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Is there life in the Pleiades? Behind the legend of the 7 sisters

Discover who the Pleiadeans are, learn all about the beings of light that inhabit the constellation of Taurus

Is there life in the Pleiades? Behind the legend of the 7 sisters | iSTOCK

For centuries,  the stars known as the Pleiades have fascinated humans. In most cultures on Earth these stars are a source of legends, stories and myths. From Hellas and its Greek mythology, to Egypt, Persia, China, and India. But also among Australian aborigines, Native Americans, and the inhabitants of Polynesia.

Learn all the details about the famous 7 sisters, located in the constellation of Taurus, which are said to be linked to extraterrestrial life among other matters.

What are the Pleiades and where are they?

The Pleiades are among the first stars to have been mentioned in literature, up to two millennia before the birth of Christ in some Chinese texts. As a constellation, the Pleiades are located in the constellation of Taurus, where they form what is now known as an open star cluster. This cluster contains approximately one thousand hot stars of spectral type B of middle age. It can be observed from both hemispheres.

The Pleiades group served as a milestone for travelers’ navigation and a calendar for farmers from different cultures. Its name has origins based on Greek mythology. There, the Pleiades were seven sisters, daughters of the Titan Atlas (who carried the world on his shoulders) and the Oceanid nymph Pleione.

The Pleiades are associated with aquatic elements: lakes, rivers, springs, oceans, seas, even ice, hail, snow, and rain. It is said that the seven sisters were the virgin companions of Artemis. The Pleiades are also sisters of the Hyades and have joined with the gods that generate several royal lineages such as Sparta or Troy.

When Atlas was forced to carry the world on his shoulders, Orion chased these seven sisters, which he first transformed into pigeons and later into stars so that they could comfort their father.

The names of these stars: these are the name of the 7 sisters who form the Pleiades

  • Maia:  She is the eldest and mother of Hermes, she is famous for her immense beauty.
  • Alcyone:  She was the most powerful of the 7 sisters and is said to look out for sailors, making the sea calm and safe for their navigation. She was the mother of Hyrieus among others with Poseidon.
  • • Asterope:  Due to her weak brightness, she is presented as the most fragile of the 7 sisters that make up the Pleiades. From her relationship with Ares she birthed Oinomaos.

  • Celaeno:  She had three children with Poseidon: Lycus, Nycteus, and Euphemus, and many more with other relationships. She is also one of the stars that has a lesser brightness.

  • Electra:  She is the third brightest star in the cluster and gave birth to Dardanus, the first king of the city of Troy, as well as Iason, both from her relationship with Zeus.

  • Taygete:  She was Lacedaemon's mother with Zeus. She lived alone on the mountains.

  • Merope:  The youngest of the 7 sisters, was the last star of the Pleiades detected by astronomers, and her low brightness makes her invisible to the naked eye. The legend says that she hid ashamed of having married a mortal unlike the other sisters, who joined with the gods.

The Pleiadians: the beings of light that inhabit the Pleiades.

When we talk about the Pleiadians we are mentioning extraterrestrial life, specifically, beings of light that originate from the Pleiades. Many defenders of the existence of the Pleiadians point out that our Sun is connected to the Pleiades and that, therefore, we are connected to them.

The Pleiadians are believed to have a higher sense of consciousness, being a very spiritually evolved extraterrestrial life form. They are said to have appeared before humans, thus having evolved more due to the greater time available to do so.

Like human beings, the Pleiadians were lost for a long time, since they did not know their own nature. They are thought to be beings associated to light and love, characterized for being very positive, happy, and sensual. Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, they learned that violence did not solve problems and decided not to participate in the galactic wars, and focused on building a peaceful culture that was developed on hundreds of planets in the star cluster of the 7 sisters, the Pleiades.

Pleiadians believe in beauty and harmony, and this is reflected in their lifestyle. They are surrounded by liquid light, they live in glass cities that shine like small quartz crystals in the middle of nature's vegetation.

It is also claimed that the Pleiades are the cradle and throne of our conscience, noting that the Adamic program of life was created in connection with this region of space. And it is this same region of space that it said will signal the return of superior intelligence.

In fact, it is in the Pleiades where the upper Hierarchies meet to balance the lower creation. That is, the Pleiades would be an ideal place that could allow contact between Earth and heaven, where men and angels coincide, and thus, the Pleiadians would be the fruit of angelic evolution.

There are sources that point out that the Pleiadians have contacted human beings on many occasions, one of them with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954, trying to prevent a nuclear war.

It is claimed that the first man contacted by these beings of light of the Pleiades was Swiss Billy Meier, born in 1937, although his own wife ended up pointing out such communication was a fraud. Meier used to show off photos of flying saucers and other signs of supposed extraterrestrial life, which he apparently made using garbage can lids.