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Moon Spells: When and How to Cast One So that it's Effective

We'll explain what these rituals consist of and their benefits

In astrology, the Moon is considered to be a feminine planet which is negative and magnetic,  that rules life starting when we are born until we are 7 years old. It represents the feminine side of life, imagination, sensitivity, and changes.

Earth's satellite -that in white magic and the zodiac is called a planet even though it really isn't one, the same as the Sun, that in reality is a star- allows contact with the feminine side of life, bringing a big dose of creativity and sensitivity to the table. Because of this, it's common to call upon the Moon when it comes time to carry out certain spells and rituals. 

What is a Moon spell?

A Moon spell is nothing more than a ritual in which we ask this celestial body to bring us a certain gift. Of course, depending on the phase that the Moon is in, we can ask for  its  intervention in one matter or another, so if we want to ask it for beauty we'll do it in one cycle, and if we want to lose weight, or to bring us, love, we'll ask it in another.

A new Moon spell for new projects

When the planet is in the new Moon phase, it's a good time to conjure good luck in starting new projects, a new start in your life, for example, or a change in appearance. In order to do this, say  you  plea before the moon and light two white candles on a plate with a bit of laurel tied to them. 

Watch out! One thing that you should never do in a new Moon is getting a haircut, and it's inadvisable to cast this sort of spell on a Saturday or Sunday since this is considered bad luck. 

Waxing Moon beauty spell

Do you need an effective spell to become more beautiful? In this case, you should check the calendar to see when the next waxing moon is, this offers positive changes due to the Moon's light. This one will put all eyes on you.

Although we advised against it in the new Moon, in the waxing Moon  we can get a haircut, and if it's done after midnight it will grow incredibly. 

If you want to cast a waxing Moon spell, it's a piece of cake, you just have to undress when the Moon is at its highest point, and recite the following spell:

“Moonshine, Starlight, let me blossom in your light, the light that brings me beauty and grant me beauty three times three”

Then, take a nice bath with hot water and rose petals.

Full Moon for fulfillment in love

Beauty rituals can also be carried out when the Moon is full, although this kind of spell tends to be more effective in the waxing Moon, as we've stated beforehand.

For full Moon nights, it's most effective if we do conjurings related to love and passion since this  favors sensuality, sexuality, and creativity in the art of loving.

So, on a night when the Moon is full, write a card stating everything that you'd like to achieve in love,  with all of the juicy details; if you can, use a pen to write it, this is best since there needs to be ink on the paper.

Then, place the card on a ceramic plate, cover it with white wine and different flower petals, and also place a personal item of yours on it. This could be a chain or a ring; if it's something silver the ritual will be more effective.

Let the Moon see your card all night long, and when the first rays of sun come up, collect your personal item and always keep it with you. This feminine planet has filled it with magnetism so that it will always help you in love.

A ritual to slim down? Try it in the waning Moon

In today's society looks rule, and extra weight seems to be more frowned upon. However, we know that a healthy weight is essential not only for looks but also for our health, isn't this true?

And even if we go to the gym or we get on a diet, it's never a bad idea to ask the Moon to lend us a helping hand to bring the numbers on the scale down,  and in this case, we should do it in the waning Moon. The same goes for leaving unhealthy habits (like smoking or drinking), or any other type of addiction. In the end, the Earth's star watches out for our health, and we can ask it for any kind of improvement.

Writing your wish on a green candle should do the trick (with a file or needle, for example) and light it while holding it in your hand. We'll lift the arm that the candle is in, in a way that allows us to see the flame at the same time as the full Moon, and then we'll focus on our needs and the help that we're asking for. 

Then, leave the candle in the moonlight all night long; the following day we'll take what's left of the wax and put in in a bag made of white material. Then, we'll bury it in the garden, or in a pot that we have around the house. 

A Moon spell for fertility

We said in the beginning that the Moon is a feminine planet, and because of this, it represents maternity. So, if we're trying to have a child, we can ask it to bring us the gift of fertility.

So, you'll just have to go outside to an open space where you can see the moon clearly, no matter what phase the Moon is in - although the Full moon is the most effective-. Raise your arms up to the moon, almost as if you were going to grab it with your hands. Then, pull it symbolically towards your womb.

Then, visualize what the beautiful moment will be like when you're carrying your child within, project your emotions in doing this, talk to the Moon as if it were your newborn child. Show it that you truly want to be a mother. You'll notice a magic spark light up in your abdomen. 

Finish the ritual by thanking the Moon for its help, and  making love every night until the next lunar cycle.