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Snake Plant: Benefits of This Magic Plant

Discover the full potential of snake plant, the protective plant also called tiger tongue

Snake plant
Snake Plant: Benefits of This Magic Plant |

Snake plant, otherwise known as sansevieria, is a plant named after the Italian prince Raimondo di Sangro,  a native of San Severo. However, it is a plant that is popularly known by many other names. In Spain,  it is called St. George's sword because its blades are sharp and end in a tip, like a weapon with which the knight defeated the dragon.

There are also those who call it tiger tongue, because of  its characteristic stains, and in other countries, it is known as snake tongue.

The sansevieria, sword of St. George or tiger tongue, as the reader prefers,  is classified by many as a magical and highly protective plant,  forming part of the decoration of thousands of homes in an elegant and simple way...

The sword of St. George, the magical plant that protects your finances

The popularity of the snake plant is due to its perfect growth in dry climates,  it can grow even in stony ground and is perfect as an indoor plant, because it can be watered only once a month, withstands poor light and is resistant to pests and diseases. It thus becomes a  good gift for people who do not have much time to care for plants.

The varieties of sansevieria have expanded in recent years with new varieties and crops. The best known, Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii',  has long green leaves with golden-yellow edges.

This plant is shaped like a sword, and therefore, in witchcraft, rituals and spells,  bonds with the defence of economics and as the weapon that protects us from all evil.

Medicinal and magical properties of the snake plant

We analyze the sansevieria from one perspective: its medicinal properties and its magical properties.

Medicinal properties of St George's Sword

The strength of St. George's sword is that it transforms the harmful substances of air into oxygen, with minimal care. It manages to purify the air due to the organic compounds it contains,  and there are studies that support its effectiveness. In the same way, it has a reputation for absorbing radiation from computers, televisions and other electronics.

The sansevieria is also believed to stabilize air pressure, which could improve the immune system, be considered an ally against colds, and its juice is considered to be an effective anti-inflammatory.  In some places, it is used by applying it to the skin to accelerate wound healing,  soothe itching and has a small analgesic effect. It is also credited with effectiveness in healing intestinal, parasitic and gynaecological diseases.

IMPORTANT: This report is completely informative.  Therefore, the reader should not neglect their medical treatments and or replace them with others carried out with this plant, which,  in large doses can be toxic.

Magical properties of tiger tongue

Lovers of Feng Shui teachings attribute to this plant magical healing properties  by achieving absorption of all kinds of negative energies. It is now linked to a way to ward off aggression and rudeness, although for a long kind it was linked to bad luck, as it was believed to grow plumper in houses where disputes were frequent.

The magical properties of the tiger language also encompass a strengthening of the mind: its presence allows to learn new things, resist problems,  expand the ability to work and in general helps us to strengthen.

How to use St. George's sword

Many magical plants can be used in different ways: in the form of incense, in infusions... However, it is not the case of the sword of St. George, which  lends its protection as a natural,  fresh plant.

St George's Sword Ritual to Protect the House

A very simple ritual with sansevieria to protect the house is  to have a pot in our home, nothing more, nothing less.

To ward off bad vibrations and envy, as well as to protect our money and interests, the snake plant is placed at the door of the house, windows or balcony,   as if St. George himself is providing us with his protection to prevent the passage of negative energies.

As a simple ritual, there are also those who place a sheet of tiger tongue under their bed, to wait for us at night, with a sword that defends us from all evil. It is said that this plant  manages to retain all negativities.