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The Alchemist Horoscope

Discover what your sign is and what characteristics it has

The Alchemist Horoscope

The alchemist horoscope, also known as alchemy, is based in the combination of numerology and metals. In the old days, it was thought that metals had energies, a theory that still exists and is recommended to attract the positive energy that we have around us or to repel the negative.

To establish which your sign of the alchemist horoscope is, it's necessary to add all the numbers of your date of birth and reduce the total to one number of only one digit, that you have to relate to a chemical element. For example, if a person was born on the 29th December 1981, we have to do a very simple mathematical operation like 2 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 that adds up to 33. Then, we add the numbers of that number which is 6, which would be the alchemical number. If the final number ends in zero, this would be your number; if the result is, for example, 21, these two numbers are added again, and the last number would be 3.

Which are the signs of the Alchemist Horoscope?

The metals are numbered to associate them with the previously obtained figure. In this sense, silver corresponds to 1, iron to 2, mercury to 3, zinc to 4, tin to 5, lead to 6, platinum to 7, nickel to number 8, gold to number 9 and copper to number 0

Characteristics of the signs

Each of the metals gives the natives from these signs of specific characteristics, and then we will tell you their main personality traits. 

1 Silver

Considering the characteristics of the Alchemist Horoscope, the people whose magical number is 1 are seductive and very independent. Silver gives them a special power to attack when they feel hurt, and without analyzing what consequences their immediate actions will have.

They aren't friends of the prohibitions, because they long for the feeling of freedom constantly, and they don't get on with very jealous or possessive people. They need to move, physical activity, or if not their body weakens.

2 Iron

They are attractive and independent people who don't accept limitations and who love freedom. This metal gives their natives a combative personality, belligerent and non-conformist; they always say what they think and they don't have any fears. 

They have a lot of seduction and a vulnerable mind that at first sight doesn't allow their spiritual side to appear and that is why many think they are superficial people. The Irons are skilled for any type of manual activities and can be plastic artists or artisans.

3 Mercury

This metal makes people sociable, with an interest in experiencing and enjoying life. The ones who belong to this sign of the Alchemist Horoscope are persuasive and can turn out to be possessive, but in general, their character is easy going.

Those born under the sign of Mercury are receptive, funny, intelligent and very adaptable. They don't long for a comfortable and orderly life. They enjoy novelty, adventure and exchange, and they shine in professions related to travelling or communication.

4 Zinc

Those born under the influence of the Zinc are impulsive, fair, optimist and a bit strict, as well as sensitive and creative, hard-working, honest and responsible. They know how to support others and make them smile in any circumstance.

This lack of seriousness can be misinterpreted, because their youthful character is a constant, and usually develops professionally in artistic, creative or appealing to sensitivity. As a weakness, they have an excessively naive side that can lead to cruel disappointments.

5 Tin

They are dynamic, willful and obstinate beings, who advance in life as an excavator that nothing and nobody can stop, and they usually work so that their ambitions can take them far. Those from the Tin sign are protective of their loved ones, a lot.

Sociable, the natives of this sign of the Alchemist Horoscope know how to show a great generosity, even if sometimes they lack delicacy when expressing their love, something that can be identified more with the gestures than with words. If they aren't interested in something, they can be very irresponsible, so, be careful with them.

6 Lead

They are usually shy and sensitive people, who cling to harmful situations or people because unfortunately, they have a certain magnet for them. This doesn't mean that they have a large dose of seriousness and honesty; in fact, they can have a very rigid character (and extraordinary loyalty).

The natives of Lead can't stand injustice, evil or lies; and in fact, they have a special shell to help the needy and the weak. They are great professionals due to their exquisite taste for detail and rigour.

7 Platinum

Those born under the sign of Platinum, according to the alchemist horoscope, have a great talent and luck to do what they want to. They are selective in love and friendship, and they can sometimes be cold and distant in human relationships because it's difficult for them to connect. 

Their priority in life is business and social success, and they are good in businesses related to design and fashion. They don't cling to the past, thanks to their great mental balance, and the calm that they find to face the problems objectively.

8 Nickel

Leadership will be one of the main characteristics of the person who has Nickel as the metal of the Alchemist Horoscope, and soon they realize everything they have committed themselves to achieve and will strive to stand out at all times.

Sometimes capricious but always original and full of ideas, they are talented workers with a light that takes them in life to an adventurous way, they usually make a good impression and they know how to adapt to the vicissitudes of life. Their biggest fear is boredom and routine.

9 Gold

This gold metal gives its natives a special charm and so they are passionate, interesting and faithful to people who they love, even though they can attract many people and with ease. They are generous, kind and they cultivate lasting relationships, both with their partner and their friends. 

As expected, Golds love luxury and have a tendency to spend money, and expect significant financial changes in their lives on a constant basis, and their great ambition and willpower always help to obtain what a native of this sign desires.

0 Copper

The influence of Copper gives people whose magic alchemist number is zero a great affection for others because they are generous and supportive. Although they may seem fragile and shy, they are actually a whirlwind of energy of particular style.

Behind an apparent fragility hides a strong personality and a decided and determined character. They strive not to disappoint others and give their help to those who need it. Of course, don't betray them, because they are resentful and vengeful.

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