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Mint: Benefits of this Magic Plant

Discover the power and properties of mint and its uses in magic

Mnt: Benefits of this magic plant

Mint is a perennial herb that has been used for a long time for its properties, using it in tea, incense or essential oil. Archaeologists have found dried leaves on Egyptian pyramids dating back to the first millennium BC, and it is known that Hippocrates and Aristotle used it as a calmative and anaesthetic.

This herb is known for its aromatic and digestive properties. In the following article, we will delve deeply into its uses both in health and in witchcraft, as mint has many benefits as a magic plant.


Mint, the magic plant that drives away bad energies

Mint is grown in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North America. It is sown in spring and requires a fresh, clayey, light and rich soil. It roots easily in autumn or spring.

Within witchcraft and spells, this plant is known to ward off evil energies, especially if combined with water.

Magical and health benefits of mint

Mint leaves have many benefits and we can say that it can heal and soothe both the body and the soul. Below you will find some of the most important mint benefits.

Mint plant uses in magic

The magical action of mint is linked to purifying power, associated with the element of water, which will eliminate the spirits and bad energies that could bother us at some point in our lives.

Putting some mint branches in water and then spraying it in a room will help dissipate all the bad energies that there might be.

Health benefits of mint

Not all types of mint have the same composition, but in general, we can summarize the mint properties in medicine as a powerful analgesic and an excellent digestive. It is a perfect magic plant for people suffering from anaemia, i.e., lack of iron, and calms itching.

It is also useful for those who suffer from headaches, rhinitis, and sinusitis, and relieves heavy legs. It is a natural detoxifier for the liver, is good against dizziness and for fresh breath.

Mint has a very pleasant taste, which is why it is used both dried and also fresh for soups, teas... 

In order to facilitate the absorption of iron by the body, it must be combined with vitamin C. Luckily,  mint is great with some fruits like oranges, kiwi or lemon, which are rich in vitamin C.

Uses for mint

There are many ways to use mint, both in witchcraft spells and rituals and to improve our health. The most popular are infusions and herbal tea, essential oil and incense.

1 Mint tea

Recent studies have shown that mint is very good at fighting a lot of bacteria and viruses. It is prescribed as a herbal tea, especially in cases of bronchitis or herpes, among others.  Its antispasmodic action makes mint very appropriate for women, as it relaxes the muscles of the uterus reducing cramps before and during menstruation.

2 Mint essential oil

If you meditate, burn some mint essential oil drops. As a magic plant, mint will help you connect with the universal energies of the water element.

The mint properties that we can benefit from through its essential oil allow us to take the professional steps we desire, especially if we are interested in creating a business. It is mainly used as a room aroma with an oil diffuser or incense burner, adding a few drops in water.

You can also spread the oil on your candles to increase their virtues and then use them in rituals or spells because as we pointed out, mint is a very versatile magic plant.

As discussed above, mint also acts as an anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties. It is distributed in pharmacies in the form of essential oil and is good for gastrointestinal disorders. However, it should be consulted by a doctor before use, as it is not recommended, for example, for young children or pregnant women.

However, Magic Horoscope recalls that this article is for informational purposes only and that the use of mint as an alternative to medication prescribed by a healthcare professional is not advised.

3 Incense

The properties of mint and peppermint through sticks or incense cones are many. It improves the state of attention and memory and relieves headaches, but if used too much, can disrupt sleep.

Mint incense also stimulates intelligence and the assimilation of new information. This plant provides protection, decision-making power, order, and ecological awareness. Also, it allows to recover the emotional balance and reconciles families. 

Mint ritual to protect the house

The magic mint plant will be placed in or around the house for protection. It is particularly effective in magical rituals in the field of health. Put fresh mint on your pillow and you will be protected from evil spirits while you sleep.

Magical mint plants help achieve healing, prosperity, good fortune and protection.

If you want to watch over your money, one of the simplest rituals is to put some mint leaves in your wallet or purse or rub the object that keeps your money with them (your piggy bank, cash register at work, your safe-deposit box...).