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Spiritual Channeling: Reading Energy from Light Beings

The secrets to the communication between humans and light beings through spiritual channeling

Spiritual Channeling: Reading Energy from Light Beings
Spiritual Channeling: Reading Energy from Light Beings | iSTOCK

Nowadays, many people perform spiritual channeling activities, but... do you actually know what they are about, and who energy channelers are? How should this be done to find light? Read on to know more.

What is spiritual channeling?

We all have the mental activity of intuition.  It's not some knowledge that we have acquired over time; rather, it's a communication channel to other dimensions, that allows us to receive messages from our guardian angels, spirit guides, or whatever each religion or faith calls those light beings.

We call spiritual channeling the communication between humans and the creatures living in that other non-physical domain (angels, nature sprites... long story short, light beings). The role of an energy channeler or medium is quite similar to that of an interpreter or translator.

In other words, this process implies nothing more than feeling a message coming in and feeling our own entire foundations.

The functions of energy channelers

Spiritual channelers allow themselves to feel, communicate with another being, and then bring human words together with their perception, with what they can share with other humans. Each person receives signals differently and, with time and practice, they can feel if they are actually performing spiritual channeling, or if they're just letting their creative mind flow free. Spiritual channeling can come as a vision, a feeling or textual content.

Some experts point out that mediums receive information at intuition and feeling level first, and then, their mind will convey all of it through words. This is because light beings wouldn't use human language because they consider it artificial and contingent. They believe manifesting sensations and feelings is much richer.

Mediums have a crucial role, because they can choose who or what to channel, whether the other party's interest is also there, and they perform connections and transmissions. For instance, many people channel Archangel Michael; if the entity accepts the invitation to communicate, there can be an information flux that goes beyond word level.

Spiritual channeling and trance: are they connected?

A very popular belief is that spiritual channelers have to enter a deep trance, or even put their bodies at the entity's disposal so that they come into their bodies, as a sort of temporary possession.

However, it should be pointed out that this channel is quite similar to other communicative possibilities, whether verbal, physical or linked to writing. There's always a message being sent, which depends on the receiver's definition and interpretation.

In this sense, it should be noted that most channelers are aware of themselves and the activities taking place around them, while focusing their attention and sense on the light beings they are attempting to channel. Nowadays, it isn't the norm that spiritual channelers give up their bodies or minds in the communication process with angels, spirits or any other entity to which they are connected.

Spiritual channeling and pets: animals' sixth sense

At home, pets are very powerful when it comes to channeling. It might sound familiar to you to have movies where cats or dogs react in some special way when they detect a spirit or another entity around.

Obviously, pets don't use our language, but they are much willing to communicate with humans. If you feel your pet receiving a message, just put away all your expectations of listening to words and try to feel what your pet feels.

As soon as you open up to your feelings and emotions, your mind will naturally find the right words and sentences through which your human conscience goes deeper into understanding communication.

As you grow more self-confident and believe more in your power of understanding the messages of light beings, and the more experience you have in spiritual channeling with your pet, the more easily and quickly information will flow over to you, without having to explicitly request its reception.

Can spiritual channeling bring dark creatures?

Many people wonder if they can open the door for a negative or dark entity when they receive messages through spiritual channeling. However, we'd like to remind our readers that mediums can choose who or what to channel, in the same way that they can choose who to talk to in a face-to-face conversation.

Channelers can strongly express the desire of receiving the name and original location of the entity that's trying to make contact. When you become an expert at channeling, you'll be able to feel the conscience level of that presence when feeling it, as well as the value of their information.

Regarding the information received, your intuition will be the one to tell you whether you should trust the message or not. Our own thoughts, prejudice, beliefs and feelings act as interference in the signals received, and that's why you need practice and as much neutrality as possible to silence reasoning, and to train your mind to properly receive messages from light beings.