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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Your Crush

Find out the meaning of dreaming about your crush as a symbol of an obsession

Couple falling in love
Dreaming about your crush, above all, suggests an obsession.

Are you thinking about that person all day long and you cannot stop doing it even in your dreams? You have to know that dreaming about your crush is a normal reaction of your brain, which uses your subconscious to show you the pictures that are collected during the day through your thoughts. We reveal what it means to dream about your crush according to our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Your Crush?

The newest neuroscientific studies bring up the hypothesis that dreams are bits and pieces of memories from the previous day.  According to several studies, the thoughts gathered during the last hours of the day are usually recreated during the sleep phase. Moreover, according to psychoanalysis, dreams are the representation of your most forbidden desires, the expression of wishes and wills.

These two explanations perfectly expose the reason why you dream about your crush. Dreaming about the person you like is the most common thing in the world, it happens to many people, and it has a special meaning. The main reason for this dream is an obsession.

The dreams about your crush suggest, first of all, your obsession with that person. Your recurring thoughts of that person reinforce his or her image in your brain  during the day, and your subconscious releases it during your sleep in different situations. Depending on the context of your dream, you will be able to interpret your relationship with that person in various ways and get useful information about the way you should act. 

Is this a healthy relationship that you should commit to? Or is it rather an obsession that will lead you to a toxic relationship? In order to find out the meaning of dreaming about your crush, you have to analyse the variations of this type of dream. 

Dreaming about Your Crush: Different Types of This Dream

Now you know that dreaming about your crush suggests, above all, an exaggerated fixation about that person, an obsession. However, your dream provides other information which you have to pay attention to. Take notice of the variations of this type of dream. 

Dreaming about Being Kissed by Your Crush

In this case, it can have a double meaning. The simplest one indicates the most basic needs, your unstoppable desire to kiss that person. However, dreaming about being kissed by your crush can also  be  an expression of affection and deep love.  The kiss is the representation of emotion, tenderness, respect and admiration, which is recreated in your subconscious as a symbol of love.

Dreaming about Being Rejected by Your Crush

Although many interpret it as a premonition, nothing could be further from the truth. Dreaming about being rejected by your crush is the representation of fear, a paralysing terror of rejection which stops you from making a play for that person and showing your love to him or her. This is a liberating dream because it encourages you to get rid of all your fears and declare your love with confidence.

Dreaming about Hugging Your Crush

Hugging is a demonstration of affection, as it is kissing, but while a kiss gets you involved in a more physical way, a hug has a more intellectual depth. Dreaming about hugging your crush is the dream representation of your intellectual connection with that person, but it also shows the need to feel protected, the feeling of solitude and the lack of affection.

Dreaming about Making Love with Your Crush

Dreaming that you make love with the person you like is the expression of a need, an obsession for that person taken to the extreme: the urgent need to be joined together with that person. However, the dream goes beyond physical needs: in psychoanalysis, when you dream about making love with someone, it is interpreted as the representation of a deep feeling of love.

Dreaming about Sleeping with Your Crush

This is a very positive dream, which indicates a perfect connection between your needs and your crush’s character. The depiction of sleeping conveys peace, relaxation and serenity, and it shows that you have become more mature when it comes to the virtues you look for in the other person, so you can feel fulfilled beyond sexual needs. This dream suggests fulfilment and enduring love.

Dreaming about Meeting Your Crush

When you are obsessed with a person you like very much and dream that you meet him or her, it may be interpreted in two ways. If you do not know that person and dream of meeting him or her, it suggests the need to getting to know that person and it encourages you to set aside your fears and try to win his or her heart.  If you already know that person and dream about meeting him or her, you have to reconsider your relationship with that person, start all over again.

Dreaming about Arguing with Your Crush

This is the opposite meaning of dreaming about sleeping with the person you like. Dreaming that you argue with your crush indicates a disagreement between the characters of both of you and suggests that your love for that person is rather an obsession born out of physical attraction. The dream warns you that, if you get into a relationship, it has good chances of ending up being a failure.

Dreaming about Being Rescued by Your Crush

This is a somewhat strange dream, which is not easy to explain. Pay attention, since according to the psychoanalysis of dreams, dreaming about being rescued by your crush means that you are trying to call that person’s attention and get him or her to notice you. You have to overcome your shyness and be more direct when it comes to getting into a relationship with that person.

Dreaming about Travelling with Your Crush 

Dreaming that you travel with the person you like is not a premonition. It does not mean that you will go on a trip with him or her, but it does provide very useful information. Besides, it is a very positive dream: your soul is perfectly joined to the other person’s spirit.  You are bonded by common interests and, in the future, you will share common projects with great enthusiasm and energy.


Dreaming about Talking to Your Crush

Dreaming about standing in front of your crush and not talking to him or her indicates fear and shyness, a communication barrier. By contrast, dreaming about talking to the person you like implies your need for action. It may be a very positive dream because it shows a mutual understanding with that person you like  and the great possibility of everything going well and ending up in a relationship with him or her.


Thinking about the same person all day long makes your brain record his or her image and recreate it in the lawless world of dreams, surrounded by strange scenes that many times you do not know how to interpret. First of all, you have to know that dreaming about your crush indicates your obsession with that person.

Dreaming about sleeping or travelling with the person you like are examples of positive dreams which suggest that your love for that person is deep, that your bond is stronger than a mere physical attraction or sexual desire. Dreaming about kissing or hugging your crush expresses your physical and intellectual desire for that person.

However, dreaming about arguing with the person you like indicates your fear of making a move and the fact that your shyness stops you from showing your love. In the same way, dreaming about being rescued by your crush implies that you are trying to call that person’s attention. In these cases, the dream is encouraging you to set aside your fears and declare your love.