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7 Properties of Rue, the Magic Plant

Love binding, witchcraft... These are some of rue's the most widespread magical uses

Rue Plant
Rue plant has both medicinal uses and magical ones and is a common herbal tea.

Ancient empires discovered rue plant and dubbed it the leaf with a thousand uses for the wide variety of properties that it displays. Later, witches uncovered rue herb's magic uses and used it for many spells to attract love, money, or positive energy. Today it continues to be used for therapeutic, magic, and esoteric purposes. Discover the properties of ruta graveolens.

What is rue plant?

Ruta graveolens is a perennial plant of the aromatic variety  that is recognized for its yellow-green flowers. Although many species are recognized, the most well known is called common Rue (Ruta graveolens) and one of this plant's most characteristic traits is its strong toxicity.  That's why its uses and the amount consumed must be controlled.

However, since ancient times, at least in the Roman Empire,  this magic plant was utilized in magic and therapeutic practices.  The Chinese and Egyptian empires also sought out this plant, as well as other civilizations (the celts and Hebrews, for example) that discovered a wide variety of advantages in its use.

Rue herb inhabits dry areas and is well adapted to the Mediterranean climate, which makes it a suitable plant to be grown in gardens.  Rue can either be feminine or masculine: the first should be planted at the left of the garden, while the latter should be planted on the right.

Some benefits of rue

Rue herb piqued the interest of many empires and civilizations due to the wide variety of properties that it presents  and because of its many uses.

On a therapeutic level, Ruta graveolens has been used since long ago in order to tone the arteries, regulate intestinal transit, reduce stress and anxiety, in the regulation of menstruation, pain relief in general, and in weight loss. However, the consumption of this plant is recommended in a controlled way, in order to avoid poisoning. More than 12 leaves of rue plant per liter of water should never be exceeded in infusions, no matter how beneficial rue's properties may be.

The beliefs surrounding rue's powers have also turned it into a lucky charm with esoteric energies. It is used in the home to protect the space and to attract positivity.  It is always recommended to have this plant in the living space to make the most of these energetic channels, but a whole ritual exists around it in order to strengthen its effects.

On a magical level, many applications have also been developed that vary from protection and attracting positivity to an individual, to its healing properties.


Rue's uses: Magical properties and other applications

Below we will reveal a list of rue's magical, esoteric, and medicinal properties  that this plant has been said to have for centuries and that continue to be put into practice today:

1. Rue: the magic plant

Rue's magical properties vary widely. One of them is its ability to protect: carrying a bit of this plant with you is thought to  create a protective  energy  field  around the person that rejects envy and possible defamation. 

As far as attracting energy goes, it is also believed to have the capacity to attract positive people to us, especially in friendship and love.  Its magical uses vary greatly since rituals to attract money, have a happy marriage, or even to attract love exist.

2. Love binding with rue

Rue is used in various spells related to attracting love. If you are in love and you want to gain someone's affection, you can try bathing in rue and reciting a spell: this must be done on a Friday with a crescent moon and beforehand the rue leaves must be boiled in water and left to soak.

After bathing and washing yourself with a neutral soap and, while you wash yourself in the rue's water, you should recite the following spell: "Blessed rue, powerful miraculous rue that on Mount Calvary, brought tears to Mary Magdalene, bring me tears, in surrender to (name of the person)."

Another variation would be to add another kind of leaf also used to attract love to the bath, like basil, jasmine, or honeysuckle. 100 grams of each herb for every 4 liters of water should be enough. The procedure is the same as the prior:  boil the plants and take a bath in them while repeating the rue spell.

3. Controlling menstruation

Rue tea helps to control hormone levels in women  and for this reason, it acts as a regulator in menstruation. This is an herb that is  highly efficient in women that have delayed periods or that have unpredictable cycles, but it should always be taken in moderation, with advice from a qualified professional, and if more serious problems appear, a gynecologist should be consulted.

One of the most common infusions consists of adding rue leaves to a cup of boiling water (never more than 4 leaves per liter). Let the water boil and sit for about 10 minutes. This infusion can be consumed up to three times a day, two days before the likely menstruation date.

4. Ruda tea for abortion

One of rue's best-known properties is its use as an abortion method. In effect, this plant produces severe contractions of the uterus, for which reason it is not recommended for pregnant women. During the first three months of pregnancy, rue herb is effective in increasing uterine blood circulation and provoking contractions, which could interrupt the pregnancy.

You must follow the instructions given before on how to prepare rue tea and, as stated beforehand, it would be best to seek professional advice. Its flavor is sour, so it can be consumed with cinnamon, lemon, or another aromatic herb. To increase rue's effectiveness in abortion, some recommend taking aspirin along with it: three cups of tea per day along with two or three aspirins is the procedure. This should not take any more than three days to be effective.

IMPORTANT: These are the popular uses of this kind of plant and the distribution of this information is strictly informative, but its consumption is not advised except when prescribed by a qualified health professional since inadequate consumption could be very dangerous for the consumer.

5. Cleaning and protecting the home

We have already seen that rue plant can protect the home and attract positive energy.  In order to achieve this, picking rue from someone else's garden is the most effective method, but, we can also do this with rue herb from our own garden. However, it is preferable for the plant to have been planted outside of stressful periods and when women are not menstruating. Once placed in the home, rue's properties drive away evil spirits, keep accidents from occurring, and cleanses negative energies.

Not just this: The scent that ruda plant gives off also staves off insects, for which reason, if we have a garden with flowers or vegetables we can use this aromatic herb to protect our flowers or crops from pests.

6. Attracting money

Ruda plant has also consistently been used to attract good fortune, and today, it continues to be used to cast spells effective in attracting money. To do this, it is best to use the ruda plant bath method. Previously we unveiled how to prepare a rue bath for love, and this also serves when it comes to attracting money.

Pour the previously boiled rue water over your head while facing the direction of the sunset, and recite the following spell: "I await your help sprinkling your water at my door so that it will be open to love and money. Thank you powerful Rue, the plant that brings transformation and fortune." 

7. Rue Medical Uses

We have already seen many of the benefits of ruta graveolens and now we will explain some of its most common medical uses -a health professional should of course always be consulted first:

For the skin

Rue oil has powerful anti-fungal effects,  and besides being a great hydrating and calming agent in combatting itchiness that eases the burning sensation, on an aesthetic level, rue oil can be used to keep skin clear and smooth.

For the hair

If we apply a rue treatment to our hair, the health of the root is strengthened, keeping it from falling out and, most of all, making our hair shinier than ever. Also, it isa powerful agent in fighting lice, as well as calming our scalp when it's itchy.

For the mind

Ruta graveolens helps to fight stress  and aids the central nervous system in staying relaxed and under control. Also, it is used as a sedative, since it can help to control spells of epilepsy and hysteria. Its high neurotoxin content helps to speed up a sensation of numbness.

For circulation

Rue herb stimulates blood circulation and tones the arteries  helping to improve blood flow in the vessels. This is why this plant helps to prevent varicose veins, to reduce swelling, avoid internal bleeding, and to balance cardiovascular health.

For digestion

Likewise, rue plant's digestive function is recognized since it helps the stomach in the digestive process, as well as reducing problems like gasses, burning, and stomach acidity. Drinking a cup of rue tea is suggested when you've eaten too much, or if you suffer from indigestion.


Ruda plant has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties,  and thus it cures pain, for which reason it is also used to fight conditions like arthritis. Drinking one or two cups of the rue tea daily helps to reduce muscle stiffness and joint pain.