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Rose: Benefits of this Magic Plant

Find out roses benefits and the meaning of the beautiful flower of love

Rose: Benefits of this Magic Plant

Flowers have a magical effect that helps us overcome many difficulties. One of the most symbolic flowers is the rose, which attracts good luck and helps find love. In fact, the beautiful meaning of roses is very popular and it is frequent that for their anniversary many couples give each other a dozen roses.

In the following article, we will discover the rose as a magical plant, we will unravel its properties and reveal which are its most widespread uses in witchcraft to perform rituals and spells.


Rose, the flower of love

For a long time, roses have been used as magical elements for love spells. Undoubtedly, they are the most effective flowers to find love thanks to their aroma, color, and beauty.

This aphrodisiac scented flower symbolism is love, and for centuries the rose has been at the center of love poems and songs, as well as being part of plenty of romantic gifts.

Roses can be found in many colors, and each one has a special meaning. The white rose cleanses and cures love problems, although some witchcraft experts link it to friendship. The yellow rose also symbolizes friendship and can denote jealousy if a fake friend offers it. The red rose, finally, is a symbol of passion and true love.

Health and magic benefits of roses

Did you know these facts about the properties of roses in medicine and white magic and witchcraft?

Roses in magic

The rose benefits promote love, develop psychic knowledge, increase intuition, and stimulate sex drive. Roses are known for their aphrodisiac properties since before our era.

Moreover, you should know that all types of rose are related to Venus, water, the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Sagittarius, and natural stones and crystals of pink or red (pink tourmaline, rose quartz, spinel, ruby ...).

Roses in medicine

The medicinal properties of the rose are explained by its ability to strengthen the immune system and alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, depression or anxiety and menstrual cramps. Rose petals contain minerals, vitamin C, tannic acid and antioxidants.

When ingested, rose helps digestion, bile secretion, iron absorption and prevents diarrhea. Also, the tannic acid contained in the rose petals causes an astringent taste and helps control blood flow.

Traditionally, the rose has been used to treat bleeding, diarrhea, pulmonary tuberculosis, and asthma. In external use, the rose is used to treat cold sores, leucorrhea, wounds caused by fungus and inflammation of the eyelids, among others. 

Rose flower uses

There are many ways to benefit from the magical properties of roses:

1 Rose tea

To benefit from the rose flower you can take a tea consisting of 20 grams of rose petals per liter of water, and let it infuse for 10 minutes. Drink one to three cups a day, best before meals.

Before taking it, consult with your doctor in case they see any contraindications. However, the Magic Horoscope reminds us that this article is merely informative and that it only values the properties of the rose as a magic plant.

2 Rose essential oil

To attract love, you can add a drop of rose essence to candles and wax with the pink or red natural stones you have in a room.

Rose essential oil has always been used in all kinds of formulas to attract love, to confer peace, to stimulate sex drive and to improve beauty. If you are going to use it, make sure that it is natural, not synthetic.

3 Rose incense

Rose incense can be found in sticks, cones or stones. In witchcraft, it helps corresponded love, communicate with a deceased loved one and facilitates telepathy. Also, it promotes the protection of places.

Love spell with roses

If you want to have influence and power, try some of these simple rituals and witchcraft spells with roses; they will make Cupid knock on your door, and help you succeed in your relationships.

To do this, at dusk, look for the petals of five different types of roses and a little water. Pour the liquid into a pot, and put it on the fire; when it starts to boil, put the rose petals in the water and mix with a spatula until you get a paste. Then add a cinnamon stick and a little milk, and wait until it settles.

Place the potion in an empty bottle, and when you shower in the morning, cover your body with it, from head to toe. Then repeat the following sentence: "These roses attract love to my life".

Roses ritual to attract your loved one

Take a picture of the person you love and a rose, which can be a white rose, a red rose or a blue one. You'll also need a little sugar. When you have all the ingredients, you should put the photo on the rose (exactly on the petals), sprinkle it with sugar, and grind it completely into a plastic bag.

As you perform this ritual for love, you must say out loud: "Your love will be sweet to me and will bloom a little more every day. Keep the bag in a safe place with a good temperature. Soon you will begin to see the results and the strong signs of the power of attraction that roses have.