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Lavender: Benefits of this Magic Plant

Find out the secrets and benefits of lavender and its uses in witchcraft.

Lavender: Benefits of this Magic Plant

The term 'lavender' comes from Latin and means 'to wash, purify.' Its origins come from its use in Roman baths because of its smell, which was used as perfume. The lavender plant benefits are many. Also, it is a potent magical plant. Below is all you need to know about this flower, and its uses in witchcraft for spells and rituals.

Note: This article is purely informative, and places particular emphasis on the magical power of lavender. Before consuming it in any of its variants, consult a doctor to see if in your case it is appropriate that you drink lavender tea or any other derivate.


Lavender plant

The lavender bush has purple flowers arranged in spikes. Most species are very fragrant and are widely used in all branches of perfumery. They grow mainly in dry, sunny calcareous soils, with a few exceptions that prefer siliceous soils.

Coming from the west of the Mediterranean basin, the Romans already used lavender to preserve linen baths and perfumes. In Provence, it was used in the Middle Ages for the composition of perfumes and medicines. The growth of French production of lavender essential oil is linked to the establishment of perfumeries in the region of Grasse.

Lavender benefits and magical properties

The benefits of lavender have been known for centuries, whether in medicine, witchcraft, spells or rituals. For example, lavender oil has been found in the embalming strips used by the Egyptians during mummification, suggesting that our ancestors already enjoyed its virtues.

1. Lavender health benefits

Among the lavender uses, we can find the elimination of parasites and regulation of the nervous system. In internal use, it is analgesic, soothing, lung antiseptic, increases gastric secretion, and helps the heart, among other virtues.

As we can see, the lavender benefits are many in medicine. This plant loves the sun and dry soils and is very rich in essential oil. Lavender flowers calm nervousness and relieve headaches, and lavender tea has soothing and digestive benefits.

Also,  a bag of lavender flowers is said to calm migraines and make it easier to sleep if we place it on the pillow.

Lavender essential oil also relieves rheumatism. You can do it yourself by placing 50 grams of dried flowers in a bottle with half a liter of olive oil, and leave it to soak in the sun for a week; it is best to shake it once a day. After seven days, the oil is filtered and stored in a bottle protected from light.

According to Hildegarde of Bingen, lavender tea is very beneficial. Boiled with wine (or with water and honey) and taken often, lukewarm, it relieves the pain of the liver and lungs. Its vapor is good for the chest. It also helps obtain pure knowledge and a pure spirit.

It is believed that great mythological warriors such as Ulysses used lavender essential oil to heal burns and relieve muscle pain. In the temples of Mesopotamia, shamans and healers discovered their power to improve the quality and quantity of sleep. 

2. Lavender properties in magic and witchcraft

Lavender is a Mediterranean aromatic plant that is used in magic for love potions. Its well-known smell, very common in famous perfumes, will help purify the negative vibes that we may have and bring harmony and peace to the house. If you have a friend who sees all their life with black glasses, try giving them a bottle of lavender oil: it will help them get rid of this pessimistic mood.

Lavender oil promotes clairvoyance, but also happiness, love, helps us to achieve inner peace and have a more serene and harmonious life.

For many centuries, lavender was considered a magical plant used to make amulets against demons and to improve fertility. During the Middle Ages, many women held strands of lavender during childbirth, as it was thought to help the birth of a new family member.

In a conciliatory halo, it was also used to improve relationships and eliminate guilt.

It is worth noting how Scott Douglas Cunningham, one of the greatest exponents of natural magic, included it in his Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs.

Lavender rituals and spells

We explain some rituals and witchcraft spells in which lavender essential oil plays an important role.

Spell for finding your soulmate

This ritual is to seek out the person who has all the qualities that we believe complement us, and we need the following:

  • A red candle.
  • Incense.
  • Red ink.
  • A list of qualities that you believe are essential in your soul mate.
  • A pot.
  • Cilantro, lavender, and rosemary.

Light the candle and the incense. Write the list with the red ink, burn everything in the pot and keep the ashes. Grind the three magic plants and mix with the ashes. Meanwhile, say the following spell: 'Eros, the messenger of love, be my guide in the day. Bring me the right person and the happiness I had been waiting for so long.' Take the ashes in your hand, go out into the street and blow them so that the winds can take them away. 

Love ritual

The following is a quite simple spell:

  • 1 red candle
  • 1 plate sprinkled with salt
  • 1 water bowl
  • Lavender incense.

Light the incense while you imagine the face of your loved one. Place the plate in front of you and place the candle on the plate. Light its flame and repeat the following spell three times: 'Come near my thoughts, I pray for your favors. Make sure you have my heart and that I become your half, now and for all eternity.' Repeat this ritual for 7 consecutive days