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Ho oponopono: Magic Words that Will Balance your Life

Discover the Ho oponopono, the tool that will help you change your life

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Ho oponopono: Magic Words that Will Balance your Life | iSTOCK
More and more famous people are becoming followers of spiritual currents from the other side of the world, and one of the most recent ones to make a splash is the practice of Ho oponopono. Originally from Hawaii,  it is a method to reconnect with the world through what we might call ‘magical words’. Raquel del Rosario from El Sueño de Morfeo, actor Dani Rovira or influencer and actress Paula Echeverría already know their secrets and their power.

In the following article, you will discover what Ho oponopono is and how to practice it, its relationship with meditation, and what its trigger words and inspiring phrases are. 

What is Ho oponopono and how to practice it? 

If you often say that you have done everything that was in your power, but everything has gone wrong, maybe it is time for you to try the opposing Ho. Opposing Ho is a tool that will allow you to change your life if you know how to use it, because we speak of an ancient Hawaiian healing system to solve problems, forgive and transform your life. Ho oponopono, translated, would mean "Let things go better or rectify an error".

As we said, the Ho oponopono comes from a very old Hawaiian tradition that was transmitted orally from generation to generation. An art of living that was practiced to help restore peace in itself, but also to restore peace in a family or in a community, because it favors balance, mediation and mutual forgiveness.

Traditionally, the practice of Ho oponopono consisted of meeting under the watchful eye of a guide, a priest or simply a person designated by the group to which the problem was exposed.  In these meetings, the discussions were interspersed with periods of prayer and silence, and in the end, everyone ended up accepting their responsibility, which gave way to forgiveness and repentance. In a way, it was a form of group meditation.

From the year 1976, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona adapted the Ho oponopono to the modern world and opened it to the western world. She simplified the process by eliminating the guide and established some basic principles:

1. Physical reality is a creation  of our thoughts.

2. A correct and harmonious thought will  create a just and harmonious reality  and peace.

3. We assume 100% responsibility for what we perceive outside of us.

One of the best known phrases of the mother of the current Ho oponopono is "Peace begins with me" and invited everyone to discover their inner Divinity, something similar, as we have already mentioned, to meditation, although at an individual level.

It is important to emphasize the idea that the Ho oponopono is not carried out to satisfy needs and desires, nor dreams, since all this comes from the ego. With the Ho oponopono we are without expectations, so we do not want nor we look for anything. We simply let the soul act and make peace with ourselves and with our creation.

Magic Words: The sentences of the opposing Ho

To carry out the practice of Ho oponopono we have to use four very powerful phrases, trigger words with which we invite the universe to enter our own life, and help us turn the problems we have into opportunities.

These are the most essential opposing Ho phrases:

1 I apologize

 With it, we recognize the situation which we are in, we observe it and we accept it.

2. Sorry

We forgive ourselves, others, the universe or any situation or person that has made us live the conflict. Forgiveness brings liberation for both the provider and the recipient. In addition, it teaches us that we are forgiving, not accusing, and we assume our responsibility in what is happening.

3. Thank you 

We give meaning to the situation that we live, because gratitude helps to initiate a positive change. It allows us to find opportunities in times of crisis.

4. I love you 

We return to love instead of remaining in negativity. It allows us to accept in our life any situation of change with good predisposition.

These mantras of Ho oponopono are not always easy to pronounce, because it requires commitment on the part of the individual, although it may allow us to eliminate existing memories from our subconscious. You free yourself of all your ancient beliefs, of judgments and expectations, and you open yourself up to the universe.

These magical words, these phrases of the Ho oponopono remind us how in a conflict or an intense emotion we are autonomous and responsible.  By reciting the mantra, we learn to let go,  to get away from what is happening to us and to moderate our expectations. In no case does the Ho oponopono and its magic words encourage inaction or victimization. Rather, it leads to better listening, something very difficult when we face a disturbance.

Some notes on the Ho oponopono 

Use the trigger words or magic words to clean each of your mistakes and each of your doubts. Search for peace of mind, stop thinking about what you could have done or what solutions you need. The answers will come with serenity. The cleaning of the opposing Ho and its magic words eliminates your memories that tend to make you feel bad, and allows you to accept them, forgive yourself and move on. 

The more grateful you are, the more you can push yourself to where you want to go. Appreciate judgments, life only challenges those who are worthy to be challenged, and only those who accept the challenge will be rewarded. The principles of Ho oponopono tell us that we are all responsible for our life, for inner peace and its actions. We create what happens to us, and it is futile to want to change others, or want to judge the victim. The health benefits of Opposite Ho are multiple, as it helps us to relieve tension and reduce stress (as with meditation), it allows us to better manage conflicts, discard negative ideas and practice mindfulness while living in harmony.