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Indigo Children: Their New Age Mission

More intelligent, spiritual, sociable and self-confident... Find out about Indigo Children!

A children's blue eye
Indigo Children: Their New Age Mission | iSTOCK

They're more intelligent, technologically skilled, better at socialising and multidisciplinary. A new breed of perfected humans comes with the generation known as Indigo Children, who came from outer space to change our DNA. Their mission: to rule the New Age of Aquarius, also known as New Age. Read on...

Indigo Children, a new human race

The most moderate of theories about Indigo children (also called Crystal or Rainbow) tries to set a pseudo-scientific basis through Charles Darwin's evolutionist theories. Under that assumption, Indigo Children are a superior stratum of the human race which has adapted to evolutionary changes.

The idea of a new perfected human race comes from the theory of the New Age of Aquarius, because the mission of Indigo Children is none other than being the rightful and proper leaders of that revolutionary change. This new period comes from new demands that require new skills and breaking mental boundaries.

The most imaginative theory about Indigo Children presents the opposing idea that this is the arrival of creatures from a distant planet, who came to strategically mingle among humans, and managed to modify our genetic material to bring a new superior race to lead needed changes for the New Age of Aquarius to prosper.

    The embryo of these ideas comes from the book Understanding Your Life Through Color by Nancy Ann Tappe, published in 1982. Tappe claimed to have the skill to perceive aura, and revealed that she found a new generation of children born with an indigo-shaded aura in the late 70s. 

    Later on, this idea would be rescued by the book The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, written in 1998 by married couple Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. They practised several parapsychological disciplines (they were mediums) and claimed to have obtained their informational basis through a telepathic conversation with an alien entity.

    The New Age revolution

    Amidst the effervescence of the counter-culture from the 60s and 70s, between the blooming of the hippie movement and an explosive mix of rock, synthetic drugs and sexual, racial and anti-system liberation, industrial societies saw the birth of a new theory about the decadence of the old world and the birth of a brand new period.

    While the traditional forms of authority were questioned and civil rights were openly expressed in public demonstrations, there was an idea being spread out: on February 4th, 1962, planets would align with the Aquarius constellation to leave behind 2000 years of the age of Pisces. Astrological calculations had a strong symbolic load.

    The move from the age of Pisces to a brand-new age of Aquarius (the New Age theory) found its roots in the disciplines of the late 19th-century theosophical tradition that pondered the limitless powers of the human mind. This belief would set a basis for the Age of Aquarius to be discussed as a new sign of hope decades later.

    What the New Age of Aquarius supposedly brought on was a horizon of peace, stability and harmony, leaving behind two millenniums of war, conflict and suffering. The age of darkness made room for the age of light, spring brought a long winter to an end, and perspectives made a call for hope and optimism.

    From the New Age of Aquarius would come a society with intuition ruling over reason, a great worldwide community with no elected leaders to tear down old authoritarianism, and promote collaboration and solidarity, and to leave behind the materialism that caused great suffering, to step into an age of spirit.

    Indigo children traits

    Thanks to a better disposition to spiritual needs, a preparation for technological challenges, intellectual superiority, a high emotional development and a gregarious personality with self-reliance being boosted, Indigo Children are more ready than their predecessors to face the New Age of Aquarius.

    1. Spiritual beings

    According to the Indigo Children theories, what makes them special is their significant difference spiritually speaking, which had been abandoned in the last 2000 years, and which is once again relevant for the Crystal Children.

    That's because this new human race has a higher disposition to spiritual issues, occultism and esotericism, and they are highly willing to contact ascetic and mystic disciplines. That's why they're better prepared to give up material pleasures and satisfy spiritual needs.

    2. Adapted to new technologies

    An Indigo child has quite some skills to use new technologies, which is essential to face the challenges of the New Age of Aquarius. This will also be a cybernetic era where man will fuse with machine, and thus we need a superior stratum of human race able to deal with it.

    According to theory, they have acquired the skills they need to handle devices, and also possess a new mindset to co-exist with machines.

    3. Intellectual adequacy

    In order to face new challenges, Indigo Children also possess an innate intellectual capacity that's higher than the human average. Thanks to this intellectual adequacy they can work on new skills and perfect old usage of those. And not only that, they can also prepare to communicate with other worlds.

    And that's essential, because the New Age of Aquarius will last millenniums, and it'll be a must to contact other worlds and civilisations to thrive in those years.

    4. Emotional development

    After being submitted to 2000 years of suffering and conflict in the age of Pisces, and under the stress and life frustrations of industrial societies, humans have developed a psychological and emotional vulnerability that turns into illnesses such as anxiety and depression. That's a handicap to lead the New Age of Aquarius' revolution.

    On the other hand, the new human generation led by Indigo Children has more emotional strength. They're very sensitive, but still ready to embrace great emotional change, and with a great sense of self-confidence. They have immunity against depression and anxiety.

    5. Gregarious individuality

    The theory about the New Age of Aquarius has the implicit idea of tearing down political systems of authoritarianism and submission, and bringing in a leader-less worldwide government where individuals gain back their importance, and socialise with others through generosity and altruism.

    One of the main traits of Indigo Children is their self-reliance and willingness to gregarious behaviour. On one hand, they are more autonomous, but on the other, they also find it easier to socialise and work in teams.