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Strange Things & Foul Vibes: 5 Spiritual Cleansing Rituals

If you're wondering how to cleanse your house from foul vibes, here's the best methods and rituals

Most homes around the world have vibes that attract strange presences, perhaps those of ancestors or people who died near the home.

When a house displays instances of paranormal activity, like inexplicable sounds, poltergeists, moving items or temperature changes, we usually consider it a haunted house. Not everyone can know for sure at first if a house is haunted: only people with a certain gift or a very advanced sixth sense can easily state that.

Do you think you live in a haunted house and you want to free it from strange presences? We will now introduce you to some of the most famous spiritual cleansing rituals for haunted houses.

5 spiritual cleansing rituals for a haunted house

To fend off ghosts, we can use different methods, some of them linked to traditional white magic, and others to religious beliefs such as Christianity.

Here are some of the most usual ways to cleanse our haunted house from strange presences.

1. Mantra or prayer cleansing

Whatever your beliefs are, there's prayers, mantras or sacred calls that can help in cleansing your home. For instance, for Christians, there are prayers to St. Michael, the archangel that, according to tradition, expelled the Devil into hell.

2. Ritual with incense and a crucifix

You can perform a ritual to cleanse your home by burning incense. Then, take a cross between your hands and ask the strange presences to go away. You'll have to focus and it could take a while to contact them.  Oftentimes, if the ghost is there and bothers you it's because they don't like your presence, so it won't be easy.

3. Visualisation cleansing ritual

Go to the room in your house where you feel the highest concentration of strange presences. Imagine there's a great column of light in the middle and ask your guardian angels, spiritual guides or other protective spirits to bring the lost entities of your home along into that light.

You'll feel lighter when the ritual is working, and when all the work is done, you'll see the light fade away.

4. Magic plants and open doors cleansing ritual

Each culture has its own magic plants, which allow for energy purification and vital space cleansing. For instance, among Christians incense is most usual; American Natives use dry sage; and Africans use the plant known as dragon's blood, just to name a few.

Whatever the plant or resin used, you should burn it while all doors and windows are open aiming outwards, to send away any vibe that's not positive for you, and to send it away back into nature. If you can, don't forget to run magic plants around all corners, no exceptions.

Of course, be very careful when you walk near bedsheets, curtains or other easily flammable areas.

5. Salt spiritual cleansing ritual

Salt has always had a powerful magical and spiritual power, and it can be used to fend off strange presences. We should preferably use unrefined natural salt, and place some of it in every corner of our rooms. Sea salt is the most recommended, because it absorbs bad vibes better and it'll be easier to pick up with a dustpan.

Salt quickly loads up on energy, and that's why it'll require to be changed several times throughout the week, if we really want our haunted house to cleanse up. The best thing for us is to get rid of it by dumping it into a water current, such as a river, and we'll thank Mother Nature for her help. Another good choice is to pour salt into the water with which we'll mop around; you'll clean the house and protect it at the same time.

You can mix one or more essential oils into the salt you place in the corners of rooms, or the one that you use to mop the floor clean. Among others, you can use essential oils with exotic basil, angelica, eucalyptus or citronella.

5 recommendations when cleansing your haunted house from bad vibes

1. Your mindset and intention when doing the cleansing is important. You're cleansing the place where you live, get that intention engraved into your mind. The more focused and motivated you are,  the more effect the cleansing will have over the vibes.

2. You can burn incense or any other magic plant as a prevention tool, even if you've already cast the strange presences off so that no other different ones come back in.

3. Strange presences sometimes cling, in a way, to certain objects. That's why it wouldn't be too bad an idea to cleanse your home often and to get rid of anything you don't need.

Do you still have those dolls that were at your grandma's house, or cheap odd items over 50 years old? Send them away!

Old items have a higher energy load, and if they're connected to hard times in the life of their owner, it's best to keep them far from reach.

4. In the same way, you can completely switch up the position of your furniture and give a dynamic vibe to your rooms, thus breaking up the energy groups storing up under the furniture and in the corners. You'll be helping the room get back some of its space or flow.

Creativity is great! Put the sofa against the wall instead of the middle of the living room, avoid dark corners, pull away from the table that usually blocks the walking path...

5. The air in a non-ventilated room, aside from being more tainted than the air outside, piles up on negative energies. Ventilating your home helps your health and keeps your home purified, to renew its vibes.