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4 White Magic Spells For Love

Find out what white magic is, and what the best love spells and binds are

Magic is just as mysterious as it is fascinating.  We all can probably admit that magic is an attractive subject, but something that maybe scares us to a certain extent. This happens for a very simple reason since we enter a fantastic universe that is entirely unknown to us, and this awakens a fear of the unknown inside of us.

What is white magic?

Many ask this precise question, what is white magic? We define it as a science that is older than the world itself that comes from the force of nature, which has always existed.

White magic allows humans to do things that cannot always be explained; our ancestors carried out acts of magic of this kind to lead a simpler life (to have a good harvest, for example) as well as to cure illnesses.

So, white magic could be any sort of summoning of natures powers and the energy that is around all of us that is done to achieve a specific goal, always with positive intentions of course.

How to do white magic

Within the realm of white magic, we can find a wide variety of different practices: ritual curing, luck spells, spells for protection... These are always carried out with a pure soul that promotes good intentions, but you have to keep an eye out to avoid making irreparable mistakes, and that is why it is important to know how to do white magic. 

So, it is essential to have a good will and a big dose of patience; if things go well this will be very positive, and we can protect ourselves to avoid getting the opposite results by using lucky charms, that are specifically for the practice that we're going to carry out.

4 White magic spells for love

Below, we will explain the most efficient white magic spells to be used in love.

A white magic spell with a silk ribbon

Take a silk ribbon of about one meter in length. With a little bit of charcoal, write the name of your beloved  as well as your own. Then, you will tie it to your middle finger. After, wet this finger in rose water, take the ribbon off, roll it up, and bury it in a pot with white roses planted in it.

While you do this, say the following spell: "Oh my beloved (person's name), I want to share my life with you, and for us to be together until the end of time. Let it be so."

A white magic spell with carnations

Over the course of seven nights, you need to put a terracotta pot and the petals of seven white or yellow carnations in the light of the moon. You'll start this spell during a first quarter moon,  and you will continue it in the following days.

While you toss the petals, you will visualize the face of your beloved in the water, and then, with your middle finger, you will write their initial. In the morning, collect the dry petals and put them in a cotton bag. When the week is through, write your name and the name of your beloved on the sack, and put it in your underwear drawer.

A white magic spell with magnets.

One Monday night, in a room where you're completely alone, light two red candles. Then, pick up two magnets, and write your first initial on one and the one of the person that you love on the other; you can do this with a regular pencil.

Take the magnet with your name in your right hand, and this person's in your left, and while gazing into the flames, chant the following conjuring: "I call on the good spirits of heaven and earth, to bring me the power of attraction. So that I can be with the person that I love like these two magnets when they are together"  (put your hands together so that the magnets stick together)."It has been requested."

Let the candles continue to burn for a few minutes longer, then, blow them out and break them in half. Keep the magnets in your wallet.

A white magic love bind

If you want to cast this love spell, always in a respectful way, you need to start from the following base;  you can't change someone's will in a white magic love bind.  With this being said, it is important that these are only used in the case that a positive connection has already been formed (naturally) between these two people.

In this case, the effect of this white magic love spell will strengthen these emotions that already exist,  but it will never act against the wishes of the person involved. You must follow this procedure:

Light a pink candle in a calm place to attract the kind of energy that is favorable for this type of love spell.

Take a hair from the head or any part of your beloved's body, but, it must be obtained without force; from their pillow, or off a piece of their clothing. Then, place it with a hair of yours in a glass jar with a lid while you contemplate the best moments that you have shared and your most special times together.

Cover both hairs with an abundance of cinnamon powder and close the jar, twisting the lid and closing it tight. Shake the jar while thinking about your strong desire to continue your connection with the person that you love, radiate positive feelings about this love and visualize yourself with this person over the course of time.

The white magic love bind will then be complete: we should save this jar forever in a place where no one will touch it from now on, just like your ties in love will now be unbreakable from this very moment.

A few white magic books we recommend

If you want to start a mini white magic library in your home, here's a list of titles that you'll find at any bookstore, or even online:

- 'The Little Big Book of White Spells,' by Ileana Abrev.

- 'A Treatise on White Magic or The Way of the Disciple,' by Alice A. Bailey.

- 'Magic Power of White Witchcraft Revised,' by Gavin Frost and Yvonne Frost.

- 'The Book of Spells: White Magic To Make Your Dreams Come True,' by Michael Johnstone.

Do you know these white magic symbols?

Below, we will describe some of white magic's best-known symbols:

The circle

The universe's greatest symbol, that closes in on itself, a representation of eternity. Surely you've seen a circle at one point or another as a sign of protection, drawn with salt or chalk.

The triangle

The triangle symbolizes the trio of the body, soul, and divine will.  This can also be interpreted as water, fire, and earth.

The star of David

Also known as Solomon's seal, a symbol of white magic that combines hope, balance, and direction. This star always has six points and is the resulting shape when two triangles are connected. The star of David was inspired by a verse in the Bible that united God with human beings: "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine," found in the Song of Songs.

The pentagram

A star with five points that symbolizes the five elements of nature: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Void. In white magic, the highest point is always pointing upwards, while the black on points downwards.

The swastica

Many think of Nazi Germany when they hear the word swastica, but really, this is a solar symbol that is found in Indian, Roman, Chinese, and Korean cultures. It signifies well-being, health, success, and prosperity.