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Onyx: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of onyx and how to use this magic stone.

Discover the meaning of onyx, it's healing properties and uses according to gem therapy

The word onyx comes from Greek and formerly referred to all of the chalcedonies. However, currently, this term only applies to the darkest shades of this stone.

Below we'll reveal this magical gem's powers, where it comes from, and much more about the mystical onyx stone.

Onyx: meaning in gemology

Onyx forms at low temperatures in acidic or basic volcanic rocks, in fissures of igneous or metamorphic rocks, hydrothermal vents, and rarely in sedimentary areas. Sometimes erosion in these vents frees onyx found in in the form of a stone polished by water.

Onyx is made up of silicon dioxide, and just like agate, it's a variety of chalcedony, that is also a type of crystalline quartz. There are deposits of this mineral all over the world: in South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Austria, U.S., India, Mexico, Italy, and other locations.

In Ancient Greece, there was a legend that one day, while Aphrodite slept by the river, Cupid cut her fingernails with one of his arrows. These clippings fell on the water's edge in India, and to avoid losing any part of this deity's body,  the Fates carefully gathered them and replaced them with onyx  (or they turned them into this material, depending on the version). However, the word onyx comes from Greek, and it actually means 'nail.'

This stone has had uses since ancient times. In prehistory, onyx was used to make tools due to its strength, and in Ancient Rome it was common to make cameos and stamps from it since it doesn't stick to the wax.

In the bible, this stone was mentioned, specifically when God spoke to Moses and gave him instructions to build a temple in his honour.

Onyx's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

Gem therapy is a type of alternative medicine where stones and natural crystals are used to cure different aspects of the body depending on their properties.

So, onyx is one of the magical stones used in gem therapy, and it has the power to increase self-control, bring emotional balance, and helps to develop a feeling of responsibility, among others. It gives us stability, harmony, and a sense of objectivity.

This gem also neutralizes negative influences, and that's why it is excellent as a lucky charm, earrings, a bracelet, or pendant. This stone protects us and absorbs negativity.

This crystal promotes divination dreams  and intuition, helps with self-control, and gives strength during particularly trying times, whether physically or mentally. Also, it transmits its energy in hard life situations, when it comes time to make important decisions, and when we need to decide what path to choose for the future.

In esoteric medicine, these stones are the antidote to cure discomfort, prevent diseases, and malaise. On a physical level, they improve circulation and hearing, ear pain, speed up the healing process after surgery, and keep the nails, skin, eyes, legs, and hair healthy.


How do you clean onyx?

Black onyx should be cleansed once a week with running water, which will benefit it greatly. This helps to revitalize the stone and offload all of the negative energies that we have around us, stuck inside of the crystal.

Then it can be put in the sun to recharge, right after sunrise, and it should be finished before sunset. Keep in mind that this stone's surface is porous and fragile, which means that it can break easily. Be very careful when handling this gem.

Onyx and Chakras

Magical onyx stones are anchored to the ground, a stable stone, and balanced between yin and yang. One of its strengths is the fact that it's the best at improving the root chakra's performance. This chakra is at the base of the vertebral column, the pelvic floor, and the first vertebrae.

In this sense, it's worth noting that  onyx can store all old physical wounds from our past lives, which makes healing and purifying karmic energies inherited upon birth, possible.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from onyx?

Did you know that according to your zodiac sign, certain crystals and stones protect you more efficiently than others? Magical stones and the horoscope have always had a close connection.

As far as onyx goes, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Capricorn benefit the most from this crystal. So, for these signs, it would be a great idea to carry it as a charm, keychain, or on a pendant...

Some fun facts about onyx

In the Middle Ages, traditional beliefs linked to colour and the appearance of objects to their meaning. In this case, since the stone is black with white spots, a monochromatic surface, and a glossy shine, this gem was associated with witchcraft, hate, and rage. Or really, anything that could be influenced by evil.

There are a lot of stones that help to improve sleep quality or to avoid nightmares, but this isn't the case with onyx. This gem supposedly causes terrifying nightmares, which is why it shouldn't be used at night since it makes breathing difficult for the dreamer. However, dreaming of this gem means that one has reached a level of spiritual and mental equilibrium, and a peaceful state in general.

Beware, sometimes when you buy onyx, you might get ripped off and end up with chalcedony dyed black instead. But, it's easy to distinguish these materials by placing them under a bright light. Natural onyx will have a slightly translucent brown hue, while chalcedony dyed black is entirely opaque.