamt about ticks? No doubt, it must have been rather a nightmare, and you may have felt uneasy about the presence of these nasty mites, which not only affect animals but also human beings. In fact, just mentioning them disgusts us.

The Dream Dictionary points out that dreaming about ticks is our brain’s way to warn us to choose a good path in life, and particularly, to get away from the toxic people around us.

Colleagues, relatives or even a partner, who may become a parasite of our energy, or our economy, and from whom we would better stay away if we do not want to go crazy.

It can also be considered a sign to look out for the problems in our daily life, both those we already know of and control, as well as those that are hidden behind stability. In fact, there may be some problems that are getting bigger and feeding others precisely because we are not making an effort to solve them.

Accordingly, we should analyse other details from our dream,  since the key to solve these drawbacks is also given by Morpheus when he visits us at night when we go to sleep.

Dreaming about Ticks: Different Types of This Dream

Therefore, if you want to figure out what hidden messages are sent to you by your psyche or even the cosmos, you should go deeper into the meaning of ticks in your dreams.

For this reason, we are going to analyse the most common variations of dreaming about ticks  and the interpretations provided by the Dream Dictionary.

Dreaming about Being Bitten by a Tick

This is an unpleasant sensation, which you would not wish even to your worst enemy. Dreaming about ticks and being bitten by one of them reveals that soon there will be an unexpected event in your life, which will require all your attention if you want to solve it. If ticks suck your blood, some people are taking advantage of you, or their intentions towards you are bad.

Dreaming about Ticks in Your Hair

If you dream about having these small and annoying mites in your hair, their presence warns you of the weariness and stress that haunts you. Getting rid of this will not be easy, since dreaming about ticks in your hair, in general, predicts the arrival of new worries.

Dreaming about Ticks on a Dog

As it was mentioned before, ticks are usually associated with dogs. Therefore, it is not strange that you dream about a dog infected by these parasites. Although it is hard to believe, this dream is a good omen, and it means that you are taking care of your friends. You are supporting them and guiding them so they can overcome their problems. Your mind evokes happiness by taking care of your loved ones through the act of removing your dog’s ticks.

Dreaming about Dead Ticks

Do you dream about dead mites? Then, watch your back, dreamer, since there are some people around you that are very jealous. Be careful in your social circles (and even with the social networks) and in your current relationship with the people around you. 

Dreaming about Having Your Body Covered by Ticks

In case you have dreamt about having your body covered by ticks, it may show that you have serious problems in your daily life. If you dream about trying to kill them, it suggests that you are struggling to get away from those torments that trouble you. In case you are covered by ticks and you show a passive attitude, it is a sign that you need help, that you need others to fight with you (or for you) against those problems.


We have already explained that ticks are parasites, so dreaming about them warns you against people who want you to be their host and live on your blood.

Therefore, you should take a good look at the people around you, who are the ones that are closer to you and if they are all really worthy of your trust. Try to identify everyone’s intentions, what their motivations are, and if some of them want to take advantage of your goodwill, or your money in case you are in a good economic position.

Likewise, do not put aside your daily problems, because if you are the one bitten by the ticks, it is a warning for you not to relax too much  and solve your present problems (or figure out the ones that are in the background).