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Moonstone: Its Significance, Healing Properties And Uses In Gem Therapy

Find out the magical benefits of this beautiful pearly stone.

Moonstone: Its Significance, Healing Properties And Uses In Gem Therapy

For centuries, magic stones have been a source of fascination for many cultures. The following article will delve into the so-called moonstone, its meaning in gemology, its uses in gem therapy, the zodiac signs that especially benefit from this beautiful gem as well as many more fun facts.

Moonstone: Meaning in gemology

The most famous and mystical night star, the Moon, has left its personal mark on a stone, which is known by gemology lovers due to its magical properties. Its name evokes the aforementioned celestial body due to its pearly reflections, usually white or blue (although there are also moonstones in shades of gray and even peachy orange or rainbow shades). Its brightness is reminiscent of the Moon.  It is actually a kind of feldspar mineral that exhibits a soft and watery opacity.

Geographically speaking, the main moonstone deposits are scattered across five continents. In Europe, it can be found in the Swiss and Austrian Alps, in Lake Sevan in Armenia, also in Poland and Norway. In Africa, there are deposits in Madagascar and Tanzania; and in the Americas, in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. Burma, India and Sri Lanka are the Asian countries with the largest deposits of this mineral and, in Oceania, it can be found in Australia.


Moonstone’s healing properties and uses in gem therapy

Gem therapy describes the energy power of stones that can be used for your benefit. Thus, moonstone helps regulate hormone secretions and menstrual cycles, eliminate toxins, fight against fluid retention, boost fertility and extend the breastfeeding period after childbirth. It regulates the thyroid gland, helps with digestive disorders and sleepwalking. In ancient Greece, it was thought to have the power to develop carnal passion and increase fertility.

On a spiritual level, it helps make difficult choices, calms down unpredictable or overactive people, develops your creativity, imagination and intuition, and boosts your extrasensory perceptions.

This article is only informative:  it is not recommended to abandon prescribed medical treatments or replace them with gem therapy, as this is an alternative and complementary therapy.

How to clean the moonstone?

Gem therapy indicates that the moonstone must be purified and recharged regularly  in order to maintain its brightness. Its purification is preferably done with water, and it can be recharged by exposing the stone to the light of the Moon for a few hours.

This is a very fragile magic stone, sensitive to shocks, so the most suitable way of washing it is by using running water and steam. It is not recommended to use salt or abrasive materials when cleaning it.

Moonstone and the chakras

As it was already explained, crystals and magic stones have healing properties. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for chakra healing, that is, for the seven major junction points in your body. 

According to its color and nature, each magic stone affects a certain chakra. When it comes to moonstone, it is related to the Sacral Chakra (or the second chakra), which is called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from moonstone?

Astrology is strongly linked to gem therapy, as both are based on the belief that everything is connected and related, even the distant stars in the sky and the magic stones hidden in the earth.

When it comes to the moonstone, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio are the zodiac signs that benefit the most from its power. It is also related to the planet Uranus, to Monday and the people born in June.

Remember that crystals contain a mineral structure that gives them their own energy, which is often visible. It also connects them to the zodiac signs’ properties and allows them to interact with the signs and exert a strengthening and even stabilizing and moderating effect on their own traits.

Fun facts about moonstone

The moonstone is an ideal lucky charm for people suffering from triskaidekaphobia, that is, fear of the number thirteen. It also represents an excellent gift idea for the celebration of thirteen years of marriage, perhaps as a pair of earrings or a pendant.

In ancient times, the moonstone was considered a tool of divination and also the stone of the goddesses. Some men dressed as women and placed a moonstone in their mouths waiting to get access to divine wisdom.

It is interesting to note that moonstone is also known in gemology as hecatolite, after the Greek goddess Hecate, one of the three lunar goddesses, together with Artemis and Selene (there is also a mineral called selenite). This name was used by the French mineralogist Jean-Claude Delamétherie.

For Hindus, the moonstone is known as “chandrakant” and it comes from the Sanskrit words “kanta” and “chandra”, which respectively mean “loved” and “moon”. Therefore, chandrakant literally means “loved by the moon”.