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The Most Generous Zodiac Signs

Do you like being altruistic and selfless to others? Find out if you're on the top of the most generous zodiac signs!

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The most generous zodiac signs

Generosity is quite a wide concept that entails many areas. Generally, it is perceived as the altruistic provision of something that'll substantially improve the receiver's existence, but it doesn't just depend on who gives the gift. In the end, to know how to give something is just as important as to receive it, although there's an unwritten rule for the process to be fully complete: we need to enjoy generosity.

In that sense, it's important to understand that it isn't enough to be willing to give or get something, because it's essential that the reasons that make us do it be positive. This means that there's no point in being generous because of a feeling of fear or obligation. Commitment must come from the heart and be nourished by the desire to improve either the world itself or someone's life.

And like everything else in life, not all zodiac signs are as selfless when giving in, so today we'll talk about the most generous zodiac signs.

Which are the most generous zodiac signs?

As we've just mentioned, generosity means finding the perfect balance between what we give, receive and feel. We should also keep in mind that the limits of what we give aren't fully clear, and that we shouldn't focus on one single possibility, because we could share our time but also our knowledge or trust, as well as a smile or an opinion, all the while remembering about the existence of material goods.

Therefore, there's many ways to prove our generosity and none of them is better than the last, because what truly matters is the context and needs of the other person (or even our own). Besides, what's best about this kind of help is that it brings very positive effects into our brain, like the increase in our satisfaction or the reduction in anxiety and stress levels.

However, not everyone has the same capacity for generosity. Sometimes because there's no drive for it, others because of a lack of interest, and some because it's just not part of their nature. Today, we'll show you the most generous zodiac signs ranked, to know how altruistic the soul of each sign is. However, don't despair if your sign is around the bottom of the list, because generosity is something you can learn about your entire life.

The most generous zodiac signs

The personality of each zodiac sign will determine their generosity. Therefore, with no further ado, here's our ranking of the most generous zodiac signs.

scorpio logo12. SCORPIO

Scorpio's dark side is the culprit for this sign to lie at the bottom of the ranking of the most generous zodiac signs. We shouldn't forget that the scorpion, which is actually the most competitive sign in the wheel, has a sting able to hurt badly anyone who dares attack or presents themselves as their enemy.

The main reason for the existence of this meanness inside them is Scorpio's rejection against hypocrisy and anything contrived, as well as their constant difficulties at seeing the silver lining of life. However, they aren't evil or cruel, because the start of it all is their extreme sensitivity,  which makes them easily hurt and capable to store great amounts of resentment and mistrust against others.

taurus logo11. TAURUS 

Taurus is too mentally stiff to welcome completely new sensations or feelings. The desire for greed and their obsession about controlling everything aren't too helpful either, because sometimes natives of this sign are so obsessed, they can't see past their noses or become even a little flexible. Thus, they rank at the second-to-last spot in the most generous zodiac signs' ranking.

However, this sign's biggest flaw doesn't lie on their ability to give, because their patient and loving side could even be prone to it. However, Taurus likes to take initiative and rule the situation, so the mere idea of looking vulnerable and unable to sort out their issues could become true torture. The truth is, it wouldn't hurt them to be a little more open-minded!

aries logo10. ARIES

Aries will always be generous, as long as it doesn't require the rams to invest too much time. This is one of the signs that gets bored the quickest and with the least patience, which gives it not too good a spot in our most generous zodiac signs' ranking.

Their constant thirst for competition and victory doesn't help much either in increasing their proneness to altruism and selflessness. This condition is tightly connected to a latent envy that stays hidden away inside them, but which could come out at any given point. Despite that, Aries can shed light into many people who need it, because their clarity and honesty in expressing themselves are much appreciated, and they can offer a completely different and new point of view on troubles.

gemini logo9. GEMINI

Gemini's main trait is their tendency to act and think like a child, and everyone knows that sometimes children can be selfish and not very happy about sharing. That's why their spot is not too good at our most generous zodiac signs' ranking. In order to be selfless, first one should know about the meaning of maturity, something which doesn't seem to be part of this sign's vocabulary.

Besides, because they love talking and thinking freely so much, it'll be really tough to get them to listen, something essential to be generous. But as paradoxical as it seems, that great ability to communicate will be key to help those in need, and they have such a versatile and flexible mind, they'll be able to find a solution to any incoming issues.

capricorn logo8. CAPRICORN

We're almost halfway through our most generous zodiac signs' ranking, and in eighth place, we can find Capricorn. This sign gathers some remarkably useful and charming areas and others that are more hateful and harmful, so that's why they aren't at the top or at the bottom of the list.

But there's no doubt that what makes them earn that position is their dark side, which hides all the hate and resentment they keep inside. It should also be pointed out that their sense of responsibility along with their caution and constance give this sign a great capacity for help and make them wise advisors.

sagittarius logo7. SAGITTARIUS

On seventh place of the most generous zodiac signs, there's Sagittarius. Their niceness is one of the main culprits for the archer to have a moderate position on the list, as well as their open mind, which will drive them away from prejudice and make them pretty good interlocutors.

Also, this sign is one of the most prone to sacrifice, so they'll devote heart and soul to help anyone in all the issues they have in life with no prior warning. However, we shouldn't forget that, because their element is fire, Sagittarius natives are especially strong and independent, so they might take out importance from issues or not giving enough attention to their target for help.

virgo logo6. VIRGO

And we finally reach the halfway point of our most generous zodiac signs ranking! This privileged spot is for the patient and charming Virgo. The great modesty inside them make them often choose to help others before focusing on their needs, and they're so loving and trustworthy, it's impossible not to want to trust them.

There's only one slight possibility of this sign not offering the help to people in need, and their tremendous insecurity which can make them feel lost when giving advice or help is to blame. There's not much help either from their excessive worry or their hardship at making friends, which make this sign stay away from the top of the ranking.

pisces logo5. PISCES

Pisces had to be on the top half of the most generous zodiac signs' ranking. Their extreme sensitivity and giant sense of empathy make other people's needs take first place in their mind, and that's why they'll do anything they can to improve any area of their loved ones' lives.

And why did Pisces stay on number 5 of the list if they're so good? Because, as we've said before, to be generous you need to know how to give but also how to receive, and the fishes don't understand that very much, even not at all. Besides, just like in the previous case, Pisces' insecurities might be playing tricks around if they need to make a choice that affects someone from the outside, especially if that action can bring important change to the life of whoever needs help.

libra logo4. LIBRA 

It was pretty obvious that peaceful and charming Libra would be on the top spots of the most generous zodiac signs. However, it has pretty tough competitors which make them stop here and not go any higher, and that was quite a hard mission because Libra has many qualities.

For starters, they're the most diplomatic and equality-prone sign on the wheel, so they'll always find the fairest ways to do things. Besides, they'll never lie to their interlocutors, although they do have great sensitivity that will help them say things in the sweetest, most understandable way possible. If to that we add that they hate conflict and cruelty, we get the fourth most generous sign in our ranking.

aquarius logo3. AQUARIUS

We finally reach the podium of our most generous zodiac signs' ranking, and here we see good old Aquarius. We'll never find a zodiac sign that's more honest, humanitarian and loyal, traits that make them wonderful individuals that everyone would want to keep around.

Besides, their great originality allows them to find chances where others see nothing but trouble, and the great strength of their soul will give motivation to the person in need to reach their goal. But Aquarius not only likes to teach but also to learn, so each altruistic action they perform will also become a life lesson that will let them get some fresh knowledge and become an even more complete human being.

cancer logo2. CANCER

The silver medal for the most generous zodiac signs' ranking goes to the most protective and family-based zodiac sign: Cancer. The crab takes second place at our list because it's one of the creatures with the most appropriate and ideal traits to be generous, although there's a tiny flaw that keeps them away from victory: they don't like getting advice.

That flaw at receiving things and the extreme sensitivity behind their skin are the traits that keep them in second place. Despite all zodiac signs having a good and not-so-great side, we know that to reach generosity we need to be willing to be helped as much as we give support, something that Cancer isn't much about.

leo logo1. LEO

And finally, here's the winner for the most generous zodiac sign award! We see that the beast of the horoscope has taken the lead and become the most altruistic and selfless creature in the zodiac wheel, willing to do whatever it takes to help people in need. Under all those layers of pride and arrogance, there's someone who is best defined precisely by generosity.

This way, Leo is the king once again and brings out all their brilliance, putting aside the traits that make them arrogant and shallow to become someone who can show much more empathy than it might seem at first. And the best thing is, that bit of self-centredness and always calling people's attention makes them able to give and receive in the same way, and enjoys doing so, so they're perfectly suitable for becoming the most generous zodiac sign of our ranking.