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Who Is Your Impossible Love According To Your Zodiac Sign?

There are relationships that are doomed to failure even before they start. Read on to find out which zodiac sign is your impossible love.

At some point, everyone has experienced the bittersweet situation of having to deal with an impossible love. Although sometimes it is hidden behind a label such as “platonic love”, “ideal love” or “improbable love”, the truth is that this kind of relationship has no future. You may get angry, throw a tantrum or try to convince yourself that this time it will work out just fine, but the future of this kind of love is actually darker than a moonless night.

In spite of this, it is normal to feel tempted by relationships of this kind, because they make life extremely exciting and stirring. However, it is very important to keep your feet on the ground, so that you do not get carried away by assumptions and suppositions that will lead to your heart being broken.

Obviously, in Magic Horoscope, we know that the practice has little or nothing to do with the theory. That is why we want to help you by presenting you this article about the zodiac sign that represents your impossible love.

Who is your impossible love according to your zodiac sign?

First, it is important to understand that there is not only one type of impossible love, but that there are different types of relationship that are just as harmful for both members of a couple. Therefore, experts in the field differentiate between “idealistic love”, “narcissistic love” and “difficult love”.


What are the differences between them? It is very simple. The first type is related to the idealization of the person you desire, which is quite dangerous, because you are actually falling in love with a person who does not really exist. No matter how much you strive to see your partner as you would like them to be, the fantasy you cling to is very different from reality. 

There is also narcissistic love, which tries to fulfil your desire for perfection without taking into account that, in fact, no one is perfect. Therefore, if you allow yourself to be seduced by narcissism, you risk going into a spiral of permanent dissatisfaction that will never ever allow you to be happy!

Finally, there is “difficult love”, which is the closest to the idea of “improbable love”. It refers to those couples whose mutual desire is to be together but, for reasons beyond their control, it is simply impossible for them to establish a healthy and fruitful relationship. This is usually the case with people who fall in love when they are already in a relationship, or with those who, due to economic, ideological or religious reasons, cannot satisfy their inner drives. 

How to forget an impossible love

In Magic Horoscope, we know that having to face such a situation is extremely complicated. However, we also know that there is nothing in this life that cannot be overcome with strength, will and attitude!

So, in order to fix your broken heart and heal the wounds created by this kind of situations, we want to show you a few tricks so that you can heal more quickly.

First of all, it is essential to become aware of those traits that turn your relationship into an impossible love, so that there is no chance for a misunderstanding. You must also define all the fantasies that go through your head, since they are responsible for the idealization of your love. In this way, you will be able to eliminate them as soon as you become aware of them.

But that is not all. As it was mentioned before, no one is perfect, not even your soulmate. For this reason, a good trick to forget that person is to think about those flaws that get on your nerves and imagine having to put up with them your whole life. Do you still think he or she is such a wonderful person?

From this point, you only need to follow the acceptance process and do your bit to cut off any bond you have with your loved one, as well as trying to think about that person as little as possible. At first, it may seem difficult, but you will get used to it. When you get to it, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that it is easier to do than you thought.

If none of the previous tips work for you, you always have the possibility to change routines or scenery. You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. There is nothing better than avoiding all the things that can remind you of that person. From this point, it is only a matter of letting time go by and healing everything on its own, for it is well known that “the past dies, the present lives, the memory remains and life goes on”.

Your impossible love according to your zodiac sign

Read on if you want to find out who is your impossible love according to your zodiac sign! 

aries logoARIES

Aries’ energy will lead to an authentic disaster if the serenity of Pisces crosses his path. Having elements that are clearly opposing as regents, a relationship between a Ram and a Fish is practically impossible. The Ram is a terrestrial sign, who uses the physical to convey his powerful feelings, while the Fish are much more sensitive and intuitive beings, who prefer to delve into the psyche. 

In this sense, it should be noted that Aries will dominate the submissive and good-natured Pisces, being able to turn him into a punching bag that moves at his will and does whatever is necessary to please him (as if that were easy!). Besides, both signs have a certain tendency to infidelity, so a relationship between an Aries and a Pisces can only end up badly.

taurus logoTAURUS

Taurus has a quite difficult character, which can make him clash with several zodiac signs due to his extreme narrow-mindedness. However, there is one zodiac sign that is considered his true impossible love, and that is none other than the most open-minded sign of the zodiac wheel: Aquarius. That is due to the fact that they are basically opposite poles. Besides, they have several personality traits that make them a dangerous combination. 

To begin with, Aquarius’ free spirit does not agree with the conservative nature of the Bull, much less with his possessive and controlling behaviour that most of the time leads to jealousy. The Water Bearer would not share or accept Taurus’ adoration for luxury and the material things, since Aquarius likes things simple and avoids anything that is too sumptuous. Therefore, a relationship between these two zodiac signs is doomed to failure even before the romance begins! 

gemini logoGEMINI

The most childish sign will meet his match in the strictest and most disciplined signs of the zodiac. Gemini’s versatile mind will find in the inflexible and cold Capricorn a prison for his personality: so limited that it prevents him from opening his great wings and so, it kills his essence and soul. That is why it is quite likely that sparks will fly between these two signs... in a bad way! 

While some may think that their differences can complement each other, the truth is that it is very likely that these two zodiac signs end up establishing a somewhat Freudian relationship, since Capricorn may become a kind of father for Gemini. Although, as with most children, the naughty Twins will not obey the rules, so the possibility of mutual understanding between these two zodiac signs is scarce… almost impossible!

cancer logoCANCER 

Have you ever tried mixing water and oil? Can you imagine what this combination looks like? The same happens with Cancer and Sagittarius, an impossible love by definition and also by nature. Although both zodiac signs may even share some of their characteristics, the truth is that they are absolutely incompatible. While Cancer is a completely emotional sign, Sagittarius is moved by all that is physical, because he is pure fire and passion! 

It is well known that the Crab is a protective, romantic and homely being, capable of doing anything to see his loved ones happy. By contrast, the Archer prefers to enjoy his freedom and independence, is rather detached, and he only thinks of others when his needs are completely fulfilled (something which is not entirely bad). Although both zodiac signs could learn a lot from each other, the truth is that, first, they should learn, at least, to agree with each other. And that does not seem likely to happen!

leo logoLEO

The Lion and the Bull are two animals that are very different from each other. In fact, while one is considered one of the greatest predators of our times, the other can easily become part of his meal. Something similar happens with Leo and Taurus: the Bull is considered the main impossible love of the king of the horoscope, not only because of their respective social status (although this could also be the case), but also because of their respective characters, since when the Bull shows himself in all his magnificence, the Lion should know better than to stick around! 

It is well known that Leo is the supreme king of the zodiac, someone who loves to be liked by others and to interact with everyone, because he enjoys being the centre of attention. But this is something which the jealous, envious and closed-minded Taurus cannot deal with! Although both of them love luxury and ostentation, this is not strong enough to make them tolerate each other. In other words, the relationship between these two zodiac signs can be defined as a love–hate relationship, but slightly more of a hate than a love relationship.

virgo logoVIRGO 

Virgo is a zodiac sign that is too modest and shy to get on with the crazy and outgoing Gemini, which places the latter on the first position in the ranking of impossible loves for this earth sign. Their differences not only lie in their extremely different personalities, but also in their way of seeing the world and their goals in life. While the Virgin of the horoscope dreams of having a perfectly ordered and harmonious life, Gemini constantly plays it by ear.

The free spirit that is Gemini will become incredibly bored by Virgo’s predictability, something he will not hesitate to reproach the latter over and over again until practically driving Virgo crazy. But that’s not all, since Gemini’s impulsiveness and ability to manipulate can become a real pain in the neck for poor Virgo. And, to be honest, Virgo is too good a zodiac sign to be influenced by the mischievous Twins and risk becoming something he is not. Therefore, we recommend you to look for a zodiac sign that can give you everything you deserve!

libra logoLIBRA

Libra and Virgo are two zodiac signs that share a rather low profile. Even so, the Virgin of the zodiac becomes the utmost representation of impossible love for the Scales, because, even though they share some similarities, their unbridgeable differences make their love very unhealthy. For example, Libra is quite a shallow zodiac sign that will not tolerate very well the critical and overconcerned spirit of Virgo.

But this is not the only reason behind the incompatibility between these two signs. Libra’s indecisive and changing personality will increase to alarming levels Virgo’s insecurity, which will make the latter slide into a spiral of bad thoughts and self-destruction that will push him into a position totally opposed to the concept of love. Besides, while the Virgin likes the concept of “less is more”, Libra is an insatiable being who never has enough. In other words, the future of this relationship will go from regular to highly unlikely!

scorpio logoSCORPIO

As it could not have been otherwise, the impossible love of the zodiac sign of extravagance is represented by the sign of perfect balance. Although on this occasion, Scorpio could very well use the influence of Libra, since it would help him live more peacefully and harmoniously, the truth is that the Scorpion of the zodiac lacks the patience and desire to learn. Besides, the Scales’ frivolity can end up hurting the feelings of the tender Scorpio, something that would never be forgiven! 

Therefore, while the Scales is often characterized by a diplomatic, civilized and absolutely calculated and correct behaviour, the Scorpion is a dominant, unbridled and even self-destructive being, which makes their relationship a terrible mixture that would end up tainting all the good things they could share. Moreover, Libra hates cruelty and conflict, and Scorpio practically gloats over it, so this is one of the most impossible loves of the entire zodiac.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

Now, it is the turn of the charming Sagittarius! The Archer is well represented by his element, and that is why the person who becomes his partner has to know how to deal with a strong, dominant and explosive character! Something which is quite difficult for the sweet Cancer, who is a faithful friend and a great protector of his loved ones. In a relationship like this, the Crab will really have to worry about himself, since his great sensitivity can be crushed by Sagittarius’ blunt sincerity from the very beginning. 

Not only that, but when it comes to lifestyle, these two zodiac signs are totally opposed to each other: while Cancer is a homely and familiar being, Sagittarius needs to be in constant movement and makes the most of his freedom. The Crab hates being contradicted or being bossed around while Sagittarius has an imperious and bossy nature... and so on! For this reason, Cancer is considered the most absolutely impossible love that can exist for Sagittarius.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

We are in the final stages of our impossible loves list. In order to find out Capricorn’s worst match, we need to have a look at the most powerful zodiac sign of the wheel: the fierce Leo.  The main problem between the Goat and the Lion (apart from having different natures, because one is prey and the other, a natural predator) is that they share rather few characteristics, and most of them are bad ones.  

As stubborn and proud as they come,  the fights between these two zodiac signs will be constant and especially difficult to deal with. Besides, considering Leo’s tendency to lie and Capricorn’s meanness, the truly difficult thing about their relationship is to base it on sincerity and communication, which is essential for a relationship to flourish. Therefore, a relationship between the Goat and the Lion will not last a minute. Otherwise, they will become one of the most toxic couples that have ever existed.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS 

Aquarius is too kind a zodiac signto have as his partner someone as crazy as Aries. While the Ram is quite naughty and slightly mischievous, the Water Bearer surrenders to his beloved in the most unconditional way possible. Therefore, inevitably, there will be a clash of interests as great as dangerous for both of them. In the end, despite Aquarius’ many qualities, this zodiac sign also has a strong character, so a relationship between these two is considered an impossible love from all points of view. 

Besides, the Ram is a sign that gives everything in a relationship and expects his partner to do exactly the same. However, Aquarius is a being who loves (and needs) to feel free and independent, so he can become overwhelmed by Aries’ insistence. Moreover, both signs have rather great egos, which is the perfect recipe for the relationship to start teetering... and for both zodiac signs to be left crushed!

pisces logoPISCES

Finally, we get to the end of our article about impossible loves according to your zodiac sign. Pisces is the last one on our list and it should be noted that his impossible love is one capable of leaving him knockout from the very beginning: the powerful and magnetic Scorpio. This is not that strange, because these two zodiac signs are so different from each other that it is very difficult to find something that they have in common. 

Besides, the most negative aspects of their personalities make even more difficult their mutual understanding. While Scorpio is too critical, resentful and, sometimes, even cruel, Pisces does not fall short, since he is a lying, dependent, chaotic and extremely jealous zodiac sign. That is to say, if love is supposed to be a pleasant feeling that makes our lives easier, the union between these two zodiac signs is exactly the opposite!