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The Most Competitive Zodiac Signs

These are the 12 zodiac signs ranked from the least to the most competitive… Which place will you be on?

Competitiveness is a very useful skill which, properly pursued, may help us become better selves. Human beings always want to test themselves and compete with other people, and this is particularly good, because it allows us to know ourselves thoroughly. If we do not know which our advantages are over the rest, we will never be able to develop them and so, compete on equal terms.

But this is not all, since competitiveness helps us develop adaptive skills, which increases exponentially our chance of survival. At least, as long as we are better than the rest and defeat them, because this is when the negative side of the matter comes into play:  if two people compete with each other, there will always be a winner and a loser.  And this is a quite difficult and dangerous issue.

The main risk of competitiveness is that  there are people who do not know how to lose and are able to do anything in order to achieve their goal.  However unbelievable it might seem, there are people so eager to win that they completely forget about limits and focus only on their success. Although there are many reasons that determine how competitive we are, there is one on which we will focus in this article: our zodiac sign.

What Is the Ranking of the Most Competitive Zodiac Signs?

Like everything in life, there are some zodiac signs that are more competitive than others. While some of them show a greater interest in cooperating and collaborating with the rest, other zodiac signs would be able to kill each other in order to success. Do you want to know which zodiac signs are more competitive and which are less?  Magic Horoscope will reveal it!


If you want to know how your partner is like when it comes to competing for something, so you can act accordingly, we have drawn up a ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs.  Therefore, you can find out whether it is better to challenge your partner in order to increase his or her attraction to you, or, on the contrary, it is better for you to run as far as possible!

The Most Competitive Zodiac Signs

Let’s find out who they are! So, these are all the zodiac signs ranked from the least to the most competitive:

12. Aquarius

In the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs, Aquarius is the anti-hero by definition. How is he going to fight against the rest of the zodiac signs if he worries more about them than himself from the very moment he meets the others? Not at all… Competition is not something that goes with an Aquarius. Actually, they do not even know its meaning.

Therefore, if you want to get closer to this zodiac sign, you better change the concept of “competitiveness”  by that of “empathy”, since Aquarius people are usually moved by mutual understanding and cooperation.

11. Cancer

Someone as sensitive as Cancer cannot feel any interest in a direct competition, since they can end up crushed under the great burden of their own thoughts.  Moreover, their protective nature does not allow them to see others as a threat, but rather as helpless beings who need their protection or encouragement. For this reason, Cancer is among the last in the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs.

Think for instance of a speed contest: Cancer would run on the outer limits of the racetrack, holding a bottle of water in one hand and a towel in the other, and cheering up the person next to them.  The crabs of the horoscope are such sweet people! 

10. Virgo

Virgo’s great modesty makes it almost impossible to arouse any desire of competition, since anyone born under this zodiac sign will always want to go unnoticed and remain in the background.  Despite all this, Virgo’s personality contains some traits that manage to position this zodiac sign on the tenth place of the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs.

Which are these traits? It is very simple. If you ever meet someone who either competes with them to be the most perfectionist person or tries to introduce some chaos into their bubble of order and serenity, the Virgo people will be able to set their shyness aside and fight to defend their territory,  although they do it moderately and without any kind of violence. They are such soft-hearted people!

9. Pisces

Little by little we are getting to the top of the ranking, and this is the ninth of the twelve most competitive zodiac signs. Who do we find in this position? One of the most sensitive and tender of the whole zodiac. Of course, we are talking about… Pisces!

Oddly enough, there is something for which there are no competitors as prepared as this zodiac sign, and that is being dramatic. A Pisces will always win the contest and, actually, he will be delighted to do so. Moreover, the people born under this zodiac sign are particularly jealous,  so if someone tries to catch the attention of their lovers, the Pisces people will bring out their darkest side and confront that person directly.

8. Libra

Within the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs, Libra’s scales are slightly inclined towards the dark side.  Although Libra’s obsession with balance makes them at first reject any kind of competition, because the two involved will never end up on equal terms,  their greedy and restless spirit will make them always long for more,  which can turn them into quite combative people.

If you ever think of challenging this zodiac sign, be aware that you will most certainly lose, because  their diplomacy and natural charm will make them win the battle  from the very beginning. Fortunately, the Libra people will not gloat over others’ misfortunes, because they reject any form of cruelty. But do not try to take advantage of their kindness and passivity, since they will bring out their sense of justice and make you look foolish  without losing their natural grace.

7. Sagittarius

We are getting halfway through the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs and, in the seventh position, we find the passionate Sagittarius, a zodiac sign so demanding with himself that it is impossible to avoid being competitive. Their love for risk and gambling make their lives a real roller coaster, so they cannot go by half measures. They either hit the top of success or end up sinking to the lowest position.

Think it carefully before challenging someone born under the Sagittarius sign, because this is one of the most adventurous signs of the zodiac wheel,  and his great energy can exhaust you and knock you out in no time.

6. Capricorn

We have finally arrived to the midpoint of the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs!  Do you want to know who occupies this position? The answer is: the personification of exigency, that is, Capricorn. Actually, you only have to notice some of their main characteristics  to find out why they occupy such a high position in our ranking.

Meanness, greed, negativity, resentment… and, above all, ambition.  A lot of ambition! Given this situation, and taking into account that they are as methodical and determined as few, it is not difficult to guess the situation in which they will bring out their most competitive side. If you share your office with this zodiac sign, or you are competing against this sign for a job, you can get ready… because a Capricorn will not make it easy for you to win!

5. Gemini

Usually, the inner child of a Gemini is the one responsible for all the problems that this zodiac sign has to face. As this is an essential part of their personality,  it makes Gemini rise quickly to the fifth position in the ranking  of the most competitive zodiac signs. When and how do children want something? Clearly, they want it now and as they please!

The same happens with a Gemini. As they are childish and self-centred people, when they set their minds on something or someone, they are able to do anything  to achieve their goal. Also, there is no point denying it, they enjoy their opponents’ defeat. However, be careful when you compete against someone born under this zodiac sign, because their gift for manipulating people can make you really miserable and your psyche look like a puppet in their hands.

4. Aries

The dangerous thing about Aries is not that they occupy the fourth position in the ranking  of the most competitive zodiac signs, since their eagerness to be first and the winners at everything, as well as their enjoyment of challenges, are features that they share with other zodiac signs. But, the problem with Aries is that they have a dark side which is better to avoid,  because their bad-tempered character may frighten even the Grinch.

Therefore, the people born under this zodiac sign will put their heart and soul into achieving the only thing they are interest in a competition,  that is, the sweet taste of success. Although, at first, they might seem quite insufferable and mean people, we have to admit it is not their fault that their personality is an explosive mix of ambition and belligerence.  After all, it is quite impressive that they have to control such powerful emotions that they hold within themselves.

3. Taurus

We enter the final stages of this ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs. In third position, there is Taurus  who, as an earth sign, is determined and never gives up his goals. Although, in the case of this zodiac sign, perhaps the word “determined” is not the most suitable one, since his stubbornness almost turns to obsession.

Moreover, there is something Taurus people are unable to resist: to be told that they cannot do something. This is the key phrase to turn on  their high levels of resentment, greed and pride that are so characteristics of this zodiac sign. You only have to challenge a Taurus and put pressure on the situationto make them respond.  But then, do not complain or be frightened, because you have awakened the real beast.

2. Leo

The King of the Zodiac is also the king of the competition  since he occupies the second position in this ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs. However, they probably do not feel good about being in the second position, because  Leo always wants to be the winner. Always win. Win against everybody. Win for the better and the worst, but win. Win, win, win.  And if they do not manage to do it, you better get out of their way, otherwise, you will have to suffer their anger and vanity.

In conclusion, if you ever decide to compete against someone born under the Leo sign, it is better to let him win, otherwise, you will end up feeling worse than if you had lost,  because this beast can be very cruel with those he competes. Moreover, you will never hear a “I’m sorry, I was mistaken” from them, since their pride and egocentrism will not allow them to do so. Therefore,  it is better if you are on good terms with the King of the whole zodiac,  otherwise, his energy will knock you out in no time.

1. Scorpio

This is the gold medal in the ranking of the most competitive zodiac signs! As it could not be otherwise,  this is the place for Scorpio’s eccentricity and splendour,  as this is one of the most complete and unpredictable zodiac signs. Who would have thought that Scorpio would be at the top of our ranking of most competitive zodiac signs? Actually, anyone who knows them! Certainly,  the people closest to them must have known it even before Scorpio himself. If there is something that can make this zodiac sign lose his head, that is power.

Power rules every aspect of Scorpio’s personality and life.  Due to their obsession with supremacy, the people born under this zodiac sign have such charisma and passion that exceed the limits of human logic. Due to their desire to dominate, the Scorpio people are jealous and cannot bear the idea of losing someone,  not really because of what that someone means to them, but because it turns them into losers. As they consider themselves superior, a Scorpio is able to create an empire and then destroy it,  because even if they harm themselves, they have to make clear that they are the ones in charge. It is precisely because of their desire to reach success that  someone born under this zodiac sign will be the toughest opponent you may ever face.