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Spiritual Awakening: 5 Symptoms & Some Experiences

A spiritual call to connect with your inner me

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Spiritual Awakening: 5 Symptoms & Some Experiences | iSTOCK

For a while now, two words have been the main ongoing trend: spiritual awakening. For many, it's a call from the inner self to come out into the light; others believe it's a confusing point in time where the material and spiritual selves connect with one another. Here's what the spiritual awakening is about, and how to spot it.

What is a spiritual awakening?

The path to discovering the soul isn't always intentional, because it sometimes occurs casually and spontaneously in a time of personal confusion and an unconscious search for transcendence. In that case, a sort of spiritual call occurs,  and it encourages you to connect your material and spiritual selves.

At the same time, when the search for spirituality is done consciously and willingly, the process isn't always pleasant and satisfying. It often happens that, when giving up on the comforts of material life and accessing a new spiritual dimension, the individual feels misplaced, confused and helpless.

Spiritual awakening, the process where one gives up on their material self to connect with the inner me, involves a deep change at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and social. When this change occurs suddenly or unexpectedly, it's normal to feel overwhelmed with doubts and questions like Who am I? What is life? Where am I going?

However, not all is bad. Confusion is the consequence of a transformation which can give us wisdom if we channel it properly through meditation and love, to know more about the mystery of life; and peace as well, to move around in our environment in a more humble, personal growth-geared domain.

5 symptoms for spiritual awakening

This is a unique, grand happening in the life of a person. Sometimes, this call creates such a sense of confusion, we barely feel it. How can we clearly spot a spiritual awakening?

1. Life crisis for connection

A spiritual awakening usually comes as the consequence for life changes that often appear under a negative scope. Reading life changes as negative occurrences through stress and anxiety is a mistake: if you embrace them optimistically, you'll be prepping your body and mind for the awakening.

The call into a spiritual way of life means giving up your material self, which in turn involves leaving behind habits and routines that have become who you are. That's why a time of personal crisis opens up, because you give up your material self.

2. Appearance of new concerns

Despite that initial crisis, a spiritual calling is a unique, wonderful event that changes your perspective on life completely. On the one hand, it frees you from the unnecessary, and on the other, it prepares your mind to be open to new experiences.

One of the most clear symptoms of this transformation are the new questions that you probably hadn't thought of until now: Who am I? Where am I coming from? What is the truth? Where am I going? What do I need? You've entered a research stage after the appearance of new incoming concerns.

3. Development of inner dialogue

You'll know you're experiencing spiritual awakening because you talk to yourself more. One of the calling's symptoms is the development of an intense yet productive dialogue with yourself where you ask questions, explore needs, create concerns and speculate with answers. That's the first step of the path to wisdom.

This new communication style occurs unconsciously. Almost unnoticingly, you've found that the answer isn't outside, but inside, and that means you're closer to connecting with your spiritual self.

4. A feeling of loneliness

You don't need to be alone to feel alone. During the spiritual awakening you'll realise that you feel lonely even in a crowd. Sometimes it can make you anxious, and that's just because of the silly obligation of constantly living in society. 

The road into spirituality is a lonely one, and often misunderstood. To connect with your spiritual self, it is often essential to cut ties with the rest of society. That's why, almost unconsciously, you'll start to feel the need to get away from the crowd.

5. Physical symptoms: overhead energy vibration

Great sages found out that our body's filled with energy, and through our vertical axis there are 7 points that act as energy portals: chakras. The final chakra is overhead, out of your body, and it connects your inner self with the universe.

In spiritual awakening, it's quite common to feel a tingling or itchy feeling in the upper area of your cranium, or sometimes some pressure. It's the energetic vibration on your seventh chakra.

Spiritual awakening: experiences and opinions

Most people who have experienced spiritual awakening describe it as the moment we awaken after a long dream, a sense of disorientation. This initial crisis varies depending on who experiences it, but it can go on for weeks or months on end.

During this period, it is crucial to connect with people who are going through the same, finding the help of a spiritual guide and practising the most basic and important meditation and relaxation techniques. In this stage, many awakening experiences are done through spiritual retreats, yoga or reiki. Even techniques like tapping can be of great help to overcome physical symptoms of awakening. 

In many testimonials there are elements such as the blossoming of new interests, new perspectives and new questions. There's a new dimension to things, priorities change, and there are adjustments to family life, relationships, work, and connections to others in general.

However, all experiences point out to a feeling of liberation. Liberation from past weights and future worries, in favour of a change in the present and a liberation of anything superfluous. Long story short: a revelation.