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The Symbolism of Flowers: 9 Different Flowers and Their Meanings

Learn the language of flowers, how to use it, and what each one represents

Each flower has its meaning. The type, the shape and the color, everything expresses some emotion or some feeling. Do you want to discover the language of flowers?

When someone doesn't know what to say to their partner, there's a saying that goes "tell them with flowers". This is an excellent introduction to what the language of flowers is all about; each one has its own meaning, connotation, and message.

What is the language of flowers?

The language of flowers was known as a way of communicating in the Victorian period, during which flowers and bouquets were used to send specific encrypted messages. It has been said that King Charles II of England, imported this art from different parts of the world, and popularized it.

Mainly, flowers get their meaning either from their variety or general color. So, blue flowers signify freedom, mystery, and doing the impossible; burgundy flowers represent beauty, and orange and coral colored ones represent passion and desire.

Flowers of an intense pink color are taken as a message of gratitude, or a simple thanks, and violet represents a crush, or love at first sight.

As many of you already know, red flowers stand for passion and love, although they can also be congratulatory.  Yellow is to praise friendship or platonic love, and white, as could be expected, is the color of purity, innocence, humility, and secrets. 

Agapanthus: Love's flower

Agapanthus means love's flower, and its roots were traditionally given to mothers to eat after giving birth to their children.  Agapanthus is also known as Lily of the Nile, and dozens of other varieties also exist, however all of them are characterized by their violet hue, although there are a couple of types that are white.

They have a long rigid stem which about a dozen flowers bloom from. Agapanthus flowers love the fun, and for this reason, planting them in the garden is a great choice; this is very common in the Netherlands, although the need to be protected from frost.

If you want to send a bouquet of flowers to the person that you love, the Agapanthus is without a doubt the best choice, and you can combine them with different colored roses and ferns. If you choose to put together white roses with Agapanthus flowers, buttercups make for the perfect trio in this bouquet. 

The Symbolism of Flowers: 9 Different Flowers and Their Meanings

The colors aren't the only way to send a message, idea, or feeling; each particular flower is also associated with an idea, for which reason, you should be very careful when choosing which flowers to send to the ones you care about, keeping the language of flowers in mind.


This flower has white or yellow petals and is associated with lies and selfishness.


Chrysanthemums are associated with pain, and for this reason, it is common for them to be sent to funerals. Chrysanthemum means "golden flower" and the most common color to honor the deceased is purple, although there are chrysanthemums in a wide range of colors.


In the language of flowers, the dahlia is a symbol of gratitude, especially if the flowers are mauve colored. There are dahlias of all different hues, in particular, the yellow ones are thought to symbolize happiness.


The meaning of this flower that we associate with the Netherlands is hope, which is said to be the last to lose this. Other flowers such as the white lily or snowdrops are also assigned this message.


You've probably heard of the movie 'Wild Orchid,' a highly sensual thriller, starring Mickey Rourke and Jacqueline Bisset in the late 80s. With this kind of presentation, it's easy to imagine that the orchid could be a symbol of lust, exquisiteness, and beauty.


Poppies are beautiful red flowers that are incredibly delicate, and this is just what makes them so lovely. The poppy is the symbol of resurrection  and also fertility, in flower language. There are also yellow poppies that are associated with success and good health.


White lilies symbolize pureness, virginity, and marriage, and this is why weddings are often adorned with this six petaled flower with six stamens. In Christianity, this flower is associated with the Virgin Mary.


Do you love nature? Then the magnolia is the flower for you according to flower language. This flower is also associated with dignity and sympathy.


This flower is known for the gastronomic properties of the saffron that it produces, but the flower often is forgotten. This is a beautiful flower that represents wisdom, by the way.

A ritual with flowers for love

If you want to get attention from the person that you love, you can do so with flowers to get their love. On a Friday morning, alone in a room, take a red rose, say the name of this man or woman, and then, put the rose in a small vase of water.

When night falls, alone, once again, take the rose, say the name of your beloved, and for each petal that you pull out, repeat the following spell: "Let (name of your beloved) fall more and more in love with me."  When nothing is left but the stem, wrap up the petals in a cotton handkerchief and put it in a drawer where no one will look.

21 days after carrying out this ritual,  throw these petals up into the air, so that they fly far away.  Don't wash the handkerchief, and keep it with you; you'll soon get more love from this being.