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Money Tree Plant: Care and Curiosities of this Magic Plant

We will introduce you to all the secrets of this magic plant, Plectranthus Verticillatus, more popularly known as the money plant or the money tree plant.

Money Tree Plant
Money Tree Plant: Care and Curiosities of this Magic Plant | iSTOCK

They say that if someone gives you this plant, also known as Pachira Aquatica, and you take good care of it so that it thrives and reproduces, the influx of money into your house is ensured. 

This plant is known as the  money tree plant because it is believed to possess magical powers that attract prosperity.  Do you want to know how to get the most out of this mystical plant? Pay close attention.

What is the money tree plant?

The money tree plant is Plectranthus verticillatus, an imported species from Southeast Africa that is grown as an indoor plant. Its popularity comes from the legend that if you receive this plant and take care of it properly, prosperity and abundance will enter your home.

The shape of its leaves resembles that of coins, and this is the reason why this belief began to spread. However, it is not worth buying it as there is a catch to this money-making plant business:  for this to work, you must receive the money tree plant as a gift, and take care of it in a special way.

This plant is perennial and aromatic, and one of its most characteristic properties is its great capacity for reproduction and growth. This feature was responsible for spreading the idea that it carried with it properties of fertility and abundance, reproduction and multiplication.

That is why, in times when money is low and you want to attract abundance, transforming negative thoughts into optimistic ones will activate the vibrations of the money plant and it will help you create the special climate for wealth to re-enter your home.

Money plant care: Basic instructions for this magic plant

In addition to creating an adequate psychological climate to channel the energies of this magical plant, it is necessary to take into account some basic care routines for the money plant to ensure its growth and the creation of its magical powers.

1. Optimal temperature 

Do not forget that this plant is accustomed to the African climate that was converted into an indoor plant, so it likes the sun, but it is always better to receive its light indirectly. Place your money plant next to the window: the glass filters sunlight. Although it can withstand higher temperatures, maintaining the temperature between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius is ideal.

Keep in mind that the money plant does not do well in low temperatures, so protect it during the winter, especially if you live in a very cold area.

2. Irrigation and substrate

To ensure good drainage, the ideal option is to plant the money plant with conventional composting and perlite.  The money plant is low maintenance as you can plant in poor quality soil or in poor conditions, but you can still ensure its survival by using manure or fertilizer.

Likewise, the money plant does not need you to water it too much. Like all plants with fleshy leaves, once or twice a week in summer will be enough, while in winter you can reduce watering to once every twelve days.

3. How to prune and fertilize

One of the key things to remember when caring for a money plant is that it has a more powerful effect if it grows abundant branches. To ensure robust growth and to make the most of it, remember to prune it from time to time, a process by which you can also rekindle wilted plants. In terms of pruning, this plant requires a careful touch.

As a fertilizer, you can use a common liquid for indoor plants that you will add every fifteen days in spring, and only once a month in autumn and winter.

4. How to reproduce the money plant 

Being a particularly fertile plant, it is also very much prone to propagation by cutting (propagation is the reproduction of the plant through the seeds or by vegetative means). To do so,  cut a bit from the plant where you notice a leaf is coming out, and then cut the twig with the stem so you can plant it into the ground.

Buy rooting hormones from any gardening store and dip the end of the stem in it before planting in a fertile substrate. Place the pot so that it receives direct sunlight, and cover it with plastic to retain moisture.  Water it every three or four days, and in three weeks you will have a new plant of money that you can give to friends and family.

5. Prevention against diseases for this magic plant

In addition to growing quickly and abundantly, the money plant or  money tree plant is very resistant to diseases.  However, the Hemiptera parasite insect known as a cochineal is its main enemy, and it spreads easily through its leaves in a fatal way. This is the main threat that you need to look out for. 

If you notice their presence, try to remove them with sticks and go to a specialized gardening store and purchase the best insecticide.

Where to place the money plant according to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is based on the belief that the prosperity of individuals depends on the creation of conditions to attract abundance. Beyond the material side of money, the attraction of wealth consists of generating a positive environment around you, and to achieve this, we are introduced to this oriental technique based on the order of space.

If you like Feng Shui and want to incorporate the money plant in your home to help you attract prosperity, you should know that according to this oriental philosophy  the entrance door of the house favors the entrance of  wealth currents. The kitchen is also synonymous with prosperity, abundance and sustenance. You can place one plant at the entrance and one in the kitchen.

To ensure the effectiveness of your magical plant you must ensure not only that it is well cared for but that  it grows as vertically as possible, in order to channel the energies  and transmit them in a more direct way. Water is also an element of reproduction and fertility.

Curiosities about the money plant 

There are some other things you should know about the money plant as it has many varieties. Discover everything about this magic plant!

1. Legend of the farmer and the money plant

We have already seen that there are several explanations about the origin of the magical properties of the Plectranthus Verticillatus. However, the mythical origin of these powers can be traced back to a beautiful legend.

The legend of the farmer and the money plant tells us how  a humble farm worker found an unusual plant one day, and its appearance attracted him  so much that he decided to plant it in his plot of land.

Once planted, the farmer was surprised that with very little care the plant grew so much and so quickly and with it, his farm thus began to grow rapidly, and he soon became an important entrepreneur.

Although many in the village began to talk about the magical properties of the money plant, giving rise to its fame, without the effort of the farmer it would never have gone so far

2. A magic plant with many varieties

The money tree plant comes in many different varieties. Among many others of the same species, we can find the Plectranthus fructicosus, with  large green leaves whose distinctive feature is that they give off a very powerful aroma. 

Another type of money tree is the Plectranthus coleoides marginata, also known as yellow incense.

Many believe that Plectranthus argentatus, a type of money plant with large silver leaves, attracts money in a special way. There is even a delicious variety: the Plectranthus nicolina that has a minty taste.

3. Reinforce the powers of the plant of abundance

As we have mentioned when talking about Feng Shui, the environment with which we accompany the plant is very important in making the effects of the plant more potent. There are other things you can do, such as placing basil sprigs in a basket next to the money plant, and sprinkling them with a mixture of saffron and cinnamon.

But the best-known trick to intensify the magical powers of the money plant is to bury a coin in the substrate in which the plant grows, as it transfers its energy from the roots to its leaves through the stem.