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The 3 Most Conceited Signs of the Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio and Leo

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? You don't need to answer: I know it's me..."

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The 3 Most Conceited Signs of the Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio and Leo | iSTOCK

Having personal attributes that position you naturally over others is something that is admirable. However, what makes the difference between some people and others is their attitude towards those who lack their own virtues: They can rise even more thanks to their modesty or lose value due to their way of showing off. And referring to the latter  we present the 3 most conceited signs of the Zodiac.  Surely you know someone personally...

The 3 most conceited signs of the Zodiac

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? You don't need to answer: I know it's me..."


3. Capricorn

Among the most conceited signs of the Zodiac, Capricorn, the goat of the horoscope, is in the third position. It's near the sign that shows off the most.

We know that the famous ambition of Capricorn turns out to be a tremendous driving force towards the pursuit of its objectives, but if there's something that motivates this sign even more to reach its high goals it's the possibility of being able to boast about it later.

The goat, in this aspect, usually works this way: They see something that someone has, something that they don't just like, but they also perceive the value that is granted socially, because perhaps it is something that inspires a high status, sex appeal, power... then they think "I want that" and from that moment they will focus all their efforts on achieving it.

And when Capricorn finally gets what they want, we won't find the discreet version of the presumption, because we mustn't forget that it's one of the three most conceited signs of the Zodiac.

2. Scorpio

Could anybody imagine a ranking of the most conceited signs of the Zodiac that didn't have Scorpio among them? Although they're not the paradigm of insolence (something more typical of the personality of the number one) it must be recognized that the need to boast about the charms of this sign (which are a lot, things must be said) borders on occasions the exhibitionism.

Simplicity isn't a characteristic that Scorpio shows precisely among its many qualities; they know that they have something that makes them wonderful and stand out above most people, like a kind of aura that is perceived from the moment they arrive and with what they fill everything around them, and when they leave, that "something" is recorded unconsciously among the dazzled present.

They have a tremendous ability to be noticed, although it doesn't make them feel well when someone outshines them, because they bring out their most evil side to "make them pay" for daring to take prominence. Nobody in their right mind would try to steal the moment of glory that Scorpio so incessantly looks for.

They know they can boast about being someone special, but although they don't like to recognize it, that also puts them in the second place of the most conceited signs of the Zodiac.

1. Leo

And getting to the top of our podium, the undeniable number one, because no one beats it at boastful, we find Leo occupying the first place of our list of the most conceited signs of the Zodiac.

It couldn't be anyone else: Leo knows how to be noticed, they have more than enough qualities to shine, but they also have a characteristic narcissism in their personality that doesn't let them be discreet. No, the lion of the Zodiac wasn't born to be discreet and become secondary. They were born to dazzle and they can do it on their own merits, but everything has no sense if they don't boast about it in front of people. 

Leo gets to be the center of all the usual attention, their eagerness to achieve it is part of what pushes them to enhance their talent and charm, but because what they love is to receive the love, admiration, and recognition of others. Without "their admirer public", all this staging of the lion of the horoscope would be meaningless. You need more reasons to justify their deserved number one among the most conceited signs of the Zodiac?