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Obsidian: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of obsidian and how to use this magic stone.

Obsidian: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Obsidian is a volcanic stone, known as the crystal of justice, precision, and balance. Obsidian can help us to see when we aren't following the rules that we set ourselves. Besides, it brings clarity to conflicts in our everyday lives that are the result of internalized anger and disputes.

Below we take a closer look at obsidian, and in particular, gemology, how it can help us using gem therapy, and what horoscopes could benefit the most from this stone.

Obsidian: meaning in gemology

Although black is the most common, there are many types of obsidian out there, including gold, mahogany, and rainbow. This natural glass is mostly found in deposits in Peru, Mexico, and the United States.  It's also located on the Aeolian Islands, Turkey, Iceland, Hungary, and Japan.

Obsidian forms when viscous gas-filled lava cools quickly so that the gas can't escape and gets trapped inside of the rock. This makes it a stone with a smooth and shiny appearance, almost like a natural glass, because of its high silica content. Its name comes from Obsius, a Roman that brought this stone back to the Roman Empire with him from Ethiopia, for the first time.

Obsidian's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

In gem therapy, the source that relates magic stones to health benefits, we find that obsidian has many powers that were discovered in ancient times.

On a psychological level, obsidian has the power to melt away the anger in our minds, whether we realize it or not, and whether this is from the present or the past. We know that anger alters our state of mind and consumes our time, energy, and relationships. On that note, we know that there's nothing worse than when we finally explode after holding our rage inside of us for an extended period. Sometimes it's better to express this emotion right at the moment rather than months or years down the road, after letting it grow inside of us!

At the same time, obsidian  brings us confidence, the power to respect, and if it's necessary, to put others in their place and make them respect us.  This stone dissolves the fear of conflict and teaches us to say no to the things that aren't right for us. It breaks down internal barriers and is ideal in meditation; it can also be placed under your pillow or close to your bed to get rid of tension and mental stress.

On a physical level, it improves vision and is effective in fighting seizures, hysteria, and epilepsy. To benefit from its magic earrings, necklaces, keychains,and many other obsidian accessories can be worn.


How do you clean obsidian?

Obsidian needs to be cleaned after using its energy; and you should keep in mind that the smaller the stone is, the more quickly it will fill up our negative energy.

In this case, you need to hold the rock under running water from the faucet, and then, submerge it in a bowl or bucket until covered with water. Make sure that the entire stone is underwater; not a single part should be sticking out.

After, to finish purifying it, leave it to dry in the sun for a few hours,  although moonlight works as well.

Obsidian and Chakras

Now obsidian's power in a wide variety of areas should be evident. This stone is capable of repelling negative energy, especially in everyday relationships. Taking a closer look at this natural glass's relationship with the Chakras, it is most beneficial when placed on the third eye or the solar plexus. When placed on the third eye, it helps to put our lives and minds on the straight and narrow and is an incredible help when it comes to concentration. If used in the solar plexus Chakra, it aids digestion and minimizes the appearance of gastric ulcers.

Let's not forget that we mentioned that magical obsidian stones are highly beneficial in meditation practices. This rock helps to regulate and defuse conflictive situations and awakens our intuition and lucidness. These crystals give us the ability to re-establish harmony in a powerful way both inside of ourselves and our environment.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from obsidian?

In the horoscope, we find that obsidian is the perfect stone for natives of Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. This crystal is especially powerful for these three signs to get rid of mental blocks and the perfect negative energy shield.

Obsidian has no limits. This crystal is fast-acting and has unparalleled strength, which is why it needs to be used with care, respect, and only by a single person.

Some fun facts about obsidian

Obsidian has a plethora of peculiar uses on the metaphysical plane, one being that this crystal hunts down negative energies and the magic of the dead. If you move into a home where you can feel the energy of past residents that are unable to move on to the afterlife, obsidian can get rid of everything that went wrong inside of those four walls.

The relationship between obsidian and the dead goes back to ancient times since the Egyptians sharpened this stone and used it to open up cadavers in the embalming process.

Historically speaking, obsidian was used to make blades for weapons and tools throughout prehistory,  particularly in pre-Columbian America. Pieces of this stone were used to make jewellery and the hardness of this mineral and its reasonable size made it the perfect candidate to make knives and arrowheads. Obsidian artefacts from the Neolithic period were also unearthed in Southern Europe and most of all in Italy.

It's also worth noting obsidian's relationship to the magical and mysterious Easter Island, known for its moais, or monolithic sculptures in the form of human heads, that happen to be made of volcanic stone just like obsidian.