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Palmistry: How to read hands - the lines and their meanings

Learn all about palmistry, what it is and how to use it effectively. The future is in the palms of your hands.

Although it is nearly impossible to unravel the future point by point, with enough information, most of us can get a rough idea. If we know how to read these signs, it's possible to find out what is likely to happen next.

It has been known since ancient times that the palms of the hands contain hidden meanings... Surely, you’ve heard of the fate line, or Saint Andrew’s cross. Do you want to know the meaning of the lines of your hand and how to read them?

Here you will find a fairly complete article about the generalities of the complex art of palmistry.

What is palmistry

Palmistry is the divinatory art that focuses on the interpretation of the lines of the palms. Throughout history, people have always tried to know what people were like long before they opened their mouths.

Prevention is the best antidote. Thanks to the observation, we intuit very well who possesses goodness or evil with just a look at their face.

More recently it has been discovered that  the palms of the hands are closely connected to the neuronal development throughout the gestation of the foetus, so it is said that part of the nervous system can be seen drawn in the palm of the hands.

The lines of the palm bear a certain resemblance to the convolutions of the brain; Nothing about this is casual...

Now that we are clear about palmistry, what hand will we have to examine? Well, to begin with, we must know which the dominant hand is, or put another way, interpret the right hand in the right-handed and the left in the left-handed.

The dominant hand represents the most important influences of character and the non-dominant hand gives us information generally related to influences of a person's past lives. The latter’s reading is best reserved for when you have more experience in the field.

Types of hands

When interpreting the hands, we must be methodical, if we do not want to saturate ourselves with the enormous amount of information that we can get from one hand. The first step is to look at the shape of the hands.

Are they big or small? Delicate or rough? Wide or thin fingers? This reveals the tendencies or temperament of the person. Their first impulse when acting.

There are several classifications but the most accepted is that of the elements that we expose below.

Earth Hand

Also known as square or useful hand it is wide and square, its fingers have a length that matches the height of the palm. The skin is thick, and the centre of the hand is reddish. People with this form of hand are characterized by being orderly, stable, safety-loving and inspiring a lot of trust in others.
Very strong, attached to the material, with your feet firmly on the ground. Their appearance is not the most graceful, but they are people that you can always count on.

Air Hand

It is also usually called "conical" or "artistic."  In this hand the palms are a little shorter than the length of the fingers, the knuckles being quite noticeable. The skin texture in this case is described as slightly dry.

They are very sensitive people, love technology, skilled researchers, very active and get bored easily. They stand out for being extremely creative. In addition, these hands have great capacity for healing.

Water Hand

We say that we are facing a hand of water when the palm is longer than it is wide, but the length of the palm and the length of the fingers are almost equal. People with this type of hand shape have elegance and beauty, with a great sense of art.

They do not leave home without wearing a set of spotless clothes, although they are not materialistic. Sensitivity is in full bloom. Some develop psychic powers, are a bit physically weak and their emotional stability will depend on the maturity of the people surrounding the person.

Fire hand

It is considered a completely square palm but with fingers much shorter than the palm length, the skin colour is pink. Those who have this form are characterized by being enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic, reliable, active, can do jobs where the detail is appreciated since they are extremely detailed.

Sometimes a bit vain because of how they like to be admired.

Mixed Hand

This hand has mixed characteristics and features of the previous hands. Some typically earth hands might have typical fingers of the air hands; Water hands may have conical fingers, etc.

These people are very subtle and can adapt successfully to very diverse situations, although they run the risk of making bad decisions if they always depend on third parties.

The mounts

They are the bulges of the hands.  We observe that there are flatter hands than others, the relief of the hand is not always the same throughout the palm.

There are certain mounts that are quite revealing of the personality of the person that owns them and that are very important in palmistry when making a good interpretation. 

Mount of Venus

This mount indicates a taste for the pleasures of life. If it is a highly developed mount because the subject will probably be able to enjoy his senses immensely, he may even be good at cooking. On the other hand, an excess of bulge indicates gluttony and some laziness.

Mount of the moon

This area of the palm points to travel, creative ability, as well as unexpected events. A mount that is too bulky and humid indicates a person with an overflowing imagination capacity, but it is also prone to suffer from mental disorders, it all depends on where the person establishes their limits. 

A mount of the moon which is too flat indicates absence of charisma.  The ideal is a balanced mountain, that your touch is pleasant. In this case, life will always bring unexpected happy events.

Mount of Mars

They indicate the person's ability to fight. It is located where the thumb begins. When the appearance is normal, it is someone with a lot of energy, with a marked but good character, very optimistic. If it is sunk, it is a person with a strong character, and you have to be a little careful as they tend to aggressions.

An oversized mount of Mars tells us about a violent person.

Hand lines 

There are endless lines with divinatory meaning, but there are three basic lines that will tell us a lot about a consultant (or ourselves). They change throughout life, so it never hurts to take a look once in a while in the palm of your hand. Really, very few people know the drawing of the lines of their hands in depth, unless we study palmistry!

Life line

The line of life is one of the most important, as it appears in all hands. Its route is limited to the mount of the thumb. A marked life line indicates a good vitality. From the moment the line is cut, this does not mean that the person's life is in danger, rather it indicates an energy downturn or that a period of illness is going through, nothing further.

If this line is accompanied by another line that surrounds it, then there is an extra flow of energy.  The double line of life is very common in athletes.

Intelligence or head line

It is the line just below the mount of the index finger, and usually parts much of the palm horizontally. It reflects the type of intelligence of the person. If the line is straight and solid, which seems to leave a deep groove in the palm of the hand, we are facing an analytical intelligence of excellent quality.

The longer the line, the greater the logical capacity, although this does not mean that people with short lines are unable to reason. Short head lines reveal a divergent type of thinking, capable of unforeseen results that can make a difference in creative work.

The more this line tilts towards the moon mount, the greater the tendency to fantasy and imagination.

Love or heart line

It is the line that runs along the palm horizontally, bordering below the mount of the little fingers, ring, heart and index. A deep line, as if it were a cut, indicates that we are facing a person of a faithful nature, who loves intensely but who can become somewhat obsessive.

If, on the contrary, the line is barely marked, the person is not especially interested in romance. A line of love that seems frayed and from which many branches come out indicates love affairs, passing romances and much success with the opposite sex, even if the relationships stay on the surface normally.

Special lines

There are lines that do not come out in all hands, such as Saint Andrew’s cross or the line of destiny (described below) but when they appear, we must pay special attention because they indicate very rare gifts. No one practicing palmistry will ignore these signs.

Destiny line

His appearance in one of the palms indicates that the person could be predestined to carry out a mission that will take him a lifetime. This line usually crosses the palm vertically, from the middle finger to the base of the wrist.

The quality of the line will depend on how straight that person's performance will be in their personal mission. 

A crooked line of destiny indicates that the person will discover his mission after many troubles. The reward of a meaningful life is worth it!

Saint Andrew's Cross

The presence of this cross reveals the ability to heal with your hands. The cross of St. Andrew also appears among those people with spiritual or religious concerns, who somehow guide others, once they accept the light of which they are bearers. Great mystics and Esoterics carry the cross of St. Andrew in one of their hands.

This cross allows others to be cured with their simple presence, even if they are not aware of their power. Being with them cleans our energy and makes others feel better, they manage to make the pain, stress or tiredness disappear. It is as if they had an internal filter that helps purify the energy of others.

The children line

They are small lines located on the mount of the little finger. The number of lines on the right hand indicates how many children they will have.

Special figures in the palm of the hand

Some of these figures may appear in the middle of a line, in which case it modifies their meaning. They tend to be confused with other surrounding lines, so it should be noted that they are not formed from interceptions.


They are considered a sign of good luck. The presence of a triangle-shaped sign in the palm of a person of is positive and says that in the course of this person's life he will succeed and good fortune, a series of happy and well-being events associated with creative activity will arise.


The squares found in the hand are guard signs. There is a lot of common sense in the area where the square appears. A person with a square on the love line will always know how to choose the best couple, for example. There is capacity to learn, both from the mistakes themselves and those of others. 


They can can bring misfortune to their bearer, especially if it is located on the mount of the moon, the region just in front of the bulge under the thumb.

How many of these lines and figures do you have in the palm of your hands?

Now you just need to put into practice everything you have learned by reading your palms or those of your friends. I’m sure you’ll discover new aspects!