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5 Qualities That Make Scorpio Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make Scorpio the most suitable one for a long-lasting friendship

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5 Qualities That Make Scorpio Your Best Friend| iSTOCK

If you have a friend who was born between October 23 and November 23, you should know that, under Pluto’s rule, they have qualities that turn them into your ideal friend. Among Scorpio’s virtues as a friend, there is their way of channelling their energy into tenacity, criticism and loyalty, shrouded in an irresistible magnetism.

Since Pluto is the planet that represents the power in the background and the complexity of the psyche, Scorpio natives are often people shrouded in an appealing mystery that is unravelled through emotions by entering their most private world.

It is not easy to earn their trust as they are rather lonely people with few friends. Scorpio’s true friends discover that this sign is a loyal, honest and amazing friend. Find out all the qualities of Scorpio as a friend!


Scorpio’s virtues as a friend

Scorpio natives are the guides to the Underworld, the companions to the mystery and the unknown that are appealing to all of us, but that not everyone dares to discover. They are an open door to magic and an encouragement to release positive and negative energies.

1. Magnetism 

The most curious thing about Scorpio’s personality is that, even though these people do not have many friends, they are shrouded in magnetism that makes them irresistible. They do not attend social events with a lot of people and they go unnoticed at parties. However, when you meet one of them, you feel bewitched and fall into their trap forever.

Scorpio is one of the water signs and so, their character is based on emotions, even though they also have a very complex and developed mind. Their exceptional intelligence is nothing more than a tool used to channel their feelings, and also their way to charm their friends and become indispensable.

If you have Scorpio friends in your life, you will discover that, despite having the feeling that you never get to know them completely, it is impossible to stop loving them just the way they are. Since they pass on their magnetism, you can become an equally attractive person.

2. Energy 

Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is not very eager to do activities and not particularly funny either. They do not make you laugh all day long and they are not the most suitable ones for practising sports or activities that require a lot of effort. However, when you are in their world, you feel really comfortable and very protected, because they activate their energy and wrap you with their vibes.

Although this zodiac sign is very prone to sadness and melancholy, they also show optimism at the most crucial times. Therefore, if you feel sad and need to recover, Scorpio’s friendship is what you need to heal your wounds. Their great energy flow is a source of great value from which you can absorb the most positive feelings in order to smile again.

Scorpio’s energy is a double-edged sword and can become a trap: they are very possessive people who invade your private space without even realizing it. You must learn how to limit their influence and also respect their great sensitivity. They hate betrayal.

3. Tenacity 

Scorpio is sometimes an unstable sign that goes through cycles of great energy and moments that are more depressive. However, they are able to remain constant in aspects that they consider relevant. When it comes to friendship, they show a great tenacity that turns into loyalty to those friends who really deserve it.

When a Scorpio’s friend feels discouraged or is facing a problem, these people do not rest until they have solved it. They are able to move heaven and earth to make their friend smile again and there is no obstacle big enough for them.

At turning points, Scorpio can develop superhuman strength and a great ability to sacrifice. But pay attention, because Scorpio natives understand friendship as a back-and-forth exchange and require the same loyalty that they offer to their friends. They are excellent friends, endowed with a firm and solid system of values, which is led by sincerity and respect.

4. Criticism 

Just as they are able to convey the most sincere and human emotions, filled with good vibes, Scorpio natives are also able to show a harsh character that can turn into a fierce criticism of everything they do not agree with. But even if it may not seem so, Scorpio’s criticism is never destructive; on the contrary, it always pushes you to improve. 

One of the qualities that few people know about Scorpio is that they give great advice and have an impressive ability to find the perfect solution to any problem. They are guided by a great intuition that leads them to open new paths and solve doubts successfully. If you have a Scorpio friend, listen to their advice.

However, they must also learn to control their criticism, since they can become very harsh with others and invade their private space. When they channel their gift in a more natural way, they are able to provide great benefits to their friends.

    5. Mystery 

    When it comes to unknown people, Scorpio natives are blunt and quite a freak, but when their trust is earned, there is a very suggestive exchange of ideas and perspectives. Having Scorpio friends is a blessing because they open the doors to the unknown, and you can enjoy exploring the unimaginable with them.

    Scorpio is the ideal friend if you have to face risky adventures in the field of mystery, break some taboos and get away from prejudices, as well as dare to go into strange worlds that can provide many advantages. They help you discover esotericism, dark territories, minority trends and the spirit world.

    Scorpio also teaches you to live your life as you like regardless of what people say. When you learn to value their great psychological and spiritual gift, you will discover that what many see as a freak is a person with great intellectual depth.