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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Turtles

Find out the meaning of dreaming about turtles

For thousands of years, the turtle was considered to be a magical animal in many cultures around the world.  For example, for the Mayan culture, the turtle is one of the twelve signs of the horoscope, together with the bat, the scorpion, the deer, the owl, the peacock, the lizard, the monkey, the falcon, the jaguar, the dog, the snake and the rabbit. Likewise, it is also a sign of the Wuykü Horoscope, which is one of the least known and has only four signs.

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The Native Americans, the Japanese, the Africans…  All peoples have respected the turtle, which is an animal that has an important role in the legends about the creation of the world.

Traditionally, they are represented as a symbol of peace and protection, as well as of wisdom. Nowadays, they have become a part of our homes (many people have turtles as pets) and also of our Pop culture (the famous “Ninja Turtles”, Morla the Aged One from “The Neverending Story” or Gamera, the giant Japanese turtle, enemy of Godzilla, just to name a few examples).

It is no wonder that we dream about turtles every now and then.  Therefore, this article will present what the Dream Dictionary says about these dreams both in general as well as in more specific cases.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Turtles? 

Dreaming about turtles can be interpreted as a physical or spiritual retreat. It is the way our psyche expresses the need for protection, as well as a certain slowness  (a trait that is closely related to this oviparous animal).

Watch out, because slowness does not mean something bad! For in those slow steps there is a great power, an evolution of the world, and a nature that does not allow you to escape reality.

In other words, there is a very interesting inner balance, a form of unity that faces opposite aspects of your own being. Therefore, the turtle invites you to retreat and meditate, to introspection, to balance everything there is in your mind.

Dreaming about Turtles: Different Types of This Dream

We have said that dreaming about turtles suggests that you retreat to put everything in order, but it can also be interpreted in a general way as an event that will mark your life and begin a new chapter of it.

However, you may dream about turtles and interact with them in many different ways, so it is interesting to analyse its main variations.

Dreaming about a Turtle that Walks towards You

According to the Dream Dictionary, if you see a turtle walking towards you in your dreams, it suggests that a person who is close to you will want to intimidate you.  You are warned to act accordingly, so you do not get under that person’s thumb!

Dreaming about a Turtle Running in front of You

This is a dream that means just the opposite of the previous one. If in your dream, the turtle runs away from you, it might be because your behaviour is quite belligerent,  so you should steady your nerves to make everything go better in your life.

Dreaming about Blocking the Way of a Turtle

The third variation of dreaming about a turtle moving around you would be that in which you block the way of this noble aquatic animal. If this happens,  it is a symbol of success!

Dreaming about Dead Turtles and Breaking Their Shell

Generally speaking, when you dream about dead animals, your mind tries to tell you that some of your plans are not going to turn out in the end, or that something has ended in your life. In this case, dreaming about dead turtles and what is more, about breaking their shell, which is what protects them, predicts the arrival of an unfortunate event. If you dream about a sick and dying turtle, the signs are not much better, since it predicts troubles and torments, and even a painful stage.

Dreaming about Eating a Sea Turtle

Do you know that turtle soup is a much-appreciated delicacy and that there are stews made of certain turtle breeds? Dreaming about eating a turtle is not something good since you are feeding on a symbol of peace and spirituality.

Therefore, the general interpretation of this type of dream is that you will be humiliated by a loved one. Likewise, it can also mean that you will be the loser in a situation in which you no longer count on the presence of a protector or guardian. By the way, if you dream about sea turtles (but you do not eat them), it represents money and fortune.

Dreaming about a Turtle That Leaves the Shore and Goes Back to the Sea

This is a classic shot of some documentaries. So, if this is what you dream, then it is a symbol of the regeneration of your being, of the need you have within yourself to be purified by putting an end to old quarrels  or unresolved issues. In case you dream just the opposite of this, that the turtle leaves the sea to get to the shore, it means that you will have a fruitful and active time that will be of benefit to you.

Dreaming about a Turtle that Retreats to Its Shell

This is a symbol of protection, a retreat from the sensitive world,  a representation of wisdom.

Dreaming about Selling Turtles

There is something within your spiritual well-being that is not going well. There are questionable matters and you risk to be exposed and have your mistakes revealed. Likewise, you can run into manipulating and unworthy people who take advantage of your trust.


To sum up, the turtle is a symbol of doing things slowly and well. You should not get carried away by quick reactions, but meditate every step you take in your life,  whether it is related to yourself, your family or your business activities (because there were also some economic meanings).

Likewise, you should analyse the image you have of yourself since you are concerned about the respect and admiration that are showed to you because there is a certain level you want to maintain.