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5 Spells to Cast on Halloween Night

Find out what rituals you can do on October 31 to take advantage of the magic around that day... and its night

Halloween night
5 Spells to Cast on Halloween Night | iStock

On October 31, children usually go out in costumes and trick or treat at their neighbours' houses, to celebrate the old-age festivity of Halloween, whose origins lie in Celtic Samhain, even if many people associate it with the United States.

This is a night in which people say the living and the dead co-exist for a few hours, but you can also perform rituals and cast spells to reach your goals.

5 spells to cast on Halloween night

In order to use the magic that shrouds a day like this, we'll take advantage of its good influence by carrying out these rituals and casting these spells on Halloween night: love, harmony, protection and much more. Here's the intel.

1. Love-attracting spell

On Halloween night, take a red candle, and write on it the name of your beloved and your own with a needle. Burn it with wooden matches and let the wax run for half an hour.

During that time, watch the flame and visualise your love, as well as the two names that you want together. After 30 minutes, put out the candle, and keep the remains with a picture of each person  in a little white cotton bag, which you'll keep with your personal belongings. And don't let anyone touch it!

2. Ritual to find harmony in married life

Are you going through a rut in your relationship, and arguments come more often than not? Perhaps this ritual will help you find peace. On October 31, use your right hand to put a blue stone (aquamarine, azurite, turquoise) on a glass cup with water, and some drops of your favourite perfume. Then, cover the cup with a picture of the couple, and let it sit all night long.

When morning comes, take out the stone and put it in a red cloth bag, which you can carry around like a charm, or you can even make it into a keyring.

3. Ritual to protect our home

Do you want magical forces to protect your home from negative energies or the presence of people who want nothing good to happen to you? If that's a yes, go to your nearest forest when Halloween night falls (it doesn't need to be pitch black, it's enough for the sun to set).

With a basket in hand, pick up seasonal fruits, such as chestnuts, and pick up enough of them as to put at least one on every corner of your home (always make it an odd number). Put them there when you get home, and you can also bring some laurel to your front door.

Leave it all there until November 3 and only then take it away, not without expressing your thanks for being protected during the following months. 

4. Ritual to awaken your inner power

The following ritual is perfect to be more aware of our inner power, that energy that flows within us, which we can channel at pleasure. After Halloween night comes, dress in white (preferably with cotton clothes or any non-synthetic fiber) and go to your home's most peaceful, quiet room to perform the ritual. The room needs to be spacious and silent.

On the floor, pointing north, put a glass bowl with water, as a representation of this symbol. On the south, a lit candle to represent fire. On the east, some bird feathers or a lit frankincense cone  to represent air, and on the west, a handful of sand, dirt or stones to represent earth.

Stop in front of each of the symbols for a few minutes, visualise them and receive the power of the element before you.  On the night of October 31, the earth will give you prosperity, beauty and stability. Water will bring you vitality, youth, adaptability, flexibility, sensuality and versatility. Fire will make you more brilliant and passionate, active and powerful. Finally, air will give you a touch of sweetness, lightness and harmony.

5. Group spell to reach goals

Do your family and you share a common goal, or perhaps your group of friends? If that's the case, you can have a gathering to connect with one another, make energy flow and draw a path you can walk together until you reach your goal.

To make it so, on the night of Halloween, gather together on an open forest where you can see the moon.  Otherwise, any room in the house where the windows are open will suffice.

In a glass pitcher or a jar made of any other natural material (avoid plastic if you can!), pour a bottle of wine and a few evenly diced apples.

Whoever summoned everyone else will take the leader role, and will burn two orange candles while everyone else stays around with closed eyes and hands together. Little by little, the leader will serve wine and fruit on glass cups clockwise, and say out loud the goal to be reached; the host will be the last to be served.

Next, look into everyone's eyes, let go of their hands, and have a toast bringing your glass forward. The people whose glasses have more apple inside will be the luckiest ones and will take more steps to reach their goals. To protect themselves, the others should burn a rose frankincense cone.

Of course, because this ritual involves alcoholic drinks, it can only be performed by people in a legal drinking age range.

These spells and rituals might not have the intended effect, and perhaps it was because you didn't take the right steps, or because you just didn't believe. Casting these spells without believing in the power of the universe is as if you did nothing!