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Prophecies: 14 Extraordinary Types of Divination

Find all about mancies, divination methods through an oracle

crystallomancy divination
Prophecies aplenty: meet the 14 most effective divination types | Magic Horoscope


Since ancient times, there have been two ways to predict the future: clairvoyancy and divination. Clairvoyancy is natural, intuitive and spontaneous, and can come out in many ways: images, dreams, feelings... On the other hand, divination, which comes in the form of different mancies, is inductive and analytical, and is performed through signs created by the person who wants to see the future.


14 prophecies and divination types

Divination, as we've said, is the ability to read messages and omens thanks to the understanding, learning and knowledge of symbols and associations connected to an oracle.

Thus, in mancies or divination arts (both terms are appropriate), we find an answer to a question. This answer doesn't necessarily mean we'll know the future; it's just an answer to a question, or a way to reach a certain goal.

In order to do that, a support tool, also known as an oracle, is used. It can range from objects that are closely connected to divination, such as a card deck or a crystal ball, all the way to less popular methods such as keys, coins... or even a dog's howl!

Next, we'll be finding out about the main prophecies within divination arts, including some of the most curious or unknown.

1. Chiromancy

The prophecy connected to reading hand lines. This means that someone's future can be seen according to the drawing on the palm of their hand. Gypsies are especially skilled in this art, because they can decode the lines and wrinkles in our hand and find the lines of life, love, family and other areas.aspectos.

2. Tasseomancy

This mancy allows its practitioner to read tea leaves and find a meaning to life.  Within popular culture, we've seen this divination art in the Harry Potter movie saga, as well as the Charmed TV show.

3. Coffee fortune telling

A similar divination art to the previous one, but this time reading coffee grounds. If the grounds form the shape of a fish, there's good news; and bad ones if you see a spider. If the symbol is infinity, there's a good financial time coming; a triangle talks about traveling; a heart about a new romance incoming; and if there's a person's silhouette, it means that a deceased loved one is helping you and protecting you. This prediction technique is very present in countries such as Turkey.

4. Aleuromancy

If coffee fortune telling sounds curious to you, you should know that there's another curious divination art. Aleuromancy is the slightly-outdated divination art based on interpreting the shapes in flour!

5. Crystallomancy / Crystal gazing

When we think about a witch, we often see an old lady reading the future on a crystal ball. That's what crystallomancy is all about: reading the signals perceived through a crystal sphere. It is known that it was already used around 2000 B.C.

6. Cartomancy

In the art of divination, cartomancy refers to any divination art based on reading cards and understanding future events better. Tarot cards have been specifically created to be used as oracles, but other sorts of decks, such as Spanish cards, can be used as well.

7. Ololygmancy

Have you ever heard about pets, and especially dogs, having a sixth sense? Ololygmancy is quite closely linked to that, because it predicts the future through dogs' howling. It is based on the idea that these furry friends of ours can perceive certain events.

8. Geomancy

One of the oldest divination arts. It literally means 'divination through earth'; and so, the practitioners of geomancy are mere mediators, interpreters of Earth's messages. When connecting with the askers, they will send forth the messages that Mother Earth wishes to convey at that moment. 

9. Lithomancy

Lithomancy predicts the future through precious and semi-precious stones where 12 crystals are purified and then used in the prediction: amethyst, smoky quartz, moonstone, jasper, calcite, pink quartz, angelite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, ametrine, agatha and amber.

10. Tiromancy

We're back to connecting foods and prophecies, because this divination art natural to Greek peoples used cheese fermentation and its shapes to read the future. It is also said that cheese with worms allowed for future reading, putting it on a piece of paper where the names of people suspicious of crimes were written, and that the worms would crawl to the name of the culprit.

11. Cleidomancy

A very old divination system for which we need a key to act as a pendulum and a piece of ribbon. It tells us dates, names, where things have gone lost, or the gender of a baby.

12. Oomancy

For this divination method, we need an egg, a needle and a glass with water.  The egg is pricked with the needle, and its insides dumped into the glass. As the white drops, we need to ask the question. The shape that the egg's content draws on the glass (a bow, a boat, bubbles, a circle...) will be the symbol for the message we're receiving.

13. Xylomancy

This is about observing and reading trunks and branches that have fallen to the ground, and considers the position and orientation of wood to read the future. This is an example of how strong the link between nature and divination is. Most times, these practices fall into oblivion and it's extremely rare to find a practitioner of these arts, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

14. Aracnomancy 

Continuing with the connections between nature and divination, this method tells us that seeing a spider in the morning means luck, and seeing one at nighttime is good news.