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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Witches

Don't be afraid to discover the meaning of dreaming of witches

What does it mean to dream about witches? Discover its meaning in our dream dictionary.

They're the villains in fairy stories, the reason we were terrified by ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs '' and ''Hansel and Gretel''. Witches were the primary source of fear when we were growing up. 

We will use the term 'witch' to refer to someone with special powers, not paying much attention to its iconic look. What we mean by that is the image of an ugly, old woman, dressed in raggedy, black clothes that has a reputation of being an evil, brutal person. 

From certain perspectives, especially in the context of the children's stories we've mentioned earlier, a witch is an adverse representation of a mother, someone who claims to have her offspring's best interest at heart but in reality, is feeding off of their energy.  

Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about witches?

After having analyzed the witch as an iconic figure, we will now jump straight into the meanings suggested by our dream dictionary to get a better understanding of why these images torture our sleep. 

Generally speaking, we could associate these dreams with a woman who wants to take the place of a man using her feminine attributes, only that we are dealing with the most negative aspect of them. Here we could mention intrigues, pettiness, confusion, and irritability, among others. 

Although witches are women, at a subconscious level they also represent the worst behaviours that men display and in this case, it would indicate selfishness. The witches' broom, used for transportation, is said to symbolize masculinity due to its phallic resemblance. 

On the other hand, there are sources which indicate that people who dream about witches are weak, easily influenced and that due to this, people might try to take advantage of them. 

Dreaming about witches: different types of sorceress dreams 

Not all witch dreams are the same. The sorceress could be present or she could interact with us in other ways, more or less wicked. We will now have a closer look at the characteristics that make up a witch dream and what they signify. 

Dreaming about a witch following you

If this has happened to you, then be prepared to enter a phase of emotional issues and deceptions. 

Dreaming about a flying witch

The wicked witch is surveying the skies from atop her magic broom while you are sleeping. If you've had this type of dream, then your brain is reflecting your immense capacity for hard work and your life values. You may not be aware of it, but you already possess all the strength needed to achieve your objectives!

Dreaming about being a witch

You have a look in the mirror and discover that you're wearing a pointy hat, have a crooked nose, and you're gently stroking your black cat with one hand as you trim your chin hairs with the other. If you dream of being a witch you are manifesting your deepest fears. It also means that your heart might be filled with revenge, a feeling that brings out the witch in you and can only do so when you are asleep. 

Dreaming about being a witch could also forecast success shortly. The project you are currently working on will turn out fruitful mainly because of your skills and determination.  

Dreaming about asking a witch for advice

Witches are notorious for being associated with the Devil, they've been called Lucifer's daughters, powerful creatures capable of invoking dark forces to help achieve their wicked goals. However, there have been times when wise, independent women have been called witches due to their knowledge about life, healing plants, and forces of nature. 

Dreaming about asking a witch for advice? This is a symbol of treason and deception so be careful with the people around you as they might be plotting against you. 

Dreaming about talking to a witch 

You can ask witches for advice in your dreams, but you could also have different conversations with them. If you dream about having a chat with a sorceress, then  prepare your wedding rings and flower bouquet  because this dream foretells your very own wedding.  

Dreaming about witches coven 

By coven, we mean a gathering of witches that in popular culture are depicted standing around a big fire, with animals such as the billy goat featured around the place of the gathering.  It might be unsettling to have one of these dreams, but the message they carry is a positive one, it foretells excellent social interaction and the continuous growth of your inner potential. 


As detailed above, dreaming about witches in one of the most complicated dreams we could have because of the many variables involved that determine the final meaning (such as how we interact with the witch and vice-versa). 

Above all, however, dreaming about witches  highlights the darkest virtues of human beings, such as lying and manipulating. If you've been having witch dreams and you are a very trusting person, try to approach life with courage so that no one can ever take advantage of you. Make sure that each step you take in life is the one you intended to and not the one someone else told you to take. 


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