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11 Meaningful Tattoos

Find out more about eleven meaningful tattoos symbols.

Nowadays, tattoos are everywhere and they represent more than just a type of body art.  People with tattoos always have a story attached to each symbol on their skin. Symbolic tattoos are a way of expressing a person’s beliefs or personality. Regardless of the tattoo’s simplicity or complexity, its meaning will always depend on the person who has it. Do you want to discover the symbolism of some tattoos? Keep reading this article!

Why do tattoos have a meaning?

There are various reasons why people get a tattoo. For some, tattoos become an obsession, whether they have a meaning or not, because they want to cover every inch of their body. For others, however, getting a tattoo can have a symbolic meaning or be simply a means of seduction.

Although symbolic tattoos are popular nowadays, they have been part of humans’ life for thousands of years, almost since the beginning of time, and many different cultures and tribes around the world have used them.

At first, tattooing was a way of showing a person’s membership to a clan  and, later, to a social group (sailors, soldiers, bikers, gangsters, etc.). However, currently, tattoos are seen on people of all kinds and backgrounds, whether they are men or women, young or old, rich or poor, single or in a relationship, or a member of a group.


Therefore, there are tattoos for couples, sisters or friends. They can complement each other and be anything from a minimalist design to something big and colourful. For example, Celtic symbols are very popular, and you have probably seen people with Celtic tattoos, which can be easily recognized by the geometric shapes, usually black. And the same can be said about Viking tattoos, tattoos with Viking symbols, or tribal tattoos.

At a time when religious movements are expanding easily, you can also see Buddhist and reiki symbols, or tattoos of the compass rose as a symbol that marks the end of the soul’s journey. 

11 Meaningful tattoos

Next, we will present you a list of symbolic tattoos, which are linked to love, strength and other types of emotions.

1. The meaning of moon phases tattoos

The phases of the moon represent life, change. Moon phases tattoos are a reminder that people must constantly adapt to changes.

2. The meaning of butterfly tattoos

The butterfly is a beautiful winged animal that takes a long time to get out of its chrysalis. It represents beauty, metamorphosis, rebirth and change. For the Japanese people, the butterfly symbolises the soul and, for the Chinese, two butterflies are a symbol of love, which makes it a good example of tattoos for couples, sisters or friends. A butterfly tattoo can also be a symbol of the soul and spirituality, a connection to nature, or to grace and femininity.

3. The meaning of anchor tattoos

You must certainly remember Popeye the Sailor, who had an anchor tattooed. These are classic tattoos and represent strength, power and stability.

4. The meaning of bird tattoos

There are as many bird tattoos as types of birds, and they are suitable for men and women alike, since, depending on the bird, it may emphasise femininity or masculinity. Besides, everyone can interpret it in their way. Among others, an eagle tattoo represents strength, courage, leadership and prestige; the crow symbolises talent, cleverness, balance and freedom from the past; the falcon is a symbol of speed and the healing of the soul; the owl indicates silence, speed and vision; the hummingbird suggests love, beauty and intelligence; the dove is a symbol of peace, love and kindness; the pheasant means prosperity, wealth and success; and the peacock, pride and beauty.

5. The meaning of heart tattoos 

It is not difficult to guess that these tattoos point to love. They represent love and passion and they are usually a symbol of a person’s feelings. This is a fairly feminine design, which may be dedicated to a very close person. However, many men have it on their arms with the name of their partner or mother.

6. The meaning of stars tattoos

A star tattoo is a quite common choice. As tattoos, they are a symbol of truth, spirit, courage and hope. Stars provide light in the dark and guide you when you are confused. In short, these tattoos mean freedom.

7. The meaning of music tattoos

A treble clef, a quaver, a rest: they are very common tattoo designs among music lovers, which associate them with the passion that this art represents for the person who has this type of tattoos.

8. The meaning of cat tattoos

The love story between humans and these felines is as old as time. In prehistoric times, there were people who were buried with their cats, which was something common in Egypt too. Symbolic cat tattoos represent their feminine power  (secrets and mysteries), luck and prosperity, protection, intelligence and intuition, elegance and refinement.

9. The meaning of lotus flower tattoos

This is one of the most popular Buddhist symbols tattoos. It represents purity.

10. The meaning of dragon tattoos

Dragons are known to be big and ferocious creatures. They are beautiful beings that easily capture the imagination. Dragon tattoos represent purity, hope, strength, wonder and creativity. It can be included in the group of tattoos that mean freedom.

11. The meaning of infinity sign tattoos

This symbolic tattoo represents something or someone that you want to remember constantly and keep them always close to you. For example, a moment in your life that you do not want to erase from your memory. Sometimes, as it is usually the case with tattoos, it also goes with a name.