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5 Love Spells and Rituals to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

Although the man of your dreams may seem impossible to catch, he won't be able to resist these love spells.

It can hurt to accept the fact that the person you love doesn't love you back. But this situation can be reversed: if you're wondering how to get a guy to fall in love with you and the usual ways don't seem to be working, or if you simply trust the power of magic more than your own abilities, here are some love rituals and spells to help you get him no matter how impossible it may seem.

Five love spells and rituals to get a guy to fall in love with you

The following rituals are considered to be some of the most effective white magic for getting the guy to be attracted to you. As always, the potency of the results depend on many variables, so concentrate hard and don't leave anything to chance.

How to make a married man fall in love with you: Rue ritual

This is one of the most common situations, although that doesn't make it any less painful: when we fall head over heels in love with a married man. Many of our problems begin there and many headaches also, and the path to catching him seems full of impossible obstacles.

But that's what magic is for: with this ritual he won't get away.

Rue is a common yet magical plant which can be used to control someone's will, amongst many other harmless uses. This ritual with rue us one of the most efficient rituals out there: to do it we will need a couple of the man's strands of hair.

To begin, place some  dried rue leaves in a mortar with a teaspoonful of saffron. Braid the two strands of hair by twisting them between your fingers and burn them with a match above the mortar, so that they fall on the rue and the saffron.

Mix and grind all the elements with a pestle until they become an even powder while reciting a spell to attract the man: "Now and forever, come to me and focus solely on me, because from this love an eternal light will be born, and we will be together forever".

Add some almond oil in the mortar and afterwards, add a couple of pinches of grinded rue. Mix while repeating the spell and in no more than three days, make sure this ointment touches the man of your dreams.  The power of rue will act upon him, making him attracted to you.

A love spell to enchant a complicated man

An impossible love simply doesn't exist, it's only a fairy-tale. What you need is tenacity, willpower and strength. If you desire your man strongly enough and use magical resources, any man will fall at your feet, no matter how difficult he may be.

Try the following love spell.

Since you are about to cast a love spell for a complicated person, the cleaner your chakras are, the more attractive you will seem and the more powerful this ritual will be. Clean your soul and cleanse your aura from bad energies  before commencing.

Make sure to cast the spell on a Friday, after sunset but before midnight. You will need a picture of him and a picture of you.

Take two joined red candles or join them yourself with magical plants, and coat them in jasmine. Light the candles while reciting a prayer to the Angels of Light, they are the beings which connect with your wishes, and visualise your deepest desires. It's important to concentrate on expressing your desires clearly, repeating the name of the man you love again and again.

Write your name and his name on a piece of paper, join the photos face to face with three strips of red tape while reciting a love spell. Bend the photos and the paper until they are small enough to be put through a ring, while repeating: by the power of the angels and of the ring, we will be joined for all eternity.

A ritual for conquering a womanizer

Lots of women drive themselves crazy trying to catch a womanizer, as these men tend to go for passion and lust rather than love and it can be difficult to establish a stable relationship with them. Through this spell you won't only manage to get him to focus all his attention exclusively on you but you can also get him to abandon his deep passion for affairs.

In order to achieve the desired results with this ritual, we will need a clean and new silk string, as it represents our desire. Before beginning the ritual we must have visualized our desires through meditation.

Invoke the love deities and express your desire to save this person from the dark path they're on and bring him to your dominion. While you pray, tie a knot in the rope. Repeat the process six times and burn the string next to a piece of wood in a flame retardant basin.

When the ashes are cold, bury them beneath a big and leafy tree while repeating that the person will now be united with you and only you with the same firmness as the tree beneath which the ashes are buried.

How to conquer a rich and powerful man

The desire for wealth and power is not necessarily bad, as long as there is ambition and confidence to back it up. Thanks to the following love spell, you'll be able to attract a rich and powerful man who'll fall head over heels in love with your charms. Pay close attention.

As with many love spells, the ritual must be performed on a Friday, as it's Venus' day, after the sun has set. In order to perform this ritual you will need a strand of his hair and a personal object, which need to be placed in a red cloth. Burn them all in a metal container while reciting a prayer to the angels of love so they may help your wishes come true.

Write his name on a piece of paper and repeat it over and over again while you burn the paper on the ashes. Afterwards, mix jasmine, orange blossom and rose petals to make an ointment which you will then add to the ashes. You can either  have a bath with candles while visualising your desires, or find a way to have the ointment touch the other person.

A spell to reconquer a man

As time flies by, passion and love can erode, and although we may still have a stable relationship with our partner, we can tell that the other person is no longer in love with us. In order to change this we can perform a strong love ritual which will bring back the love which has seemingly dissipated. This spell can also be used to make an ex-partner fall back in love with you so pay close attention.

In order to reconquer a man who has been in love with you before, the most effective spell is the one which involves a coin. Write the name of your partner or ex-partner on a piece of paper, bend the paper and keep it in an envelope. Next, take a branch of rosemary and a coin in your hands and repeat the name of the man again and again. Rub the rosemary on the coin and put the coin in the envelope.

Seal the envelope, roll it up and  tie it with a red string while mentally visualising your desires and reciting a prayer called the return of lost love. Keep the envelope in a safe place like a chest or vault and spread the rosemary through the air while visualising the return of your lost love.

When to use love spells

A spell is a white magic deed through which we are able to modify reality in our favour by using unnatural processes in the form of rituals and prayers. When the intention of the spell is to visualise the possible future, it is called sortilege, when we want to control someone's will, it is called enchantment.

Love spells fall in the latter category, enchantment. These spells can do many things, but their use for making someone fall in love with you is called a love spell and has been used since time immemorial. It is still a very popular method for getting someone to love you nowadays.

These spells are usually only used when the person isn't succumbing to us, when  it's clear that this love may not be appropriate, when we intend to catch a powerful man, a long lost love, a platonic love or an impossible love.