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9 Rituals to Improve Your Health

Discover how to do these easy rituals

To achieve an optimum state of health, we should live a healthy life by eating right, getting exercise, and regularly visiting the doctor to make sure that everything is as it should be.

However, we can also get help from the universe's cosmic energy and carry out rituals to improve our health in certain ways, or to help us to quit bad habits.

9 Rituals to Improve Your Health

To do this, we will go over the main rituals to improve your health so that you can do them at home with objects and utensils that are easy to find. So, we will explain rituals to stop smoking, tackle headaches and toothaches, a ritual to overcome depression, another to overcome fears, to get through an operation successfully, to keep your vision, and to fight fatigue. Let's get started.

1. A ritual to quit smoking

Tobacco addictions are one of the main problems in modern day society. It doesn't matter whether or not the boxes warn you that smoking could end your life, that it causes lung or mouth cancer, and that it most definitely decreases quality of life. For this reason, this is the first of the rituals to improve your health on the list, since it's the most urgent.

Do you want to quit smoking, but you just can't? Then you should follow these steps. On a Monday evening, after sunset, place three blue candles in the shape of an isosceles triangle; the upper part of the triangle should be facing the north. Light them.

In a bowl, crush a few grains of coffee, some dried legumes, cinnamon powder, cologne, and lemon leaves. While you mix the ingredients, you should recite the following spell:

"I call on all of the universe's gods to impregnate this potion of cosmic energy to allow me to quit smoking. Let it be this way."

Place the bowl to your right, and directing your gaze towards the flame in the north, visualize a cigarette burning out on its own, slowly, until it reaches the end. Repeat the spell out loud, lifting up the bowl with your hands above your head.

2. A ritual for headaches

Do you get a lot of headaches that make your life a living hell? If you carry out the following ritual for headaches, your suffering may decrease or even entirely disappear. You can do this once a  month  since according to the tradition, this is ideal frequency.

You will need 30 centimeters of orange ribbon and another 30 of yellow, a stick of incense that's the scent of your choice, an orange candle and another yellow one.

Using a pin, write your date of birth on the yellow candle, and "headache" on the orange one.  Light the candles and the incense now, and close your eyes and focus all of your energy towards your head. After a few minutes, open them again, tie the ribbons together and throw a bit of wax from each one onto the other.

While you do this, recite the following spell to improve your health, one time for each candle:

"Allow all of the negative energies that inhibit my well-being to leave my body, like the wax from this candle. Let the positive energy replace all of the negativity in my head. Let it be this way."

Keep the ribbons under your mattress for a month, and then throw them away.

3. A ritual for toothaches

The mouth is a susceptible area of our body that on occasions goes ignored. Did you know that a tooth infection could provoke, a leg injury, or even infertility, for example?

If you have a toothache that keeps you from living a normal life and you can't go to a dentist, you could invoke the power of the universe to ease your suffering.

Looking towards the east,  get down on your knees, with a bowl of water to your right and another empty one at your left.

Take a little bit of water in your hands, pour it over the affected area, and spit it out after in the empty bowl. Then, say the following mantra:

"Invoke the power of the East and the water's power to cure me. Let my mouth become healthy again to preach the goodness of universal power." Repeat this three times.

Then, throw out the water that you've used and the water left in the first bowl, use it to water flowers around the home, or let your pet drink it so that it's used to generate life.

4. A ritual to overcome depression

Depression is a complicated mental illness, both for the person affected as well as for the people around them. For this reason, we had to dedicate one ritual to combat depression on our list of spells to improve health. This spell can be done by the person that's sick themselves, or also in the name of someone else, to send them energy.

On a night with a full moon, take a photo of yours (or one of the depressed person's) and write your full name in red ink.  Then write the words "YIN YANG," underneath your first name.

Stick the bottom part of this photo to a medium-sized stone (egg sized would do the trick). Burn a bit of jasmine essence with a red candle, and when its aroma fills the environment, recite the following phrase:

"I am calling on the Energies of Yin and Yang, so that they attract and harmonize eternally, to help me fight depression and live a happy life."

When the jasmine essence has burned entirely, blow out the candle. You should have the candle by your bed or on your desk for 28 days. After, dispose of it in a place where water flows, like a lake, river, or the sea.