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5 Qualities That Make Virgo Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make Virgo the most suitable one for a long-lasting friendship

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5 Qualities That Make Virgo Your Best Friend | iSTOCK

The influence of the stars on a person’s personality includes all aspects, even that of friendship. Therefore, among the qualities that make Virgo your best friend, there are those virtues that form part of their innermost being: the order with which they understand things and the sensitivity behind their mistrust

Virgo is not one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. That is why they do not have many friends. However, when someone earns their trust, that person discovers that the sign ruled by Mercury offers a friendship based on intelligence and a strong sense of loyalty.

Although Virgos are somewhat cheap, they also have a great ability to sacrifice that is put at the service of their loved ones. They will do whatever it takes to see you happy.


Virgo’s virtues as a friend

Although the people born under the Virgo sign have a reputation for being unbearably critical, deep down, their discernment turns them into the best person to give advice that solves problems effectively. Find out Virgo’s qualities as a friend.

1. Self-discipline

It is known that Virgo natives are obsessed with order and discipline and that they are actually very methodical people. When it comes to friendship, the earth element reinforces this peculiar trait and they show themselves as quiet and very persevering friends, perhaps not the funniest of the zodiac but the most balanced ones: someone you can always trust.

This inclination towards discipline turns them into a role model. Having a Virgo friend gives you an opportunity to discipline your spirit and become more organized in life. With them, you will learn how to plan your days and acquire habits such as punctuality and cleanliness. If you do not get used to their obsessions, they can get away from you.

Do not be late if you have to meet them,  try to always be neat and avoid losing control. If your Virgo friends trust you, they can develop all the qualities that make their sign one of the most suitable for friendship.

2. Devotion

Although it is one of the earth signs and their nature tends to balance, Virgos have a great ability to sacrifice. When they make a decision, they can be one of the zodiac signs that show higher levels of energy. Their concept of friendship is also based on devotion, on doing whatever it takes, and when it is necessary, for you.

Virgo is one of those friends you can call when you need them, whatever time it is, and ask for a favour no matter how awkward it may seem. If you have earned their trust and you show them that you are really a good friend, Virgos will not hesitate to bring out their versatile personality to solve your problems and make you feel better.

Virgo is definitely an active person.  They have some trouble expressing their feelings and prefer to demonstrate things in a practical way. In the most difficult times, you will be surprised by how determined these people can be, and the ease with which they get you out of trouble.

3. Affection 

These emotional reservations of Virgos are only due to the natural distrust that characterizes their personality. Their mistrust turns into insecurity, which makes them block their emotions and so, they show a roughness that does not really characterize them. Many see Virgo natives as strict and rude people, when they are actually very sensitive. 

That is why they have few friends. However, these few ones are those who have had the patience to look for the virtues that make them special in the depths of these natives’ souls, ruled by Mercury. Once the ice is broken, you can see that your Virgo friends are protective and very affectionate, and they are also receptive to any sign of emotion.

If you have Virgo friends, you should be very careful not to hurt their sensitivity.  That tough and methodical image they exhibit often makes you careless and, when you hurt their feelings, you block their affinity towards you again.

4. Sense of reality

Often, Virgo’s caricature as overly critical people is very misguided: they are actually people endowed with a great sense of reality. They are also people endowed with great intuitive intelligence that allows them to see things from different points of view, analyzing the best solution for each problem.

This is very positive, because asking for the advice of a Virgo friend is always overly safe. If you listen to them, you will do the right thing! Virgo has a sixth sense for things and focuses on problems by setting aside emotions and filtering reality with extraordinary maturity. Virgo will also help you become more critical of yourself. 

The less friendly aspect of that trait is their demand.  Virgos are so demanding of themselves that they set the same standards for others and, sometimes, they go too far in their criticism. When you learn to value their personality, you will be able to take advantage even of this fault.

5. Efficiency 

Virgo is the zodiac sign that represents perfection. When a project gets stuck or difficulty arises in life, Virgos do not get frightened. They analyze things so thoroughly that they reach the root of the problem and, with an amazing serenity, they find the ideal solution. Having a Virgo friend is a blessing because it is synonymous with efficiency.

Then you have two options. You can always expect Virgo to come and get you out of trouble, or you can imitate their character and learn from their methods everything that can make you a more determined person.

With Virgo, you not only learn to see things from different points of view and to organize your life better by means of order and discipline, but you also learn to become devoted to your work and the values of perseverance and effort. Together you can carry out a wide variety of activities, both physical and intellectual, as well as undertake exciting projects.