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5 Qualities That Make Aquarius Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make Aquarians the most suitable one for a long-lasting friendship

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5 Qualities That Make Aquarius Your Best Friend | iSTOCK

Due to Uranus’ influence on Aquarius natives, these people possess the quality of transformation in the depths of their personality. When it comes to friendship, they do not usually have many friends or relationships that are too long-lasting, as they change their friends, but they always try their best so that their friendships are fruitful.

Aquarius is a sign guided by high principles of humanity and justice and, for these people, friendship must strengthen these values. But this is also an expansive zodiac sign  that offers many things to other people. In this case, it is an opportunity of rebellion for their friends: they help their loved ones to rebel against injustices and adverse situations.

Also, Aquarius is one of the air signs, which makes them be guided by intelligence and the exchange of ideas, something that they also apply to friendship in a recurrent way.


Aquarius’ virtues as a friend

For many people, having an Aquarius friend is an enigma that they have to decipher sooner or later, although their inconstancy can make the friendship fade away over time. Find out Aquarius’ qualities as a friend.

1. Transformation

Friendships with an Aquarius are based on change and transformation: far from having a group of fixed friends, Aquarius often has few friendships that change over time. This is not an inconvenience when you consider their personality since they try to make the most of the potential of each one of their friends for their friendship’s sake.

This zodiac sign is somewhat distrustful, but when Aquarius natives manage to strengthen a friendship, they provide one of their greatest virtues: transformation. Aquarius is the most revolutionary sign of the zodiac, and as such, they are the best to pass change and self-improvement on to friends who need to leave behind crises and toxic relationships.

In this sense, Aquarius natives are the best to stir up the world of those around them. They are also a very positive influence when it comes to making their friends feel inclined towards acts of solidarity, encouraging them to contribute to the community task of creating a better world.

2. Rebelliousness

This is another of Aquarius’ positive traits in friendship: rebellion against the status quo. In social relations, Aquarius is always a committed sign that pushes his friends into action in order to change injustices, building around him an aura of energy that rubs off on others when it comes to humanitarian tasks and generosity.

Also, on a more personal level, having Aquarius friends is an inspiration not to settle for what is expected of you. That non-conformism helps the people around them change their sense of reality, rebel against oppression and injustice, assert their rights and extend that solidarity to others around them.

Therefore, when it comes to Aquarius’ friendships, values and principles are meant to convey a critical view of life and the world in order to change what we do not like through action. This is one of the qualities that make Aquarius your best friend.

3. Conversation

If there is one thing you can be sure about, it is that with an Aquarius friend you will not get bored.  Although they are people open to all kinds of physical activities, being one of the air signs makes them prefer the exchange of ideas and intelligent conversations, in which they usually talk about the current situation of the world and the tasks to be done to improve society. They are great thinkers!

Aquarius can be seen as an unsettling sign at first because, when they lack confidence, they tend to look dark and somewhat sourpuss. But when you become friends, you discover a person endowed with great intelligence, with whom you can have interesting conversations about any topic. They are open-minded to everything, so you can tell them everything.

As confessors, Aquarius natives patiently listen to your problems and try to offer you a rational solution, although sometimes they tend to take things to extremes. When talking to Aquarius, you will find an attentive, supportive and very sincere friend. 

4. Projects

With Aquarius, friendship connections do not usually last long, but they are very fruitful. They are not guided by necessity or emotions, but by intelligence and usefulness. That is why they find in the people around them qualities that, if put into practice, result in humanitarian or professional projects that are very interesting.

Therefore, if you have an Aquarius friend, it is very likely that he or she will suggest a common job or will involve you in some community tasks. Aquarius’ friendships always have a clear result, from which the whole society can take advantage.

Besides, in the professional field, having an Aquarius co-worker is very useful, because  they try to cheer others up and pass on their optimistic mindset. Aquarius natives believe that all adverse situations can turn into personal and collective fulfilment by changing reality with a positive mindset, and that rubs off on others.

5. Honesty

Aquarius natives may seem strange and lonely because, sometimes, they find it hard to make friends, but they are actually honest and sincere, and try to take care of their loved ones as well as respect them and treat them with dignity. Although they have a hard time trusting someone and they change friends often, they are unable to betray.

Lying is not found within their ethical code,  which is quite rigid, and therefore, they prefer to lose a friend than to deceive someone. Nor do they betray themselves, and they prefer to be honest with their friends when something concerns them rather than drag out an unjust situation just to keep a friendship they consider worn out.

When a person has a problem that involves moral conflicts, they can always turn to their Aquarius friend to be guided on the best path. Aquarius natives always provide the most impartial advice when it comes to highlighting the importance of honesty.